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Information Marketing Lessons from a TV Show and How to Sell High Price Information Products

Information Marketing

TV in General and Six Feet Under in Particular

There is great stuff on television. There’s also a lot of CRAP! If you look around you can find some really high quality programming.

As you may know, I spend a lot of time watching movies and GREAT television series. I hate watching series at the time they come out because you usually have to wait a week in between episodes. I can’t stand that.

So, I normally wait for the DVD set to come out and watch the series ‘marathon style.’ I’ve been known to watch 8 consecutive episodes of ’24’ with hardly a break to to go to the bathroom!

How does this relate to you as information marketer?

If you know of either Six Feet Under OR the show ’24’, you are well aware that they have/had rabid fans. People who are salivating to see the next episode.

As an information marketer you too (hopefully) have some rabid fans. The line I LOVE to hear is when people email to tell me that MINE is the only ezine they are excited to get every time.

This translates into readership and readership builds strong relationships. Strong relationships build trust and trust begets sales and money. A seemingly simple formula but lots of well known informations marketers just don’t get it.

So the natural question is: How do you build a RABID fan base?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Never BS People – Don’t tell people something that you know isn’t true. It may help you short term, but it will KILL you long term.

2. Remember the 4:1 rule. Give people content at 4 times a greater/faster rate than you give them sales pitches. Do this and people will actually buy when you pitch.

3. Make your content simple and immediately useable. Anything else won’t help them NOW.

4. Apologize when you screw up. No one is perfect. No one expects you to be. BUT, when you do screw up, apologize. People don’t want perfection but they do want honesty and contrition.

5. Watch out who you ‘hang out with’ both on and offline. There are people who I do not even want to be in the same room with. Some of these people used to be friends and some even ‘partners.’ Remember, you will be tainted by associating yourself with SLEAZEBALLS!

6. Build a massive amount of intellectual content using multiple modalities. I’ve got over 3,000 hours of audio content that I’m digitizing and am or will be selling. Be prolific, produce a lot of (good) stuff.

7. Be a REAL Person. People are sick of phonies. They are all over today. Be who you really are and don’t worry if some people don’t like you. For those who don’t, there are plenty who will LOVE you for being yourself.

RECHARGE Your Batteries

I love info marketing. But I also LOVE a lot of other things as well. I’m a HUGE movie and theater buff. I also read a LOT. This week I’ve polished off 4 books. No, not comic books, either!

I also love to learn and travel.

I don’t do stuff to show off. I do stuff I love to do. How did I get to this point? I really understood that to be able to live my life exactly how I wanted to required that I keep my overhead low.

Let’s face it. I’m cheap. BUT, being cheap in some areas has allowed me the freedom to live my life, my way.

What do baseball pitchers and opera singers have in common?

Neither of them PERFORM every day. A pitcher usually gets a minimum of 3 days rest (unless you’re a Yankee pitcher and this season all appear to be in a coma), most get more.

An opera singer would sing once a week – MAX!


Because to perform at an optimal level you need to be able to relax and recharge!

As information marketers, we need the same. When I’m working I bust my butt. When I’m not, I’m doing one of the things I listed above!

Some people would look at how I live my life and think that I wasn’t very highly motivated. They would be wrong. The fact that I take a minimum of 8 weeks vacation a year is essential to my being able to do what I do – WELL!

Just because I’m not working doesn’t mean I’m not thinking and coming up with ideas. I get ideas all the time and very often when I’m on ‘vacation.’ This is when my mind seems to be the most open to ingenious ‘stuff.

That’s why I’ll be doing which has not yet been formally set up. Before it is, here is my latest one that I’ve booked. Anyone who wants to come along is 100% welcome.

I’ll be on a cruise leaving from the NYC area on June 8th. The cruise line is Royal Caribbean and the ship is the Explorer of the Seas. There are still some ‘cheap seats’ so go get em! That’s how I’m going!

If you do, make sure and let me know you’ll be on the cruise so we can get together!

Selling High Priced Info Products

There is a very well known internet marketer who is a ‘pushing’ a concept right now that I DISAGREE with for the most part. The basic idea is that you should spend your time selling a few expensive products rather than messing around with selling a lot of low priced products.

At his level, this works fine. At the level that MOST people are at, no way. The ‘average’ info marketer is looking for a way to make a few extra dollars to start out.

When you are already making $10,000 a month or more, this concept makes sense. If you aren’t at that point yet, I think it is ABSURD to pursue this path.

As I’ve said in this ezine many times before I’m a strong believer in the 100 checks a month theory. Find a way to get 90-100 checks coming in from a variety of different sources and you’ll be making some REAL MONEY.

It’s the difference between buying mutual funds and individual stocks. ONLY after you have a sizeable portfolio should you get involved with buying and selling a single stock. If you’re not at that point it’s too risky.

If you are making LESS than $10,000 a month online, look at finding ways to generate money selling lower priced packages. After you are making more than that, I would recommend trying to sell higher price packages.

To get to $1 Million, you have to make $100 first.

Also, once you find a way to make $100 a month you can replicated the process over and over again. 100X100 is 10,000. Find a way to make $100 a month and all you have to do is lather/rinse/repeat!

See you soon!


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