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Information Marketing Tips on Emails, Offers and Amazon

Information Marketing

All CAPS in the Subject Line has a feature that is very helpful. As a member, before you send out an email broadcast to a list (or one of your lists), you can run through something called: “spam assassin.”

It will return a number from 1-5. The closer the number gets to 5, the greater the likelihood that your email will be flagged by the spam filters.

One of the things I just noticed is how putting your subject line in ALL CAPS will bump up your chances of getting flagged.

Make Money from Your Biz and then Make money

After you make money as an info product marketer you also need to know how to make your money make MORE money.

I was lucky to work with some phenomenal mentors in this area.

I’ll be putting together a special report in a couple of months detailing how I do what I do so you can copy it if you like my system.

Look for that right around the first of the year.

Watch for January 23rd – Mark it on your calendar

I will be doing the first one week info bootcamp in January. We still have ONE spot left. It must be a guy because of the room configurations.

Mark that date on your calendar because each of the people who attend this event will be producing a product. Each of their websites will be ready to go on that date.

You’ll be getting the first chance to get the product that is produced for them. I have NO idea yet what it will be. I just wanted you to mark the date and be ready.

Naturally, you will be getting a special offer at a special price.

Limited Time Offers

I just did a prepublication offer for a product I just finished. I was supposed to only allow people to buy the product until Friday. I screwed up and did not “disable” the link until Monday.

Between Friday and Monday a number of orders came in.

My temptation is to contact the people who ordered and let them know that I cannot accept their orders because it came in after the time I specified in the email I sent out to promote the product.

Since it was my “fault” I have decided to not be a tough guy and refund their money. When you make time sensitive offers it’s a good idea to do as you say you’re going to.

However, if you make a mistake, correct it as soon as possible and try not to let it happen again. If it happens frequently people will start to disbelieve you.

Try not to let this happen. It will only hurt you in the long run.


Amazon Arrogance

I’ve been involved selling my products on Amazon almost since the very beginning.

Recently they started “demanding” that you confirm the receipt of an order within 24 hours. Ridiculous. I travel a lot and I’m sure that you might not be able to get back to them lickety split either.

If you are an Amazon customer, contact them and DEMAND that they retract this absurd and ridiculous policy.

Since they are the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to selling books online, we have to deal with them. But, as info product sellers, I recommend that you voice your opinion on this matter so they understand how “we” feel.

I sent an email to their support group and they simply ignored my request for them to REVIEW this policy. Maybe if we all of us info product marketers do this, they MAY get the message that this policy makes NO sense.

See you soon,


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