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In THIS Issue:

* Article Writing
* Angry Email
* Finding Leads Everywhere
* Uncashed Checks in Your Head
* Info Marketing is All About 2 Main Things
* Upcoming Products
* Vacations
* Fred Rants
* Movie/Book Reviews
* ‘Personal Site’ of Mine

Article Writing

Over the years I have written articles for many of my market niches. One of my niches is self storage facility owners/managers.

I’ve written monthly for their trade publication for the past 5 years.

I have to write an article 11 months of the year. Although it gives me many benefits, it is often a pain in the butt.

As much as I sometimes dread having to write the articles each month, there are MANY benefits that I get as a result.

Within the last 3 weeks I have gotten 2 people who emailed me about doing consulting work for their business.

When they call, I always say: ‘Are you sitting down?’ This prepares them for what will be a hefty fee to engage me as a consultant.

I then say: ‘I’m the most expensive consultant in the industry because I’ve written a book on the topic of self storage marketing, would that present a problem for you?’

If they say no, I know that I have someone who is TRULY interested and not just a wanna-be.

Although the articles are sometimes difficult to write, they are well worth it for both the products sold and consulting work gained as a result.


I recently got an email from someone that really got me ‘excited.’ I immediately hammered out my response and pressed send. Luckily it did not go out. Some kind of glitch in the system.

Good thing.

I spoke with my good friend David Frees about this. He suggested a self-imposed waiting system. He said that whenever you have something negative (and often nasty) to say to someone WAIT 24 hours.

A very good idea from Mr. Frees.

If you tend to be impulsive (my middle name) this is great council.

I then re-read the incoming email that got me so pissed off and thought very differently about it the next day.

It reminds me of an ‘assistant’ that I had a number of years back. Her name is Letty and she is a member of the upper level Mensa group. VERY high IQ.

Whenever we would be driving together and some ?X!! jerk would pull a hairbrain move in front of me, my first reaction would be to start yelling obscenities.

She used to stop me and say: ‘You know, Fred, he may have just left his ex-wife and had a huge argument. He could be completely distracted by something else. Who knows, give the guy a break. He didn’t MEAN to do it.’

Believe it or not, this is how she REALLY thought.


I tried to have a single issue personality transplant with her in this area. Unfortunately, no doctor could do it. If they could have, I would have signed up pronto.

I’ve gotten better over the years, but I used to be a pretty big HOT-HEAD. There are still things that really get me worked up, but I’m not nearly as bad as before.

Good to know that people CAN change if they WANT to.

Leads Can be Found Anywhere

A few nights ago I went to the bookstore. While sitting in the Starbucks that is attached, I saw a guy wearing a police uniform of some sort. It wasn’t your standard police outfit.

I asked him what he did. He told me he was part of the SWAT team associated with the Henderson police department. I asked him how he liked it.

He said he loved it but was getting a bit burned out. I suggested he turn his knowledge into an info product. He took my card and appeared seriously interested.

We’ll see if he gets in touch.

Point is, that you can find potential clients everywhere. They are out there, you just have to let yourself be open to finding and seeing them.

Uncashed Checks in Your Head

I just finished doing an event with my good friend Sheri Hill at Sage International up in Reno. While speaking at this event I used a description I’ve never used before.

I don’t know how it happened, the idea just popped into my head. I think it’s a pretty good one, so here goes.

No matter who you are, you probably know more about 2 or 3 things than 95% of the people on the planet. It may be a hobby like golf or a way of fixing a certain brand of car.

If you take a minute or two right now, YOU can probably identify at least 2 or 3 things where you know more about a particular subject area than almost anyone you know.

As in information marketer, I see this as uncashed checks that are sitting inside your head.

If you’ve gained a lot of knowledge in a given area you have the POTENTIAL to turn it into cash. So, you have checks in your head that COULD be cashed. It’s your choice.

Many people get into selling information products because they’ve gotten sick and tired of their current profession. A good idea. But an even better idea is to take the knowledge in that field and turn it into cash.

The airline pilot who gets sick of flying and wants to get into the info marketing business should first think of how he can show other pilots how to get out of the business as well. Something he can show them through his own research.

A doctor who no longer enjoys that field who learns how to become a day-trader can show other doctors how to make money in the stock market.

If you’re thinking of leaving your current profession and getting into the information marketing business, don’t throw away the knowledge you’ve gained in your current line of work. GET PAID FOR IT!

Every time I learn something new I try and keep my eyes open as to how I might teach that new material. In many cases I do end up teaching it. Either in book, audio, video or seminar form.

Info Marketing is All About 2 Main Things

At the same event I spoke about in Reno, I used an illustration I had used just once before.

I drew two circles up on the board (right next to each other) and I put a $ sign underneath them. I told people that the only two things that really mattered in the info products business are your list and your product.

To make money in this business it is always good to have both, but many people make plenty of money with just one of them.

