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Case Study

I wanted to share a quick case study with you from my recent promotion of the 2 Bob Bly products I recently put together.

The email I sent out to promote my prepublication offer for this product was very long. As opposed to my usual offer at prepub where I just say: ‘Here it is, it’s good, just buy it!’

What I did was I took all of the questions that I used for the interview and gave them to you in their entirety.

I put order links in three places in that email. The first I put right up at the top. After a very brief description I said: ‘If you know me and are willing to trust me that this is good stuff, click here to buy it right now.’

I then put in two additional links for people to order. One at the end of the first set of questions and the final one at the end of the second set of questions.

If you missed the prepublication offer, as part of this test I’m putting a link here for you to order:

I love this whole testing thing!

So, here are the numbers in terms of percentages:

Of all of the clicks:

56% of people clicked on the first link (at the top)
25% of people clicked on the second link (in the middle)
19% of people clicked on the third link (at the bottom)

Of the people who clicked on the first link:

18.8% of people who clicked ended up ordering
81% did NOT order

Of the people who clicked on the 2nd link:

0% of people who clicked ended up ordering
100% did NOT order

Of the people who clicked on the 3rd link:

0% of people who clicked ended up ordering
100% did NOT order

48 Hours – 88% of orders

My Interpretation of This Data

1. If you have a good relationship with your list, people will buy when you tell them what you have to offer is good. The majority of the list clicked on the top link. All of the orders came in through that top link.

2. Although all of the orders came in through the top link there is NO way to know whether or not people read the entire email and then went back to click and order or if they ordered without reading.

3. Just over 10% of all the people who clicked on the link to order went through with their order. If that’s true then something is VERY wrong with my sales process.

4. I (like you) must get better at closing the sale once someone clicks through on a link to order. There needs to be a re-explanation of the features and benefits of the product and a much better closing effort.

When I saw these numbers I felt sick and dejected. Without this information I would not have made a decision to work MUCH harder at my closing after the click tonorder.

5. Your relationship with your list will change how you orchestrate your sales effort. If people ‘know and love you’ then you can give out less information and have people order in pretty good percentages.

Your action points:

1. Code your email links using WebMarketingMagic AdTrackers to know exactly where your orders are coming from. You can use multiple adtrackers within the same email.

2. Create a RELATIONSHIP with your list, don’t just try and build your NUMBERS. Yes, the larger the numbers the better, but the closer the relationship the better.

3. When people click to order, remember you have to resell them. (I’m saying this to you as well as I am to myself).

4. Test everything. I have a sign that says: Measurement Eliminates Argument. I suggest you only believe your numbers and not your gut. In this business, your gut is frequently wrong.

5. Create products. Good products.

6. Build your list. A good list. Build a relationship with that list.

7. Make direct and sincere offers to that list mixed in with great content.

I hope this helps!



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