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Info Products Seminar (Reduced Prices) and How Did Bob Bly Build His "Mini-Empire" in the Information Products Business

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Two important items to tell you about:

1. I’ve added some really talented and amazing speakers to the event I’m doing in October.

Also, prices will be at $497 ONLY until the end of this month, July 31st. After that they are going up to $997 and eventually to $1497 on Oct 1st.

So, go to:

This is an event you HAVE to make it to!

2. I’ve just finished putting up a site that my good friend Bob Bly wrote the copy for.

Go to the site if for no other reason than to see a master copywriter at work.

(Thanks Bob for doing this for me!)

When you read the copy I think you’ll agree that is VERY effective, and of course, if you’ve never ordered anything from me before (and even if you have) here is a chance to get something really good at a really LOW price point.

Go to:

You’ll be getting the exact same information that has helped Bob build a “mini-empire” in the information products business.

All the Best,

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Information Marketing

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