I now have over 55,000 on this list. I also have a lot of products that I create on a regular basis. You know. I send you the promotions for those products whenever I do them.

Let’s say that you have a big list and no product. What do you do then? You find people with an appropriate product that your list would like and do JVs with them.

What about when you have a product and no list? Then you go out and try and find people who have big lists that would be interested in sending an offer to their lists about your product.

If you could do one or the other above, I’d say it’s always better to have a big list. There are tons of people with products. The problem is screening them.

I get solicited almost daily with people wanting me to promote their products. Many of them would want me to promote them sight unseen. I can’t believe that people would send an offer to their list without first seeing the product. I couldn’t do it.

Why would I jeopardize a great relationship with my list to make a few extra bucks. BUT, people do it all the time. They send out offers for products they have never seen, doing business with people they don’t even know. To me, this is absurd.

The relationship you build with your list is ‘sacred.’ If you blow it, your reputation is toast.

Upcoming Products

I’ve been cranking out a lot of products lately. I almost feel uncomfortable sending out a notice every time I come out with a new product because I don’t want you to think that all I’m every doing is pitching.

That being said, virtually every product I produce is something that you would have an interest in.

I’m currently thinking of how I should handle this.

You should think about it as well.

I get a lot of positive feedback from people like you about my ezine. I very much appreciate that. My dilemma is sending you out notices (pitches) about new products as they come out.

I feel like I deliver plenty of value, but I have this idea in my head that I have to send out a minimum of 3 or 4 content messages to every one sales message. Most of the time I do this.

In fact, whenever I know a new product is about to be completed, I hurry and send you a few content messages knowing that I need a balance.

If you’re like me, you don’t mind getting ‘pitched’ as long as I’ve delivered value to your first.

BUT, let’s say you just signed up for this ezine. The timing might be such that you then get a couple of pitches almost immediately. This makes me feel a bit queazy. I’d prefer to have your first few emails from me be content, rather than sales messages.

Given this line of reasoning, I’m thinking about setting up a separate list of people who are interested in hearing about my new products whenever they come up. This list will be ONLY for product pitches. That way there will be no surprises.

I buy a lot of info products myself. First, I want to learn the topic. Second, I want to see how people market/sell their materials.

There are certain people who I WANT to know when they have new products. With a select number of people I will buy virtually anything new they put out.

There are some people on this list who give me their credit card and tell me to just go ahead and charge their cards whenever a new product comes out and send it to them when it’s done.

If think about it, this is almost a license to PRINT money.

There is integrity built into the system. If I have your credit card on file and I then produce a product that is crappy and send it to you after I charge your card, you will withdraw your option.

If I continue to crank out great products, I will always have a line of people waiting at the door to buy them.

Think of how you can use these contents in their buisness.

Upcoming NEW Products

Fred Interviews Tony Alessandra (NEW)

Over the last year or so, I have been working with a very well known professional speaker named Tony Alessandra. I’ve been coaching him in my area of expertise which is product development.

According to Tony, this year, his product sales are going to exceed his speaking income for the first time.

Given that his goal was to spend less time on the road and start making more passive income he is extremely happy.

I’m also happy to have him both as a client and as a friend.

That being said, we just finished recording an audio program that I think you will LOVE. If you are interested in the speaking and information marketing business, this one is a must have for you.

We discussed how Tony built a HUGELY successful speaking business and how he has integrated various kinds of ancillary income sources into his business to become a multi-millionaire.

I highly recommend that you buy this program in preppubication. It will go for somewhere between $97 and $197 when it’s all said and done, BUT, if you buy it now, you get it for just $77.

The recording you will receive will be in mp3 format. It will NOT be downloadable but you will be shipped a physical disc.

If you don’t have an mp3 player, or can’t play it on your computer (which would be hard to believe) then this product is NOT for you.

Tony was nice enough to ‘spill his guts’ about what worked and what didn’t. It’s a great program from a man who is one of the TRUE geniuses in the speaking business.

Here’s the link to order this program:

Order it now and I pay shipping.

This offer is limited to the first 100 people or for the next 96 hours, whichever comes first.


Another NEW Program (Not Yet available)

I’m about to produce a video program for speakers, called: ‘Improv for Speakers.’

If you’ve been on this list for a while you know that I think that taking improv classes is the single best way to become a better speaker. AND, have a lot of fun at the same time.

I’ve heard other speakers say different things, but in my opinion, taking an acting class is the worst things you can do. For me, this produces ‘robotic’ speakers whose movements and gestures seem terribly contrived.

This program (not yet even available in prepublication) will give you some tremendous help even if you have never taken an improv class.

It will be strictly a video program and will ‘taped’ in late November. Keep your eyes open for the announcement.

Someone recently asked me if I was nervous about letting people know about a new product. They asked if I was concerned about someone copying the idea.

Let’s go back to the list and product argument. You need to have a good product and a good list to sell that product too.

This WILL be a GOOD product and I DO have a list of people who are interested in the topic.

