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Here is what my good friend Bob Bly sent to his readers. I can’t say it better, so I’ll just copy and paste what Bob wrote:

(PS – this event is coming up this weekend. If you want IN, you have to act NOW)

Dear Direct Response Letter Subscriber:
(Bob’s Readers)

The teaching of how to make money marketing information on the Internet …

… has gone from an honorable, honest profession …

… to a hype-filled, slime-infested jungle.

Each day, the claims get more and more outrageous.

“I made $1 million in 17 seconds on the Internet!” one promoter screams.

“Join my Delta Mega Force Team today and get a Rolls Royce with your first affiliate commission check,” another shouts even more loudly.

Does brag-and-boast advertising like this – especially from so-called marketing gurus you never heard of before — make you skeptical?

To me, these outrageous promotions … sorely lacking in credibility … make me want to toss my cookies!

That’s why — next weekend here in New Jersey on October 25 and 26 – Fred Gleeck and I, along with a few of our colleagues, are going to give a private 2-day workshop on “Ethical, Hype-Free Information Marketing.”

In it, you’ll learn how to create high-value information products packed with valuable content … and market it ethically — and honestly — on the Internet.

As you may know, I have been planning my exit from giving talks for a long time. And I have warned Fred that this is the only – and last – info marketing workshop I will do in partnership with him … or anyone else.

So if you like what you read in my newsletter … or Fred’s … here’s your perfect chance to learn writing … publishing … and Internet information marketing from the two of us – in person — at a private event just for our loyal readers.

For more information … or to register … just click below now:


Bob Bly

P.S. But I urge you to hurry. This 2-day event starts a week from today – on October 25 — so this is the final notice I can send you for registration:


Consult With Fred

I have a site: I use this site (as I think you should use a site like) in the following manner.

Every day I get emails and calls from people who would like my advice on building an information products business. Given that one of my sources of income is consulting/coaching, I have to charge for my advice. (So should YOU!).

When I get an email or a call, I immediately direct people to this site. If they are serious, they will send me the money and we’ll get started. if they are not, they will not. Simple as that.

Many people will claim that “money is not the problem”, but few will put their money where their mouths are.

I very much enjoy doing these initial consultations.

In the past few months I have saved a couple of people tens of thousands of dollars they were going to spend. These monies were going to be spent poorly and I told them so.

I also learn from these consultations myself. Funny how that works. You help others and you learn at the same time.

On that site I let people know that the money they give me can be applied towards future goods or services. I suggest you check the site to see what I’m talking about.

Over the past year, at least half of the people who did the initial consultation have gone on to buy more expensive products and services.

Here’s how I see it. Get paid for 90 minutes of consultation. Usually broken up into two segments. Learn a lot about some things you didn’t know. Then have those people find you knowledgeable enough to give you more money for other products and services.

Shouldn’t YOU be doing the same thing???

If your answer is NO, I think I’ve missed something here.


Day after tomorrow is my birthday. Since my Dad lived to almost 93, I don’t look at birthdays and freak out. Can’t do anything about it anyway is my feeling.

October 23rd always starts me looking at the year that’s almost passed. I try to assess what I’ve done and whether I should keep doing or stop doing some of the things I’ve done over the year.

This usually culminates with some kind of a plan that I implement right after New Years Day.

Here’s what I’ve discovered this year, so far.

First, I look at my revenue sources. I take a look at what has made me the most money and also what money I ENJOYED making the most.

I made the most money from:

* Product Sales
* Info Product Bootcamp
* Individual Coaching

As far as what I LIKED, I happen to like ALL of the above. Some of the money that is generated automatically I like, and it’s easier money, but it isn’t as fun as the Info Product Bootcamps or other events that I do.

So now what? Where to go?

Part of my analysis also consists of figuring out whether my day to day activities are resulting in more money and more fun.

I have come up with only 3 activities that generate me more money AND more fun. This is what I’ll be concentrating on for the next year.

They are:

* Creating Products (mine and for other people)
* Writing (books, articles, ezines, blogs, etc.)
* Teaching (my own events and others)

My goal is to eliminate all other activities that do not fall into these categories.

The exciting new project with Bob Bly will be launching soon. It will luckily include all of the above elements. Stay tuned for details. You’re going to really like it!

More next time!

See you soon!


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  1. Ben Waugh on January 2nd, 2009 8:54 am

    You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I?ve spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

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