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What Does Denny’s have to Do with Info Products?

Everyone loves to get a deal. It’s no different in the info products game. People hate to pay full price. it’s human nature and we’ve been trained by the major retailers to look for sales.

We need to follow their lead!

Have you been to Denny’s lately? There is always a special going on. It seems like every day there is a new special that you can take advantage of.

I’m following their lead.

I’ve decided to put together a special list for people who want to get GREAT deals on some of my info products.

Like usual, I’d like you to read this “pitch” to understand not just what I’m pitching, but so that YOU can do it for yourself with your own products.

First, off, you can’t do this unless you are a prolific product producer.

In order to offer a daily special you have to have a reasonably large reservoir of existing products. If not, you’ll have to be producing a LOT of products in a big hurry.

I am certain that there are few people that have produced as many products as I have. I find it kinda funny that the NSA is having a “product” Lab and I wasn’t even invited to be a speaker. Proving once again that many organizations are based on contacts and not competence.

I’ll be in New Orleans in November, but I digress.

When you offer a daily special that means that virtually every day of the year you’ve got to have something different to sell people.

You can repeat specials, but unless you mix it up and offer a lot of different products, people will start deleting your emails without reading them. Many of them will simply unsubscribe.

Why do a Daily Special?

Simple: CASH FLOW! It means that every day you will have a certain number of people giving you money directly into your bank account.

Downloadable or physical?

Either works but downloadable is a lot less work. In my cased, I’m still creating all the downloadable versions, but

Doing this MAKES YOU WORK!

I tend to be a bit lazy by nature. Setting up a daily special makes you have to produce products all the time.

You need a separate list because emailing people on your “regular” list would be a bit excessive. I’ve seen people in the info products game do this and it does NOT work. People get pissed off and unsubscribe.

However, if you are up front and tell people that EVERY day they will be getting a pitch, the’ve agreed to it. There will be no hard feelings and a lot of people will take advantage of your offers on a regular basis.

If you have good products, you’ll develop a lot of fans. These fans will buy from you often.

What about a Weekly Special?

Good idea. If you don’t have enough products to justify doing a daily special, try the weekly routine. Like with all specials they can repeat, but try to not do it that often.

The more I think about things, the more apt I am to recommend that you do a weekly or monthly special. If you do the daily one, you’ll be feeling pressured all the time.

Think of a diner. If you like their meatloaf special, chances are you’d like to see them repeat it on a regular basis. Unlike food, when people have bought a product from you they own it and don’t will not buy the same product again.

(True, but one time I got so excited about something I DID buy the same thing twice in 10 days. I’d like to remember what that offer was and go back and find the copy they wrote because it must have been GOOOOD!)

I would suggest you go out and register:


Like always I suggest you use: to register. Why? Prices are low and I get a SMALL piece of the action. Why not give “Uncle Fred” some money because he sends you such good stuff!

As a final thought: do either a weekly or monthly special. You CAN repeat the special but don’t do that too often. Look at your numbers to determine if you should or not. If people buy a LOT when you offer a particular product then it means you need to offer it again.

Register the domain names above as indicated. Then put up a site that explains exactly what you’re doing. Remember to contact my webmaster, Stanley to do
unlimited hosting for a flat fee.

He can be reached at: stanley (at) dumanig (dot) com

Your Ideal Day

Every year around this time I start thinking about my ideal day. I make my formal reassessment between Christmas and New Year’s but I start thinking of it around my birthday which is about a week before Halloween.

Each year I determine if what I have on my list is still what I’d want to do everyday if I were on perpetual vacation.

I list (as I recommend you do) what I would do if I were to wake up and be on vacation every day for the rest of my life. What would I want to do every day?

For me, the list is (in no particular order):

* Play with my dogs
* Get a massage (live person or machine)
* Read
* See a movie
* Exercise

There are other items but those of some of my top items.

A fellow internet/info marketer once told a story at a seminar. He was talking about how this guy was going to make all this money so he could then spend the rest of his life fishing.

The guru’s response: Why not just go fishing NOW?

I’ll bet that many of the items you would put on a list would be things you COULD do right now. What are you waiting for?

Life is short. Figure out how you enjoy spending your time and start doing it now.

If you create an information products business it will make it much easier for you to get to live your ideal life sooner. That’s ONE of the reasons I’m in the field.

Timing of Ezines/Newsletters

Some people believe that you send your ezines out at the same time every week or month. I disagree. I create and send out messages when I get the ideas.

I have always been the kind of guy who hated structure. In the case of ezines, I’m doing this in a more calculating way.

Not only do I get ideas in bursts, I believe it also helps to send out ezines on a NON regular basis. My rationale?

Behavioral Science. Let me explain.

When you study “schedules of reinforcement” you find that behavior is most sustained when reinforced on a non regular basis. Assuming that people find good, content packed emails reinforcing, I assume it would work to send out ezines on a similar schedule.

Do I have research to support my case? 100% NO.

I have NO data. This is strictly a gut feel. But, from my own experience, it works. Is this a reason for you to blindly follow my lead? Nope. Should you test doing the same for yourself. My answer would be YES.

Fred Reviews

Sticking with the theme of trying to get paid to do what you love doing, I’m starting a site where I will review both books and movies on a membership website.

I love to both read and see movies so I’m taking a passion that I have and turning it into profit.

Each time I read a book or see a movie I’ll post it on this site. Now the question is how to produce revenue doing this.

As I have spoken about before there are two possible models. First is the paid model. I charge people a monthly fee to become “members.”

Second option is to make the membership free and then make money on the back-end. Via affiliate relationships like Amazon and the like.

Both options have the ability to make your money. It will depend on what TYPE of business you are setting sup. The only way to know is to test it. If you do, start with the free model and then, if you decide, you can attempt to switch your people to a paid model.

Tough duty! Once people aren’t paying it is tough to convert them over and get them to shell out cash every month.

All the Best for your Success,


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