Can it be duplicated by others? Yes and no. You can’t copyright an idea, only your specific presentation of that idea. Heck, there is McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s all selling hamburgers.

The concept of improv for speakers could certainly be done by someone else. My question is how well they would do it and whether or not the market is big enough to merit the expense.

Think about this as produce your own products.


End of this year and beginning of next I’ll be giving you advance notice of where I’m going to vacation. I actually reserved a domain name:

Don’t look at, there is nothing there yet.

My concept is this. When I go on vacation, I like to have fun, but I also like to hang out with people who have similar interests.

If you go, we can make it a ‘business’ trip for tax purposes, so keep watching emails for the where and when.


I’m getting sued right now in the ‘great’ State of Ohio for sending unsolicited faxes to someone. Did I ever even think about doing that? NO. Does it matter? NO. I still have to pay a lawyer a huge retainer to defend me against a completely frivolous law suit.

The faxes were from a seminar done by a group I have heard of but NEVER had any affiliation with.

The lawyer that is bringing this suit is representing his client (also a lawyer) saying that I sent these faxes. Completely false.

When all is said and done, even if I am proved 100% NOT GUILTY, my chances of recovering my legal fees are virtually NIL.

Bad system? I sure think so. If you live in Ohio, contact me and I’ll share the details and maybe you can help.

Speaking of rants, it was my birthday on the 23rd of Oct. Since my divorce papers went through not too long ago, I was alone. So, I treated myself and went to see Dennis Miller. He was good. After that I went to Studio 54 at the MGM Grand, just to remind myself that I WAS older than 90% of the people who were there.

I still had fun.



I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading lately. The best business book I’ve found recently is called: ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ by xxx

I picked it up because Malcolm Gladwell, author of ‘The Tipping Point’ gave it a great blurb. I highly recommend that you read it.

I don’t want to give anything away, but trust me, read just the first 25 pages and you’ll be hooked.

Another interesting read is a book called: ‘The Know It All’ by A.J. Jacobs. It’s the story of this guy who decided to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

It’s both entertaining and educational as he goes from A to Z through what he read and learned. Hysterically funny at times and very enlightening at others.

Try it.


History of Violence: Intense movie, very well written and well acted. 3 1/2 stars for me.

In Her Shoes: Supposedly a ‘chick flick’ but I liked it as well. Cameron Diaz does a very respectable acting job and Toni Collette is equally good. 3 stars here.

Run Lola Run: GREAT movie. Saw it a few years ago and just saw it again on cable recently. If you don’t have a NetFlix membership this is a good reason to get one. 4 stars

Personal Site

I thought long and hard about sharing this next bit of info with you. I didn’t know whether it would be appropriate or not. I have decided to go ahead because I think it makes sense. Some of you may disagree and I completely respect your opinion.

As I was getting divorced, I kept writing down everything I liked and didn’t like in a person and trying to define exactly what kind of a relationship I wanted.

Since I do so much marketing online, I decided to find a way to use it in my personal life.

I set up a site:

It is very honest (some say TOO honest) and direct about who I am and what I’m looking for.

Why do I share this with you?

Two reasons. All of us have two basic sides to our lives; our business side and our personal side.

First, I’ve given you a lot of help on the business side over the time you’ve been on this list and I wanted to share with you what I was doing that may be of help to you on the personal side.

My idea is that you set up a site like the one I’ve listed above for yourself if you are single and looking to find a partner. Then, you find clever and creative ways to drive traffic to that site both on and offline.

I think it will be a good way to find that special person.

I’ll give you my results as they come in.

My second reason is a request for your assistance. You
MAY know someone who is also unattached and feel that they may be a good match for me. If so, send them to the site.

Blatant personal plug? You betcha. I’m not getting any younger and I would love to find the right person for me. So, if it’s not you, maybe you know someone.

There is also a very important online marketing message here as well. If you want to get something out there, create something clever and encourage people to share it with their friends and relatives.

If you remember the idea of the guy who auctioned off his ex-wife’s wedding dress you know what can happen when someone creates something with ‘pass along’ value.

I hope to drive a TON of traffic to this site using various means. I hope that people start talking about it and tell others about it as well. I hope I get a million unique visitors.

As more people go to the site, the greater the chances that I will find someone who I can ‘partner’ with.

It’s the same as selling a product, but in this case, the product is ME.

If you feel that this was inappropriate on my part to do this, I understand and suggest you unsubscribe.

BUT, when you think about it, what’s more important in life than finding someone to share it with?

I was just mentoring someone here in Las Vegas the other day. A younger guy whose book I will promote in a future email. When we got to talking I told him that the SINGLE most important choice he will make in life that will affect his business is not a BUSINESS decision at all.

It’s the choice (or selection) of a partner.

Choose the wrong one and you will have a much harder time making your business life work. Choose the RIGHT one and your life will be much easier.

So, there you have it. Let me know if you use my technique and what happened to you.

See you next time!


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