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This is the first time I’ve ever done this! The last Fred Info Bootcamp went really well. In no small part because of the people I know who called in to chat with us.

***The Bootcamp itself is NEVER recorded. You have to be there in person to get the true benefit.

This was a VERY special group of folks!

Now, YOU can hear exactly what people at the Bootcamp heard. Also, please feel free to tell your friends. This information is RARELY shared in the information marketing community.

Here is the link:

I was going to sell this for $97, but thought that EVERYONE should hear this “stuff.”

When you go to check out, use the code:


(That will let you listen to the programs online – no downloads – for free.)

If you’re an author, speaker, publisher or any other form of info marketer, this is MUST HAVE, CUTTING EDGE stuff.

Go get it now! And . . . tell a friend!


PS – this is about 6 hours of info

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