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But . . . . I Don’t Have Any Content for My Ezine!!!

Whenever I travel to do a speech or attend events I always listen to people. One of the big common gripes is that people are worried that they may not be able to find content to send to their subscribers.

I must not live on the same planet as these folks.

I have the opposite problem. My thought is always: How often and with how much content can I come at people with before they get annoyed and unsubscribe.

IF you have a well targeted list and IF you give them GREAT information and content, I think it is entirely possible to be in touch with people EXTREMELY often.

Look at my buddy, David Oliver, who runs: David tells me that sometimes he sends out two emails a DAY.

His unsubscribe rate is TINY.

Why? Because David is giving people exactly what they want.

My feeling is that the best way to do this is to use your BLOG as the place to dump all of your content.

That way it becomes a PULL communication medium rather than a PUSH.

Push would be an ezine that is sent out to people. Do that too often and people will unsubscribe. If you DO choose to send out regular emails, instead send people a link to your latest blog posting.

This email will be one of the LAST using my “old” ezine philosophy. From now on I’ll be sending you more FREQUENT emails with links to go to my blog.

Also, you can go to the blog as often as you want.

I’ve heard many people complain to me that they FELL OFF MY LIST. Usually due to spam filters.

Doing this will help prevent people from losing contact with me. If they want to find me and what I’m talking about, they can do it more easily if they come to me. OR, to YOU, if you follow my lead.

(After talking to my webmaster, there may be a slight variation to the above mentioned methodology but you get my point!)

Tools I Use

Wherever I go, people always ask me what TOOLS I have and use on my computer. For those of you who may have an interest, here is the list.

Here is a quick list and a little bit about how I use them.

Screenflow – I use this program for recording things on the computer screen. It’s a GREAT program for Mac folks and is as good or better than Camtasia for you PC folks.

(PS – I have had some BIG customer service issues with these folks. Be careful if you get this program

Sling Box (Hardware Device)
This allows you to “sling” a signal from a cable box to ANY place you have an internet connection. I have strategically hooked mine up in NYC. That way I can watch LATE NIGHT TV on the West Coast at a much more reasonable hour.

I spent somewhere around $100 for this piece of hardware and it has been a Godsend. I was able to watch U.S. TV when I was in Europe.

If you’re CHEAP like me, you only need extended cable in ONE location. That’s if you don’t mind a slightly substandard picture.

I use MOST of the iLife programs. I use iMovie a LOT. I use iTunes a LOT. I use Garageband and Keynote a little.

Ms Office Suite
Yes, even as a Mac guy, I still use MS Word, but very little else from the Office Suite other than Excel.

Visual Hub
Allows for files to be converted from one format to another. I use it for taking video and putting it into FLASH format. Since FLASH is the PDF of video, this makes it easy for EVERYONE to use.

This program is now sadly going away, so I’ll have to find something else. BUMMER!

Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose gets a lot of great guests. Is he a GREAT interviewer? Not so much. Nice guy? Yes. Tough interviewer? NO. Been around a long time? Yes.

Like Larry King, this is one of the reasons that people come on his show. AND, come BACK!! They KNOW that they will not be asked the TOUGH questions. It’s just not that type of show.

So, the guests can get their message out without worrying about the GOTCHA questions that someone like O’Reilly would ask them. Fair enough.

I watch his show in spite of his being the host. I watch his show EXCLUSIVELY for the guests he gets. Not his AVERAGE interviewing talent. Sorry, but I speak the truth.

He recently did an interview with Marc Andreessen.

Who is Marc Andreessen?

If you’re an information marketer of ANY kind or note, you need to listen to this guy. He has been WAY ahead of the curve on just about everything having to do with the web.

He was one of the co-founders of Netscape and continues to be VERY active in the technology area. When he talks, I LISTEN. And YOU should as well.

It would take up TOO much time to tell you what he talked about with Charlie Rose a few nights ago. All I can tell you is that I’ve listened to this interview THREE TIMES already.

If you are SERIOUS about understanding and using technology, you need to go there now. All 54 minutes are well worth it!

9 year “Kid” Developed Apps for the IPhone

Did you see the story about the 9 year old who has developed an App for the Iphone? He has now had over 5,000 people download this particular app.

And we all felt inadequate before this?

Now you have to gain a foothold on your market before you reach PUBERTY to not feel like a complete failure!


The Teaching Company

I have spoken of these folks before and I’m sure I will do so again. To remind you (if you haven’t seen my rants about them previously), they take the countries greatest professors in a variety of different disciplines and record them giving their lectures.

Take a look at:

Going back and forth between Vegas and LA (a LOT) gives me a lot of time in the car. While driving I usually spend the time either talking on the phone, listening to AM radio or listening to audio programs.

I’m sure you may do something similar.

Like with any company like this, there are some VERY good programs and programs that aren’t so good.

The BEST thing about them is their return policy. If you don’t like something, SEND IT BACK. They want you to. I’ve sent back about 30% of what I’ve bought.

Either the subject matter didn’t work for me, or I didn’t like a particular professor.

THEY DON’T CARE. They want to make you happy. The will happily take your returns and do so with NO questions asked.

Go to their site and never buy anything unless it is listed in the ON SALE section. Everything eventually goes on sale.

I worn you though, you will get addicted. Go there at your own risk!

On this last trip back to Vegas, I learned about Cicero. If you’re not familiar with who he is and what he thought and believed, all I can say is that most information marketers do NOT live up to his ideals.

I just blocked 3 people following me on Twitter because they are living examples of what Cicero would have found abhorrent.


PLEASE read the article I’ve linked to here. If you’re not on Facebook yet, you need to be there NOW. BUT, make sure that you use it correctly or it will make people HATE and SHUN you.

Can you make money as a result of being on Facebook?

Sure. Should you use the same strategy that you do with a site like LinkedIn? Absolutely not. The “sell” needs to be much more subtle. In fact, you should NEVER look like you’re selling.

If you want a QUICK hit, this is NOT the place to spend your time and efforts. If you want to build LONG term relationships, this is one place you should be.

I recently saw Mark Zuckerberg on a panel on C-SPAN. He’s the CEO of Facebook at 24 years old. Wow.

Here is the link to see it.

You know you need to get a life when you’re watching C-SPAN, but there is some good stuff on there.

He was one of the people on a forum that included, among others, him and the CEO of You-Tube.

Quick Idea

Give to charity? If so you need to look at the site:

Great site. You’ll see how a charity RATES. Determine if you should give OR if you should KEEP giving to a particular charity.

See you next time!

©Fred Gleeck 2009

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