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Always Yelling? Then NOTHING is Important

I was driving to the bank earlier this morning and heard
a popular radio talk show host shilling for some product
or service. One of his sponsors, no doubt.

Here is what I noticed. He was emphasizing virtually
every word. Speak for a living or want to? Listen up.
This is important.

If you attempt to make EVERY word (or sentence) important,
NOTHING will be highlighted. Instead, pick the words or
phrases that are MOST important to highlight. You can do
that not just by RAISING your voice, but by speaking them
softly or changing your speed of delivery.

This holds true for writing as well. Pick the things that are
REALLY important. Those items you want to EMPHASIZE
and change them somehow to make them stand out.

Do that to EVERY word, phrase or paragraph and it all
looks or sounds like a big pile of MUSH.

Your action point? Don’t be MUSHY!

In the April 4th edition of the NY Times had an article about
Google and the recent ruling on their reprinting of
“orphan” content.

Read “Google’s Plan for Out-of-Print Books Is Challenged” at NY Times

This refers to books that are STILL under copyright
but have been out of print and basically abandoned
by their authors.

As usual, UNsavvy publishers and authors are
all freaked out.

If you do what I suggest you do with your books
and other info products, you would LOVE this ruling.

Google is going to become your distributor. Think
they’ll do a good job? They are GOOGLE. They don’t
usually do a BAD job at anything. Net result? A LOT
more people will get a hold of that content.

Google will be getting money for delivering this
“orphan” content in digital form. No hard copies
of books here.

Think about it for a second.

Let’s assume you have a book right now. You have
listened to my counsel and included numerous
bouncebacks in your book. If you’re like me, you’d
let Google digitize your content RIGHT now and
get it out to people. As long as they would sell
the book in it’s entirety. Bouncebacks intact.

This is why the publishing industry (books that is)
are in DESPERATE shape right now. They have
the model ALL WRONG. And, they don’t seem to
want to wake up and change.

YOU, on the other hand, know better. YOU have
been reading my books and buying my products
and UNDERSTAND that it’s NOT about the book.


That’s where you make the REAL money.
That’s why YOU need to come to the Publishing
Seminar in NYC in May (BLATANT PLUG for a
great event).

I’m thinking of contacting Google and PLEADING
with them to take some of my books and digitize
them and sell them. They will keep the money.
I’m good with that arrangement. As long as they
sell the book INTACT. NO Changes.

Same with book publishers. I’m fine with having
a publisher take ALL of my royalties if they want
to put my books in bookstores. They can be my
GOOGLE offline.

Please don’t let authors/publishers continue to
follow a model that is outdated. One that NO LONGER
works! Don’t let authors continue to be STUPID.

Stop them! Help them understand this BASIC
principle. I BEG you! These folks are hurting
financially because they are holding onto a
BROKEN model. It no longer works but they
continue to want to use it. Stop them!!!

Let Me Make YOU a Millionaire: Facebook Guy

I just saw a post from a “friend” on Facebook about
his MILLIONAIRE program. He was looking for the usual
THREE PEOPLE to help make millionaires.

I’m so sick of this CRAP!

(I quickly deleted him as a friend – with friends like him
I could get thrown in the slammer!)

How many more IDIOTS are going to fall for this
HORSES**T???? Why do people encourage individuals
like this by signing up? Only to get screwed out of their

In most cases, making money can be tough. Sometimes
it’s REALLY tough. BUT, the nice thing about creating
an ETHICAL information marketing business is that once
you set it up, in CAN run on virtual auto-pilot.

There are a bunch of so-called GURUS out there claiming
that they can make you rich and you’ll only have to work
3.8 hours a week.

How many of their claims are accurate? Less than 1%.

PT Barnum would be excited to learn that his axiom:
A SUCKER IS BORN EVERY MINUTE is still valid over
100 years later. Correction, after writing this I googled
the phrase and here’s what I found out:

It was NOT PT Barnum, but who? click on the link to
see for yourself.

Another example of how you shouldn’t believe anyone
without checking their facts. I think it was Reagan who
said about the Russians: TUST, but VERIFY!

