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How Often to Update Your Info Products

Information Marketing

If you produce and market info products you need to keep them up to date. If you don’t, people will buy your products and then return them.

One of my programs a number of years back still had references to the Ronald Reagan administration. Sometime in the late 90s! Thiswas CONCLUSIVE evidence that it needed to be updated.

If the material in a product is TIMELY. You’ll want to update it more frequently. HOW often? It depends. There are some products that would need to be redone every 3 months. Others can go years without needing to be redone.

On AVERAGE, I update my programs every 2-3 years.

When I do update them, I do the following.

1. I keep the “old” programs around and use them as bonuses for the new product(s). People like to see what has changed and enjoy listening to questions from a different set of audience members.

2. When I do record/create a new product, I’ll invite people on my list to SIT IN as I REDO the product. I’ll charge WAY less than normal prices which will make it easy to get people to attend. You’ll produce some revenue and have people to interact with.

3. I’ll make note of what is different. Since one of my main target groups to sell the program to will be the folks who bought the PREVIOUS edition, this will “signpost” for them what’s NEW and DIFFERENT.

4. I’ll also solicit questions from my list as to what things I should cover. I’ll send them a copy of my outline and ask them if I missed anything. This way I’ll miss LESS than without their involvement.

I’ll be recording some NEW products in NOVEMBER.

Look for information on those in the near future. They will all be created/recorded here at my house in Vegas so there will be a maximum of 10-12 people at each.

The prices will also be a LOT less for those who attend these events since our primary goal is to create the product.

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