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Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been traveling a lot. Most of it for fun, luckily.

I spent a lot of the last month thinking about my business. I came up with a few things that I’m starting to implement in the next few months.

You may want to do the same with your business. I always find that the end of the year is a great time to do this kind of assessment of your business and where it’s going.

Here’s MY list:

1. Take all of my products that don’t have any copy written and write copy for them and put them up on a site.

2. Start moving some products over to make them digitally downloadable.

3. Take a few products and start marketing their licenses aggressively.

4. Change my order sheet when I speak at events to make it simpler for my audience members to buy from me.

5. Find a way to drive more traffic to my sites.

As I thought a lot about these five questions I started with two basic questions I think you should be asking yourself:

What do you want your personal life to look like?
What do you want your business life to look like?

For me, the answers to these questions have changed radically over the past 20 years. I always ask myself these same questions at the end of each year and try to make my adjustments accordingly.

I usually start with my personal life questions first. This allows my second question to help SUPPORT what I want to see happen in my personal life.

As I ask myself the questions this year, here are some of the answers I’m getting . . .


1. Get a place in New York City again. I’ve owned a place just OUTSIDE the city for close to 3 years now. As someone who lived 20 years IN the city it has become very difficult for me to live OUTSIDE the city.

Even though it is JUST outside. It is VERY different. In the next year I’ll be making this happen. I’ll sell my place in NJ and move into NYC.

Will this cost me more money? Yes. Will it make me a lot happier? Yes indeed.

I think YOU need to ask yourself the very basic question: Where do I really want to live?

For me the answer isn’t just one place. I hate the cold and therefore don’t want to live in NYC full time. I would also NOT enjoy paying NY state and NYC taxes again.

2. Move into a smaller place here in Las Vegas. When I bought this house I had all kinds of ideas for what I was going to do with each of the various rooms.

This house is MUCH too big for me. All I do is make a bigger mess than I normally do. I also spend the majority of my time in 3 rooms. The living room, the library and the movie room.

At some point in the not too distant future I’ll be getting a 2 or 3 bedroom condo and I’ll still be able to have all of the goodies I like in a smaller place.

This will make my life easier.

Ask YOURSELF this question: Are you living where you’re living to prove something to someone?

I just got back from an event where one of the presenters, a well known ‘guru’ in his field put up a picture of his new $250k car. First off, who cares? Certainly NOT his audience.

Are you living where you’re living and buying what you’re buying for YOU or for someone else?

My decision was based on what I wanted, but after getting it I realized I was OFF target. So, I am correcting my mistake. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Whatever you decide to do, do it because YOU want to. If you LOVE fancy cars, then fine, maybe that is where you want to spend your money. Not true here, I drive a Honda Element (03). Great ‘dog mobile’ by the way!

3. Spend more time relaxing. As it turns out, the more I relax, the better ideas I tend to come up with. Funny how that works but it’s true for me. Probably for you as well.

What do you want your business life to look like?

1. Try and generate more AUTOMATIC money.

I get the biggest kick out of seeing how much money can be made by doing something just once and getting paid for it FOREVER.

As I’ve told you before that means that WebMarketingMagic is one of my favorite business ventures. I always encourage people to at least sign up as an affiliate for this program to start yourself on the road to making more automatic $$$.

In addition to this program I’ve got a number of other ventures I’m looking at which will do the same. I don’t mind spending some money to get them going as long as they will pay for themselves within 18-24 months.

Look to find something that YOU will get people giving you money every month.

2. Concentrate on doing my OWN events

I’ve gotten pretty frustrated speaking at other peoples’ events. I find that things aren’t run the way I would like them run. As a result I am concentrating on doing my OWN events.

I will still speak at events other than my own, but I’m going to be a lot more selective.

I will also plan my events further in advance and promote them far more vigorously in the future. You’ll be getting the schedule for the entire year 2007 in the next 4-5 weeks.

3. Work only with a select group of JV Partners and Clients

There are a number of people that I really enjoy working with. People like Bob Bly, Terry Dean and John Kremer are both good friends and highly trusted business ‘partners’.

It took me a while to find people that are 100% consistent with my belief systems but these guys all fit the bill. All of them deliver amazingly strong content, with virtually NO hype and are the best at what they do.

It makes is really easy to work with folks like them. I’m hoping to add to this group over the next year if at all possible.

Learn from my mistakes and don’t work with people unless you are 100% they fit your value model.

BUT, don’t beat yourself up too bad if you make a bad decision. I’ve thought that people held the same values I did only to be disappointed with their actions. Make sure that you aren’t bound to anyone legally unless you are 100% sure of what you’ve got.

Even then, be prepared to move on.

4. Find a way to do less of my own customer service

I really hate doing follow up work and customer service. It’s not that I don’t enjoy interfacing with customers, its that I don’t enjoy all the minutiae.

I will be jobbing out more of this over the next year. Ask yourself if you should do the same.

5. Create more products with people like Bob Bly

I love creating products. I want to do more of them. I also want to do them with people like Bob Bly. Why?

He is not only an acknowledged expert in his field(s), he is also a guy I can trust to play poker with over the phone.

There are certain people you NEVER have to check on or worry about and he’s one of them.

I want to find more people like Bob to work with. When he and I create a product together we both jointly own the rights and get to market those products in whatever fashion we would like.

As an information marketer be on the lookout for people that you can work with on a PEER level to produce products where you can split the rights.

My list is now so ‘sold’ on Bob Bly that everytime I let people know about a new product I sell out the prepublication rights every time.

6. Get copy written for sites as soon as product is done

Whenever I finish a product I immediately offer my list a PREPUB offer. This is where I tell people about the product, give them the outline we used to record it, but I have not yet put up a site to properly promote it.

