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I was just having a conversation with my fiance earlier today about doctors. We were trying to find the BEST doctor in the country in a particular specialty.

I said: “Let’s just Google the words: best (specialization) doctor in the country! That should give us some good leads.”

Her response (which always reminds me of her mental superiority) was: “That will CERTAINLY give us the doctor who is best at SEO in that field, but he or she may not be the best doctor.”


Just because someone shows up number one in the Google rankings for a keyword or term does NOT mean that they are the BEST at what they DO. They ARE the best at using (or abusing) SEO systems to put them at the top of the list.

I can site you two people where I KNOW this to be the case. Since I don’t want to end up in a huge legal battle, I cannot name names or give you specific keywords that they rank highly for, but here ya go.

Example #1

This individual is someone who very early on got help in the SEO field. He (but that certainly doesn’t give away who it is) was able to get to the TOP organic ranking spot in Google for his keyword terms.

I’ve spoken to him directly and he tells me that business is booming. BUT, then again, how many people in business WON’T tell you business is ALWAYS booming?

He gets lots of customers who find him and use his services as a result of his stellar Google rankings.

One BIG problem, he is AVERAGE at best at what he does. I’ve seen him. And it’s not “sour grapes” because I don’t compete with him and frankly don’t care about the field he’s in. Although recently it has sort of irked me that I KNOW I could teach what he teaches better than he does with LIMITED experience!!

The most TELLING data that reveals what’s going on with this guy is that he has told me that he gets virtually NO REPEAT business.

Sort of like the “great lover” whose women never want to see them again after their first performance. They stink in that particular field.

IF this guy was really good, he would be LIVING off of his repeat business.

Example #2

This one bothers me even more. The keyword terms that this guy ranks for are unbelievably tough to rank for. It’s a “spritual” field and this guy is at the VERY top of the rankings for the keyword terms you would select to try and find someone of his ilk.

The problem here? I know this guy. I’ve met and talked to him. I’ve had email conversations back and forth with him.

He’s a FRAUD!

His public face is that of a very SPIRITUAL and LOVING individual, yet his private behavior reveals he is neither of those two.

I could on about this guy because there is nothing that bugs me more than a hypocrite, but that’s not the point of this item.

What is the point?

Let’s look at this from both sides. If you are searching for products and services to use yourself, be on guard when people come up at the very top when you Google them.

They may be very legit and have great products and/or services to sell you. But don’t ASSUME that to be true. Check them out. Ask for references. See if they have screwed a bunch of other people. Do your due diligence, THEN and ONLY then, buy their stuff.

What about the other side of this coin? You as a PROVIDER of goods/services. Let’s say you find a way to get yourself stellar Google rankings. People then come to you and give you money.

You sure as HELL better deliver. Because if you don’t, you won’t be getting any repeat customers. And although you’ll still make money by doing the ONE SHOT deals, if you have a shred of decency, sleeping at night will be tough.

For me, getting great organic Google rankings has responsibilities. This portion of the equation Google has yet to figure out a way to program into it’s algorithm.

You can still show up at the top for your keywords and be a miserable, lying, cheating and stealling S.O.B. Google has no way to know. They don’t survey your customers. They don’t track your returns and refunds. They can’t.

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