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Information Marketer's Plan

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At the end of every year I do what you probably do. I look back over the time and assess what I’ve done both personally and professionally.

Then I set up a one year plan for what I’m going to do THIS year.

For you, as an information marketer, there are some important ideas I’d like to share with you. Ideas that should be able to help you and YOUR business this next year.

JV Partners/Proteges

I told you I was having some problems getting my selection of proteges right. Well, I seem to have fixed that! Like I’ve spoken to you about before, it’s both about competence of the various individuals AND getting the personality match right.

I’ll give you a list of some of the folks I’m working with and how we’re working together in a moment, but here are some of the things I think YOU need to remember:

1. ONLY get involved with people and projects that “turn you on.” If it’s ONLY about the money, it will be tough to sustain your interest!

2. Find a way to make the deal 50-50. When working with someone, try and find a way to divvy up the tasks in such a way that you can split things down the middle. Both in terms of work and revenue. Any arrangement other than an equal split will change the power dynamic in a bad way.

3. When working with more than one partner/protege at a time, make sure and leverage your efforts by having the group collaborate to share ideas and INSIGHTS! I’m trying out I’ll let you know how it works out. I’m using it to share ideas among the group.

4. If YOU are a subject matter expert, YOU can set up proteges and JV partners for yourself. This will allow you to leverage your knowledge and your efforts.

Here is a list of some of the folks I’m currently working with and the fields they are in. I think you’ll find these interesting!

Allan Schieman is a financial planning expert up in Canada. For years Allan sold his clients financial products like most folks in his field. Then he had an epiphany.

He now alerts retirees in Canada as to the various shenanigans that go on in that field.

Allan’s site is:

Avish Parashar is my improv comedy buddy. He loves the art form and is committed to find a way to make money selling products in the field.

Who says you can’t make money from your passion?

Senator Don Benton, from the great state of Washington is my next “partner” I’d like to share with you. Don and I sat down just before New Year’s Eve and recorded an amazing program showing you How to Get Elected – to virtually ANY office!

The site’s not up yet, but here is a guy who won elected office for the first time when he was 23 years old for his local school board in California.

He’s won MANY an election and has a SYSTEM to show others how to do it as well.

This is another great example of taking what you already know and turning into cash.

Here is a link you will want to look at now:

Don has put together some really cool freebies for “Friends of Fred”. Check them out!

Richard Emmons works with financial planning types in the US. His site, shows people in the field how to be more effective marketing and selling their services.

Richard is also working with me on my “line” of products that I’ve created with Bob Bly. The site that details all of these products is:

David Hamilton is the WebMarketingMagician. I send people his way when they need help on ANY of the tech issues associated with the information marketing business.

Dave is also becoming VERY effective as an SEO guy! To see everything that Dave is doing, check out:

Dave Fadorsen works with construction business owners. His site: At this site, he shows folks who own construction businesses how to be more profitable.

Dave is also working with me on a variety of my information marketing products. The site we are using for those products is still being put together so once again, look for more information on that topic.

Burke Allen is a PR maven. He’s been an on air radio guy and has even owned a radio station. He KNOWS radio.

In a few weeks, Burke and I will sit down to record a program on “How to Do Your Own Radio Show.” The website isn’t up yet, but as soon as it is, you’ll hear about it!

He’s also doing a program in Washington DC that’s listed  in my UPCOMING EVENTS section:

Take a look at that site to get a great FREE offer.

Theron Mehr is one of the GOOD lawyers. He and I will be working together on a legal package geared to Info marketers.

This project is just getting started, so all I can tell you is that when it’s done you’ll be able to save a LOT of money as an info marketer on any of your legal issues.

All of the people listed above are examples of how you can take your existing business and knowledge and turn that knowledge into an information product.

It doesn’t matter what your field is, the information marketing business is waiting for you to grab your piece of the action.

Why are all these examples important to you? Because I want you to think of ways that you can take YOUR brain power and turn it into cash.

Rather than trying to make a MILLION dollars overnight, concentrate on generating enough money to pay your utility bill this month.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Much more soon!

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