Bad idea in the long run.

So, I’m changing my ways. After Sabrina Brick gets me caught up with all the copy for my existing sites I’ll be putting her to work on any new products I produce.

Her rates continue to go up because of the results she generates but she is still a STEAL. She has limited availability (mostly because of me) but you should check out her site and see what she might have available:

Consider Licensing Rights with Products You Create

As an example, take a look at:

This site is still being tweaked so you may find that the links aren’t working yet. Not a problem for you.

Use it as a template as to how you may want to sell both the product AND the license to that product as well.

I’m taking one of my 4 1/2 hour programs and selling it for $97 and then offering the license to sell it for just $50 more.

Sounds kooky, but not if you have a lot of bounceback offers imbedded in the product. Getting other people to sell something that benefits me just makes sense.

On this site I’ll be offering the license and the product for $147.

I won’t be doing this with all my products, but I will be doing it with MORE of my products.

Make Money . . . Then Make Your Money Make Money

About 7 years ago I met a guy named Ken Roberts. Ken is one of the biggest ‘players’ in the information marketing business. He sells courses on commodity trading.

(By the way, you don’t see Ken doing seminars on his process. He is just doing what he does best and making a boatload of money doing it.)

The way that I got hooked up with Ken is that I was a customer. To date, I still use his systems and techniques.

As you start to make money from your info products business you will also need to start making that money work for you.

As a NUMBERS oriented guy, I gravitated towards Ken’s system. It revolves around a concept called technical analysis.

You may or may not have an investment account. I use Fidelity for my stuff. I suggest that you start one and then read the following two books:

The Little Book of Value Investing by Browne and Lowenstein

Technical Analysis for Dummies by Barbara Rockefeller

I also want you to visit a website. I met Harry many years ago when both of us were doing a program for a speakers bureau. He is a long terms forecaster. You’ll want to use his ideas in combination with the other two books.

Go through his website in it’s entirety and look at ALL the various charts. You’ll find it fascinating.

Both of these books will help you IMMENSELY to understand the world of investing. They have been invaluable to me.

The concepts that each of the books presents I use in combination. If you take the time to read them I think you’ll understand what I mean.

It’s great to make a bundle of money from your info products business, but unless you can ‘parlay’ that cash into more money, it will take longer to get you to your long term goals.

Take my advice and read the books.

Digital Content

I’m moving towards making most of my products available in a pure digital form. I suggest you consider doing the same. For a while I was against it because I always wanted to have a physical component to my products.

My thinking was if I at least had ONE component of my product that was physical, I could be SURE to capture people’s names and physical addresses.

I am now trusting that the address customers use for credit card purposes is sufficient.

This will still give me the opportunity to market to them offline when I do go that route. I’ve seen response rates go UP from offline methods of marketing since email marketing had gotten so prevalent.

Four reasons for shifting over to the digital side:

1. I’m getting a lot more international customers. They hate having to wait to get physical products delivered. I anticipate this trend will continue and want to be ahead of the curve.

2. When people want something, they want it NOW! Give people to ability to get it now. It can’t hurt.

3. Minimize the number of customer service headaches. In the event that someone asks for a refund all you need to do is credit their card. No waiting for them to physically return a product.

4. Lowering your cost of goods and increasing your margins. Even though you may have to sell your products at a lower price point, you’re making a bigger margin because your product now has essentially NO cost.

Seminar Order Sheets

Information marketers make as much as 50% or more of their incomes from selling products and services at seminars and other events.

Given the amount of products I sell online and through other means, that number is substantially less for me.

That being said, I am obsessed with making as much money as I possibly can (in an ethical manner) when I give a presentation.

In addition to the ‘pitch’ you make from the platform itself, the order sheet is a major contributor to your being successful when you sell products from the platform.

Even if you never even do a seminar to sell your products, looking at this order sheet should be helpful to you.

Take a look at:

(For anyone who actually wants to order from this
sheet you can do so until Friday.)

I’ve set it up for people to have 3 options. The first one is the DIY option. For do it yourself types I make the price affordable. I price it at $397. Period.

I used to offer it at either $397 or $497 depending on how much people had paid to be in the room. I even tested $297 to see if that would increase sales. NO difference between the $297 and $397 price points, so back to the higher one.

For people that are looking to dip their toes in the water with me and my products, this is a sensible price point. Just about anyone can afford it and I am virtually giving it away at that price.

I also throw in attendance to one of my events over the next year. It’s a great bonus and when people come to events they often spend MORE money.

They will probably do the same with you.

The second option has all the elements of the first option but I add on attendance at all of my events that I do for a year AND a series of group coaching calls on information marketing. I also give people email support for a full 3 monhts.

The price point of $777 seems to work well given what I’m giving them.

The third option is the new one for me. I figured out that people wanted a way for me to DO IT FOR THEM.

This option is designed to give people everything they need to get their info products business off the ground fast. Take a look at all of the things I’m doing.

What’s YOUR action point?

Give people options. Let them do it themselves or do it with some of your help. But ALWAYS make sure that you provide them with a way to have all the things you want them to do done by YOU or people that you can direct them to.

People want the simple, turn key operations. Why do you think people buy franchises? For this exact reason.

Driving Traffic to Your Sites

I’m not the expert in this area, but I’m desperately trying to learn!

In order to drive more traffic to my site I’m concentrating on building a lot more content AND trying to work on linking strategies to get people to link to my sites.

I’m actually working on separate content sites for both information marketing and seminar marketing that will FEED all of my other sites.

Try to add some good, useable, content at least once a week to any site that you have.


All the Best,


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