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Information Marketing Business Models

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In any of the business models I’m about to explain, PATIENCE is the key. Remember that as you read through the various models I detail here.

If you are looking for the get-rich-quick stuff, I’m not your guy. The only people making money in those deals are the people who MAKE you the offers, never people like YOU who receive the offers!


In this information marketing model, the person involved ONLY sells products. They put together products (almost always) within a niche, build at list and then send out offers.

The offers direct people to go to a specific web page, most often called a LANDING PAGE.

This page then SELLS people on the buying that specific product.

To best utilize this model it is sensible to develop additional products to offer people as an upset related to the first product they buy.

When done correctly, this model can work very well.

The key to success using this model is to build a high quality list. Then to make sure that every product you offer DRAMATICALLY exceeds the expectations of the buyer.

IF you do that, then people will continue to buy from you.

Many people use this model successfully.


Many people use the product ONLY model and then add a coaching component to it. The benefit to using THIS model is that many people want to get additional help after they receive a product.

Most folks who utilize this model offer two or more levels of coaching. The first level is usually group coaching which permits a large number of people to be involved.

Often times, email support is offered and sometimes specific days are reserved for people to CALL IN and get their problems addressed.

Many who use this model offer a tiered coaching model where people can pay more to get MORE personal attention.

I’ve seen people with 3 or more tiers of coaching that they offer. A very elite group at the highest level where they only let 10 or 12 people onboard. These small groups offer personal direct access to a “guru” who coaches them.

One of the reasons this model is so effective, is it allows for people to “find their own price level.”

I’ve  seen group coaching that goes for around $300 to $500 a month. This system allows for ANYONE to sign up at this price point and receive ONLY a group coaching call.

The next higher tiered program has group coaching calls MORE often and allows for email questions and answers and a call in day.

This service is usually priced at around twice as much.

This group will often pay $700 to $1000 a month.

The HIGHEST level of coaching will give it’s members all of the elements of the two groups I’ve mentioned above AND additional one-on-one coaching with those who are involved at this level.

Frequently a program like this will have a LIVE MEETING that is scheduled every quarter or so. You get access to the “LEADER” face to face and you generally get his or her phone support.

At this level I’ve seen programs go for NORTH of $1,000

The key to understanding this PRODUCT PLUS COACHING model is NOT that you have to charge these specific prices, but rather that you offer multiple tiers, giving people greater access for a higher price at each level.

Might this work for you? If you decide to use it, make sure you have a website designed to SELL people on each TIER that you offer.


Take the above model and add on live public seminars to get the next model.

When people use this model, they will usually offer a public seminar at a relatively LOW price point. When people sign up and attend, they are given some high quality information (If someone is doing it RIGHT) AND are pitched on products and coaching.

Using this model is great for someone who enjoys doing seminars and speaking in front of groups.

The key to using this model revolves around having a decent sized list and joint venture partners who are willing to help promote any of the live events you offer.

Additional Models will be discussed in future Insights!

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