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How to Find Out If Someone is for Real?

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In This Issue:

* Is Someone For Real? Here’s How to Find out
* Personality Based Marketing
* Previous Story Update
* NEW Bob Bly Product

Is Someone For Real? Here’s How to Find out

I recently got contacted by a friend and client asking for my help.

She wanted to know how to figure out whether or not the person who contacted her was for real and whether or not she should “even waste her time and call him back.”

As you know, I’m not a big fan of time wasting and offered some suggestions to her you may find useful. and

Quantcast is fascinating. You can pay for more data but the free information alone makes it worth the visit.

They give you data on traffic AND they give you demographics. You’ll be able to see if your visitors are primarily male or female, whether they are college educated and what their income levels are.

Not only can this help in researching a particular individual who contacts you, but will also help you to write your copy. For my site, there are close to 70% college educated people who come by. I also know that most of them do NOT have children.

Think this can be helpful when writing the copy on your site. ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY. does some similar things and I wont give you the long laundry list, I just suggest you go there and check it out for yourself.


One of the first places to go to check on someone’s traffic data is This will tell you how much traffic a specific website is generating.

SO, if someone contacts you saying that they run the country’s MOST SUCCESFUL flower shop, you can take a look and see if that’s LIKELY.

Traffic figures don’t mean everything. Just because there are not many visitors going to a certain site, they still may have HIGH QUALITY traffic. On the flip side, just because someone has a TON of traffic going their way it may not be filled with buyers and others who will spend $$.

Google the Person’s Name

I had someone call me not long ago and ask for me to send some “credentials” for them to review. My response? Google my name and see for yourself if I pass muster.

Although Google cannot reveal everything about someone it can reveal some VERY interesting things.

I did a search using someone’s name and found some curious lawsuits that they had been involved in. It did not form my entire opinion, but it helped for me to get a complete picture of this individual.

Do what I do. Use Google, but use it as ONE FACTOR in your decision making process.

Whether for doing background research on others or for helping yourself. These tools are valuable and important for you to familiarize yourself with. I now have them all bookmarked!

Personality Based Marketing

I’ve been watching some rather well known marketers over the last few years. In one particular case, one of these folks is trying to EASE OUT of the business by allowing others to run or license a piece/part of his intellectual property business.

The individual I’m talking about is a well known “guru” and has become very popular in his field. The individual who is attempting to take his place is somewhat well known but does not have a similarly engaging personality.

The idea that the 2nd guy can REPLACE the first is ludicrous. Person #1 has made his entire business about HIM. As well he should of as he was building it. That’s IF he didn’t want to eventually sell it, like he’s trying to now.

BUT, in doing so, has made it virtually impossible to have that image and reputation simply TRANSFER to person #2.

The result? Person #2 (if you’re not totally confused) will NOT succeed. He will pay a lot of money for the business but will not be able to somehow ACQUIRE the original person’s respect and believability.

Update on Previous Story

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been telling you about a brochure I received telling me that they were selling a product. In the brochure, they told me that they ONLY had less than 50 units to sell.

So, I had a friend email them and ask for a quote on 50 units. I told them to say I had an event and wanted to get that many to give to my attendees.

In less than a couple of hours we received a WRITTEN quote for more units than their brochure claimed were available to begin with.


I’m confused. How could I get a quote for more units than what they said was available?

After a conversation with my lawyer, he assured me that I had a winning case if I were to publicly expose them. He then told me that the cost to defend a lawsuit would be VERY high.

Net result?

I am not telling you the FINE DETAILS of this story. I’m not naming names.

Sad but true.


New Bob Bly Program

This is a prepublication notice for this program. We recorded this a couple of days ago in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel in NYC during the NSA convention.

Look for a separate email next Tuesday telling you more about this program and the special pre-publication pricing.

The title of the program?

The 51 Most Common Mistakes Internet Marketers, Authors, Consultants, Copywriters, Coaches, and Other Information Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them.

See you next time!


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