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Authors in General

I recently got an email from a friend of mine who works with authors and publishers. As an info marketer, I feel bad for these folks as a group.

Why? They just DON’T get it!

They have been bamboozled into thinking that you can make money by JUST selling books.

NEWSFLASH!!!! You cannot!!

To be honest, it’s not their fault. They have been deceived by all of the various vendors, consultants and “mentors” who have told them they can make REAL money just selling books.

Unless you’re Stephen King or one of a very select number of authors, you CANNOT make a LIVING just selling books.

Solution? Understand that you are NOT an author, you are an information marketer. ONE of your products happens to be a book. If you have no others, you are DEAD!

Get with the program! Don’t know how? Download some of my FREE stuff of my site or attend an event. Do it now!

Apple Store (One-to-One)

If you’re a Mac person, you should know about a service that Apple offers. For $99 a year you can go into an Apple store once a week max and get personal training on a huge variety of things.

If you were to max out on this opportunity it would come to UNDER $2 an hour. This is a truly amazing deal!

I just came back from my session here in Vegas. I was confused about the latest incarnation of IMovie. The program us Mac folks use to create simple videos.

Not a Mac person? You should be. Even if your “main” computer is a PC, you should get a mac to do your info products.


Because the tools are the BEST available regardless of what platform you work on. Also, as a PC person it’s also a good idea to see how your sites work for us Mac folks.

This one-to-one deal that Apple offers will give you all the help you need to do any and all info products you want to create.

I HIGHLY recommend you consider doing this NOW.

You’ll thank me later.

To find out more, go to

All you need to start creating GREAT info products is a Mac and the basic ILife tools that come bundled with any Mac you buy. All you need to create your audios, videos and other products are there.

Massage Therapist I Know

There’s a guy who I met in Whole Foods who is a massage therapist. I got a call from him earlier today asking me a question I felt worth sharing with you.

He’s been seeing a lot of people who are now going to company’s like Massage Envy. They offer a “subscription” service for massages.

You pay a flat fee per month and get one massage per month. You then have the RIGHT to get additional massages at a discounted rate.

His idea is to offer a similar service as an independent massage therapist. Good idea.

He likes the idea of having a consistent monthly cash flow. In exchange, he is willing to cut his NORMAL rates so people will go for it.

His problem is how to do this. That’s why he called me. I explained that a program could be written to do this online. He was very interested.

I then explained that if he was willing to pay to get this developed, he could then sell the program to other massage therapists. Many of them would probably want to do what he was doing.

Even over the phone I could SEE his eyes light up. Or at least, I heard it in his voice.

YOU can do the same thing in YOUR area of expertise. IF you come up with a great idea and develop it, you can make it available for others to use and get PAID for it.

What I suggested to him is that he offer this program on a zip code by zip code basis. I also suggested that he set it up in an AUCTION fashion. He could set up a minimum bid price and then let massage therapists in a given zip the right to BID for the use of the program.

Think about YOUR niche and how YOU can do the same.

Google’s Video Tool

Have a gmail account? You should. I do. Most people I know do. Why? It’s the BEST email program out there.

Now, they’ve just added a very cool new feature. I was one of the first to BETA test it. ANYONE with a gmail account can now download the video component.

This allows you to do videoconferencing with others who have a gmail account and the video service.

Is this something new? Not really. I’ve been using IChat for 3 or 4 years. It works pretty darn well. As of right now, GMAIL works better. It lacks SOME of the features of Ichat, but overall, it’s worth getting a hold of.

If you don’t have a gmail account, GET ONE. When you do, make sure to download the video component to do this.

See you next time!



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