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Information Marketing and Bernie Madoff

Information Marketing


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Everything in a BackPack

After my future wife’s kids are out of the house, I want to be able to put everything I own in a backpack. Yes, you heard that right. I don’t want to own ANY THING any more. Too much STUFF!

I’ll probably cheat and have a storage unit with some crap I really don’t need but feel I need to keep. BUT, I want to be running around with JUST a backpack.

It will most likely be a backpack that has wheels but it will also be one that I can strap on my back if I want.

Here is a list of what I’ll have in that backpack.

MacBook Air or the best Mac at that time Kindle or the best Ebook reader (probably a Mac product) Clothes (including some rain gear) Running Shoes and Some Keen sandals

Here is YOUR challenge. What would YOU put in YOUR backpack? How does this sound to you? Would your list look like mine? Different? If so, how?

Bernie Madoff Thoughts

Been watching the stories of Bernie Madoff on the news? Me too?  Shocked by the unmitigated gall of this man?I’m not.

My ONLY surprise in this matter is that someone has not “taken this guy out.” Am I suggesting that someone do that? Not me. BUT, will I be surprised IF someone does? Not at all?

Piss people off with a few hundred of a few thousand dollars and you may get your hand slapped by the FTC. Do it with millions or billions? Someone is gonna hunt you down and cut your n**s off.

There are plenty of these types of operators, albeit on a MUCH smaller scale in the info products world. Who are they?

Some I could point too. Some have taken MY money. Never to be returned. Never to be given back. Never to be found.

Can I reveal them? Nope. On the advice of counsel I refuse to answer. Why? Because our system is screwed up.

IF I were to name names and “call out some of these folks, I would end up in court. Given our LOVELY legal system guess who would have to pay the tab REGARDLESS if I were right or wrong? You guessed it. ME!!

Want a real life example of a legal system that makes no sense? This is it. Even if you are 100% in the right, YOU are still liable for any and all legal expenses incurred to defend yourself.

Get exonerated? Great. Still have to pay the legal bills even if YOU are 100% in the right and win the case? YUP! Nice, huh?

As Yakoff Smirnoff would say: WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

Your Action Point? Something sound TOO good to be true? Think of Madoff. Ignore those people and KEEP MOVING.

Free Triple Score

I have recently been seeing some ads for a new competitor to This is certainly not a surprise to me or you.

What is surprising is that someone over there GETS IT!

Put in the URL and you get to the site. BUT, if you put in the site name: you go to the SAME exact site. BUT, you are TRACKED.

In the MAIN text and MAIN video area (on the commercial) you only see the generic BUT, on the bottom of my screen I saw I’ll bet that in your TV market, OR if you were watching a DIFFERENT channel than I was, you probably got a different site name. Just out of curiosity (because that’s just the kinda guy I am), I replaced the number “7” with a 5 and a 6. It took me to the same MAIN site.

I suspect these guys are TRACKING! God forbid!

They assume that most people will enter or remember the MAIN site name. They DISPLAY the URL with the number and presume that those who DO enter the number will do so equally across the board.


Your Action Point? Set up a means of tracking any and everything you do. Do it now!

Creating Exclusivity

People think they are doing real well when they get a TON of people to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


In fact, I’ve recently blocked people on both of these sites from following me or being friends.

Just before writing this section of this ezine I “ignored” a friend request from a very well known internet/info marketer.


Because I don’t want to have even an “arms length” association with people who cavort with people I find unsavory.

Does this decrease the total NUMBER of people who are in my sphere of influence? YES. Does it make that core group of folks even more loyal and feel even MORE exclusive. I sure think so.

It is all about numbers as an information marketer, but it’s also all about the RIGHT numbers. The RIGHT people.

Another person I just blocked on Twitter resulted from my clicking on their name and seeing their first TWEET was about a guy who I think is a crook. No thanks. I don’t want this guy following me.

I do not want to belong or have others attracted to a club that does NOT have entry requirements. Is honesty/integrity too much to ask of YOUR club members. I think not.

What Bookmarks Do You Have on Your Laptop?

The bookmarks you have on your computer tell a lot about who you are and where you spend your time.

On mine, I’ve got:
(A few different Banks where I have accounts)
American Airlines
Rotten Tomatoes

This is my list. I think you can learn a lot about yourself and others by looking at what they put in their bookmarks.

What are yours?

Speaking Another Language

I was in the post office the other day and saw some of my Filipino friends behind the counter. Wanting to keep up “the lingo” (which I am fairly fluent at), I said a few words in Tagalog.

The woman in between me and the person I was speaking to was in her late 60s. After hearing this foreign tongue she turns around and in a fairly loud voice says: “For a moment there I thought I was in a Foreign Country.”

Want to know why we have problems in this country? Here’s a good answer. People like this.

I’m ALL IN FAVOR of English being taught and spoken by any and everyone in the country. Including those from other countries.

BUT, Americans in general don’t make an effort to learn other languages. And then, they react like this on top of it.

The irony is that MOST Filipinos speak better grammatical English than MOST Americans. Sad but True!

Talk to you next time!

©Fred Gleeck 2009

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