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Radio Show Separate url

I just got an email from a guy to be on his radio show. It’s a pretty well known show and it is heard on the weekends in four midwestern states.

Let me just remind you that this is not necessarily the best time to be on the radio. It would be best to be on during drive time during the weekdays when radio has its greatest number of listeners.

BUT, never turn down the opportunity to get yourself press and publicity!

By the way, I offered to GIFT him the url that I set up for future guests who want to make free offers as long as the option to opt into my list remained on that site. We’ll see what he says, but it’s a good deal for both of us.

In order to accurately TRACK the number of people who respond from the show, I have set up a unique url. When I got the email from the show host I went to ultracheapdomains and set up a domain name that used his name and then the words: ‘show gift.’

So, if you assume the hosts name is Bill, YOU could set up the url: Let’s understand why this makes sense. You MUST track the results of your marketing/PR efforts. That’s obvious.

To do this you need to set up a separate and unique url that is easy to spell and remember and relates to that specific show. If people are listening in their cars you want to be sure that if they want the GIFT that you are going to offer, that they can remember where to go get it.

Most people don’t have a pen next to them as they drive to work. Thus the name should be a simple, maximum 3 word (if you can find one) url that incorporates the name of the host.

They may forget YOUR name, but they won’t forget the name of their favorite radio talk show host.

You’ll want to clear this with the host beforehand, but it would be a wise idea to have a specific squeeze page that you can direct his/her listeners to so that they can take advantage of the SPECIAL gift you have set aside just for them.

If you want an example of what this page should look like, take a look at: Feel free to copy what I’ve done here when you have an opportunity to be in front of the media yourself.

It’s more important when you’re paying for ad space that you track your results, but it is also important that you see the results of your PR efforts to make better future decisions.

Let’s just say that you do a radio show and give out a specific url. You track it and find that only 14 people go to get the free gift that you ask their readers to go pick up.

Should you do the show again? Well, that depends on the value of your time and how far along you are in your efforts. If you’re strictly using it for practice, then fine, go ahead. If not, don’t do the show again.

What I’ve presented would NOT be true if the value of your leads was $5,000 per lead. In which case, do that show as often as you can!

Now the question becomes: What gift do you give to the people who go to the url you mention on the show? First off, it MUST be digital. If not, you’d have to pay for it and that wouldn’t be very good!

Your gifts may include:

*Transcripts of a seminar
*Downloadable mp3 files of interest to them
*ebooks that might be appropriate
*Anything else you can think or come up with

The value of the gifts should be significant enough that when people get to the squeeze page a large percentage of those folks then give you their email address in exchange for what you offer.

You’ll want to track the total number of people that you send to the site as well as the percentage of people who download the free gifts. With an adtracker from WebMarketingMagic you’d also be able to track the number of people who bought through this means of marketing.

Additional GENERIC urls that can be used over and over

I also reserved (and should have done this MUCH sooner) a number of general urls that can be used for media tracking again and again.

I was watching a late night infomercial a while back and saw that the company was directing people to the person’s name with a number in front of it. Like:

I ASSUME they were tracking by media outlet, but I may be wrong. If they weren’t, they should have been. When someone goes on the air and does an informercial they should be smart enough to set up separate urls for each media outlet used.

Everyone would do this with 800 numbers and I only hope they are doing it with urls as well.

As an example, if you were broadcasting your infomercial on three networks, you would use:

Each network would be assigned a different url. The nice thing about using urls like the ones above is that you can use them again and again. There won’t be a whole lot of people who simply type in that url expecting to find something.

So if in January you’re doing media testing with 3 different outlets, you can use this system. If you test again in April, you can use the same 3 urls without getting any ‘bleed’. The number of people who will come to a site a few months or even weeks after you do you media blitz will be few, if any.

Book Anthologies

I’ve been cleaning off my bookshelves and just found ANOTHER (it was sent to me) anthology book. This is where someone decides to cajole ‘X’ number of people in a given topic area to write a chapter and be included in a book.

BAD IDEA. In general.

Why? First off, the publishing industry laughs at the books AND the authors. This kind of a deal is often jumped at by people who want to say they have a book on the market. Sure, you’re in a book, but by those ‘in the know’ it is certainly not looked at as a REAL book.

There are only two groups of people for whom this deal makes sense. First, the promoter who gets people to pony up anywhere from $750 to $2500 to have their article appear with others in the field.

The way they get people to pay them that money is by asking their prospects (read – SUCKERS) if they would like to be in a book with Mr. Bigshot. The newbies are quick to jump at a chance to have a ‘book’ out there they can sell and claim Mr. (or Ms.) Bigshot as their co-author.

What a load of Hors***p! Don’t ever let me catch you doing this type of a deal. Unless of course YOU are Mr. Bigshot. In which case, this is a helluva deal.

You get to have 15 or 20 people promoting an anthology that you are in for free. If you’re smart, you’ve included a trackable bounceback offer that will generate you plenty of viable leads on into the future.

The deal that you’re usually given is that you get ‘X’ number of copies for your up-front fee and then get to buy additional copies for 50% off the cover price.

Again, this deal ONLY works for two people:

1. The Promoter/Printer
2. Mr./Ms. Bigshot who doesn’t pay to be in the ‘book’

If you are already in one of these books, I’m sorry. All the excuses you can make to justify this decision will be only that – JUSTIFICATIONS. Don’t do it again!

Talk with you soon!

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