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Looking for someone to help you get where you want to go? Want to get coached? Feel you could use some help from someone in the know?

Here are some thoughts on how to find someone to help you get there:

  1. NEVER work with someone who refers to THEMSELVES as a guru. This is a dead give away that the person is not quite there yet. ONLY others should use this term about that individual.
  2. Ask to speak with others who have worked with that individual. They won’t give you names for “privacy” reason? Run in the other direction.
  3. When you speak to the person do you feel as if they are hiding ANYTHING. If you feel it, they probably are. Run in the opposite direction.
  4. Do they use SWEAT LODGES as part of their training? Take a pass. (This is a serious matter, and people DID die, but I am trying to lighten up this serious topic by pointing out that any of this funky CRAP should be avoided.)
  5. Are those people who are involved with this “guru” spending their entire LIFE talking about and discussing this individual? This is a CULT. STAY AWAY!
  6. Can the person you want to work with show you TANGIBLE results? If not, HOW will they MEASURE whether or not you’re making progress?
  7. Do you LIKE the person? If you don’t, none of the other stuff matters.
  8. Is the “guru” willing to turn you down if you’re not a good match. If they accept everyone without question, you’ve got the wrong guy/gal.
  9. Is the BULK of the compensation they receive from you based on performance? There should be SOME money up front, but the BIG money should come on the back end of your deal. For YOU and the GURU.
  10. Has your “guru” been doing this for a while? There are certainly people who need little experience to do things, but they are a VERY small group.
  11. Are the fees they want you to pay reasonable? There are people out there who charge up front fees that are frankly RIDICULOUS. There’s a marketing person out there who I’m thinking of, but can’t name for legal reasons. HINT: It is a SHE.
  12. Does the person you are thinking of working with know how to TEACH the subject. There are many who can DO, but few who can teach! How to know? Ask to see some of their materials. Go to their sites. They should be EASY to understand.
  13. Is your potential GURU associating with people who make your skin crawl. Birds of a feather DO flock together. Stay away from CREEPY people.
  14. Will working with this guru make you rich overnight? If so, RUN in the other direction.
  15. What do OTHERS have to say about your possible guru? Don’t believe everything you hear, but if you get a lot of “no comment” when you asked, I’d be leary. Not Timothy, btw.
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