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Domain Names

I now have over 400 domain names. Some of them are active, some are not. I have reserved a number of names after having come up with some “brilliant” idea that is yet to be put into a tangible form.

I have most of my domains set to renew at the very end of each calendar year. That time is just about here. Since the price tag is pretty hefty, even using, I still look at each one of the names to see if makes sense to renew them.

I want to review with you some of the ways I use domain names that YOU can too. This is why I own so many of them.

1. To host a site of some sort. (Most of mine)

2. A misspelling to grab some traffic from bad spellers I’m interested in people who want to learn how to SPEAK. I don’t care if they aren’t great SPELLERS!

3. To capture people looking for a specific thing People are expecting the find the Self Storage Association website here. That’s one of my niches and I have a PDF book I sell that people find when they go there.

4. Affiliate links. If you are an affiliate for anything you should be using this system. Take a look at: http://www.CoolSpyTool dot com.

Type in that url, and you’ll get redirected to a site where when you buy, I get paid. YOU should do exactly what I’m doing with ANY affiliate relationship you have set up.

5. Tracking urls. I have a number of sites I have reserved that are strictly used for tracking any and everything I might do. if I were to do a radio interview I would use one to send the listeners to. If I did an article, I might use one. If I did some advertising I might use one.

An example of one I use is: I also own five or six more of those with a number in front of my first name. (3Fred, 5Fred, etc.)

I can REUSE these over and over again in cases like radio interviews or ADs that I’m testing. If I give out that url, people aren’t going to go to it even weeks later, so I can use it for another purpose.

6. Specific Aspects of Business.
I have a large collection of my affiliate relationships sitting at: This allows me to put any and all affiliate links in one place. Again, I encourage you to do the same. Whatever you do, make them EASY to spell!

7. Random Ideas.
When I get a “great idea” for a project of any sort, I ask myself what the ideal domain name for that project might be. If it’s available, I reserve the domain name. I’ve got plenty of these for ideas I have not yet launched.

8. Joint Ventures.
The most recent example of this is:
http://www.DoYourOwnTVShow dot com. Or:

Notice how Ican’t actually put the .com in there for one of them? You know why?

Because the stupid Spam Filters won’t let me do it. If I do it the way I’d like to, many people won’t get my email. Why? Since the domain name is less than 90 days old, the Spam filters assume I’m a Spammer. This may be a good GENERAL concept, but it hurts ethical marketers like you and me!

BLATANT PLUG: Make sure to reserve any and all domain names you like at:

Having trouble finding great domain names? Go to When you find one available, THEN go to to reserve them!!


European Trip

I will be going to Europe in Mid January for a couple of weeks. I’ll be spending a few days in London, then going on to Amsterdam for a day then on to Germany.

I’ll be having a number of sessions “open to the public” and encourage you to come if you’re in the area.

If you would like an individual consultation, please go to I will see if I can work it into my schedule.

I’ll also be doing some lunches. They will be held in the following cities on the dates listed:

London: January 18th – early lunch around 11AM to make sure I can still see a matinee later that afternoon. This will be held in the King’s Cross section of the city.

Amsterdam: January 19th – LATE lunch, more like early dinner at around 5PM. This will be held at an Indian restaurant I’ve going to for many years there called Koh-I-Noor. It’s right off the Dam Square.

Munich: January 26/27 – I’m not sure of the exact date at this point, but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll let you know via email when I’m certain.

Brussels: Jan. 30th – Not sure of exact time, but I expect this will be a late lunch. Again, contact me via email if you have an interest.


What GOOGLE Thinks Your Site is All About

You’ve got a website and you’re trying to get people to come visit. Great. If you’re trying to get some “organic” search engine rankings, then you’ll need to KNOW what Google thinks your site is about.

When you do what I’m about to tell you, you’ll be SHOCKED at what you find!

Your first step will be to go to Google’s Keyword Selector tool. You’ll find it at:

Most people use this tool for developing a list of keywords. Good idea. FEW people use this tool for founding out one very important thing: what Google thinks your site is all about.

On the left hand side it has a section that has a heading: “How would you like to generate keyword ideas?” There are two buttons for you to choose.

Choose the second one that says: “Website Content”. Then enter your domain name. Type in the characters that Google asks for and clic the “Get keyword ideas” button.

You’ll be given a list of what GOOGLE thinks your site is all about in terms of keywords.

Take a careful look at this list. Pay particular attention to those terms that have the most relevance. That will be indicated by a box that is completely shaded (or almost completely shaded).

Are these the words that you WANT and EXPECT people to use to find your site? If not, you need to get to work to change those results.

What you have in front of you is what Google THINKS your site is all about. If that’s NOT the case, you need to start making some changes. PRONTO!

How? Start posting blog entries with those keywords. Do research into those keywords and look at what your competitors are doing. Let me know how this one works for you. It has done WONDERS for some of my existing clients.


Seminar Marketing

The most effective technique I’ve found of late for promoting my events has been video testimonials.

If you do seminars and have a website to promote them (which you SHOULD), you’ll want to make sure and have plenty of good video testimonials for people to review. It will dramatically increase registration.

Take a look at two of my sites as examples: and

Both of these sites use video testimonials effectively. I suggest you consider “copying” what I’m doing with your own events. Make sure and check out this site for a lot of free stuff on the “technical” elements of info product marketing. Lots of good stuff there!

See you soon!

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