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Huckabee/Obama Message for YOU

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If you do any speaking, you can learn a lot from the results of the Iowa primary. The two winners prove a point that I’ve made numerous times in this ezine.

Being yourself works.

I don’t know who will eventually end up winning their parties primaries, but I know who wins my vote on being the best speakers in each party: Obama and Huckabee.

Of the two, I still think that Huckabee is the better speaker of the two. Although Obama demonstrates and displays a lot more passion, Huckabee wins in the area of being 100% REAL.

There are speaking coaches out there who want to help you rehearse every move you make. ABSURD!

The way to get people to like and believe you is to be WHO YOU ARE. Deliver the message from the heart.

In this era where actors are pretending to be speakers and information marketers, the ultimate success goes to the person who can be authentic.

Huckabee has it in spades.

I suggest you watch him closely. Learn from how he delivers his message. Ask yourself what YOU can do to be more real when you speak. What can YOU do to drop your facade?

All the Best for the New Year!


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