Desperation: LOTS of Emails from People

A week or so back I wrote about how often you
should email your list. If you didn’t see that one,
I suggest you go back and read it. If you’re new
to my list, take a look at the archives.

Certain people have been sending out a LOT
more emails than they usually do. Why? Because
of the lack of money they are generating.

Many of the so-called gurus who were making plenty
of money in the FAT-AND-HAPPY era that ended
a few months back are now mailing a LOT more.

Please concentrate on making your content
valuable and useful.

If you OVERMAIL your list you may risk FATIGUING
them with offers.

Hold back. Keep some of your powder dry.

How do you measure this? Look at your numbers.
Lots of people opting OUT? You have a problem.
Less $$ coming in each week/month? You have
a problem!!

Let the numbers be your guide! Not checking your
numbers? I can’t help you. Crap . . . you can’t help

Scholarships Available for My Events/Products

I hate to give things away. As opposed to the
government, I’ve learned that when you GIVE
things to people, they rarely, if ever, do anything
with what you’ve given them.

BUT, sometimes there are people who deserve
a helping hand.

From now on, ALL of my events will have a
scholarship program available. Here is how it
will work.

For any products/services that are priced less
than $500, a scholarship recipient will have
to come up with 50% of the required amount
to register. For products that cost MORE than
$500, just email me at fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

After the event is over and YOU/THEY start making
money, here is what I expect. The scholarship
recipient will give me the balance in full as
soon as they start making money and can afford
to pay back the “loan.”

I then will ask them to DONATE at least 10%
of the price of admission to a cause they
believe in.

Both components will be on the HONOR SYSTEM.

Remember that one? Doesn’t work very well
anymore, but I’m an optimist.

How do you QUALIFY to be in the scholarship
program? You contact me with a short paragraph
description of why YOU should get to attend
an event or buy a product at a 50% discount.

I’ll review what you’ve written and either accept
or reject your “application.” If you are accepted
you will receive the EXACT SAME treatment
and benefits that “standard” attendees get.

I will NOT share the fact that you are on
scholarship with ANYONE. Period. It will be
between you and me.

How will I monitor whether or not you pay me
the money you owe me? I won’t. YOU will. I
will not be responsible for YOUR obligation.

Using this system will I have a problem sleeping
at night? Nope. If you don’t honor the deal we
make, will you? Perhaps. That’s YOUR issue.

How do you get a SCHOLARSHIP to attend
an event or purchase a product?

Simple: Email me and tell me why you should
get the reduced fee. Put the word SCHOLARSHIP
in the subject line. Send it to fredgleeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Will some people take advantage of me on this
deal? Probably so. Will I lose sleep at night as
a result? NOPE!

I am so confident that what I teach has TRUE
and LEGITIMATE value that I’m not worried.

Upcoming Events:


Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, June 4th – June 11th
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY
understand HOW to create, market and
sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people.
This has become my MOST popular event.
Get a product done, get your copy done,
get your website done. Get it ALL done in
just ONE WEEK!


1 Day Info Product Event
Get an overview of how the Info Products
Businesss works. You’ll go to the same
event that launched Bob Bly’s online
info marketing career!
New York City: April 13, 2009 – That’s NEXT WEEK!!!
Las Vegas: April 21, 2009
(Spaces are VERY limited for both of
the above.)

(NOTE: I do NOT do this next event very often!
This is a small group experience on a topic
that EVERY info marketer should know more
about. )


Seminar on Seminars – Las Vegas April 18 – 19
Learn everything you’d like to know about
putting on your own seminars and events.
At my house in Vegas, maximum of 12-15 people.
Haven’t done one for a while. Will only do these
twice a year max!

Lunch with Fred – NYC – April 27, 2009
(Please note that an earlier email got the
date wrong)
Lunch with Fred – Venice, Italy – May 12, 2009
Lunch with Fred – Buenos Aires – June 22, 2009


Publishing Seminar – May 26-27
LOTS of great speakers at a very
reasonable price – Manhattan location TBD
Just before the Book Expo in NYC; ALL about
publishing and SELF PUBLISHING!

I’m done now!

See you next time!

Fred Gleeck
©Fred Gleeck 2009

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