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In this issue:
Domain Name Strategies
Treating Service People Well
The Drew Carey Factor
Offers with Deadlines
Topics for Seminars
Reading Diverse Material

Domain Name Strategies

Before I even start discussing this topic I should tell you that I do make money from people using my site: to register domain names.

That does not mean I don’t want YOU to give me money.
Please feel free to do so, but I want you to know it’s a
revenue source for me!

That being said, I’ll describe how I do things. I suggest you may want to do the same.

I’ll be thinking about something and all of a sudden I’ll say, “I MIGHT do something with this topic.” As soon as the possibility exists that I may put a product together, I go out and reserve one or more domain names associated with it.

When my back was bothering with me I asked myself what URL name would make sense to promote a product on how to relieve back pain without using drugs. I came up with:

I like domain names like the one above because it is simple to remember and easy to spell. It IS four words, but they are all simple words and all easy to spell. There isn’t a homonym in the group.

When reserving names you want to try and stick with words that only have one way of being spelled. If not, you better reserve all of the various combinations and options!

You should also not ASSUME that people can spell. That being said, you can go overboard. If you reserve ALL the various mis-spellings you may end up spending a ton of cash.

Yes, the word PAIN has an homonym: PANE. But in this case I will assume that 99+% of the people will know how to spell the word in context.

Will there be some do-do brains who misspell the word “PAIN”? Yes. Will they have a high probability of buying from you? Probably not.

Next time you have an idea, string together some words and reserve the .com version of that name. The worst you’ll do is waste a few dollars if you never use it. If you do use it you’ll have a great URL to use to promote it.

Also, if you do promote a multi-word URL make sure that you capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easy to read.

Treating Service People Well

In Vegas I go to the bank 2-3 times a week. I also go to the post office and a couple of other places on a very regular basis.

At each of these places I know a number of the people who work behind the counter at each of these places.

I have befriended most, if not all of the people in each of these places. There are SOME people who work at these places that I don’t get along with. I just avoid them.

If a certain clerk calls “Next!” at the post office, I let the person behind me go ahead of me so I can get to the person I know and like.

The bank that I go to is inside a grocery store which also has a Starbucks right next to it. Whenever I go in to do my banking I always buy the two tellers (bankers is what they like to call them now) tall passion fruit iced-teas.

I always get STAR treatment. I wouldn’t do this unless I liked these people, but since I do like them I get treated as well or better than anyone who walks into the bank. Or grocery store I should say.

Need to cash a large check? No problem. Need for them to release a hold on funds? They will BEND the rules. (That’s why I’ve left the name of the bank OUT of this email).

People who help me take care of business I want on my TEAM! I want to get the best treatment that I can.

Bigshots in many fields often mis-treat service personnel.

My Dad’s line still applies: “The definition of CLASS is how you treat the HELP.”

I treat and will continue to treat people who take care of me well. I hope I continue to receive AMAZING service from these folks. It works for me!

The Drew Carey Factor

I used to call it the “Oprah Factor.” I don’t feel the same anymore!

I used to use Oprah as an example of how any speaker, seminar leader or information marketer should try and act when in front of an audience.

Oprah used to come off as REAL. I don’t feel the same way anymore.

The consummate example of a person who is nothing BUT REAL is Drew Carey. He has made a living out of being himself. Sure, he’s a decent comic and a decent TV host.

What really makes him work for me (and I suspect for millions of Americans) is his NON ACTING style. He comes off as the type of person who would be EXACTLY the same if you met him at an airport.

(Hopefully not in Minneapolis and DEFINITELY not in the men’s room!).

When you are in front of any audience or in front of just one person, the best “act” is NO act. Be yourself. 100% yourself.

The problem with most speakers, who I spend a lot of time around, is that they are trained to adopt a persona of some sort. They are taught (incorrectly) to move and gesture a certain way. POPPYCOCK!

Look at Drew Carey!

He reminds me of a book I have on my shelves by Eric Morris. The title is: “No Acting Please.” Why? Because it WORKS!

Offers with Deadlines

When you make offers to people on your list, make sure that they have a time deadline. In addition to a time deadline it’s also a good idea to limit the NUMBER of units you sell.

When ever I do a pre-publication offer I usually give people between 4-5 days to act on it to get a reduced price. I suggest you do the same.

Luckily, will do this for you automatically. Sign up if you don’t have it! Yes, I make money from that one too!

If you tell people they only have 5 days, then don’t sell the product at that price AFTER five days. Do otherwise and they will know you are blowing smoke.

A couple of times I’ve had glitches in my system that allowed people to order after the stated time. I’ve now corrected that problem.

Do things this way and people will actually believe you when you make a time sensitive offer. Will you lose a few sales? Sure, but you’ll get people to order MORE next time when you make a similar offer.

Topics for Seminars

If you’re looking for ideas for seminars to do take a look at catalogues like the catalog I just got from the AMA. You may also want to take a look at what the Learning Annex is offering.

I’m not saying that you decide on your topic by looking at what they offer, but I am saying it’s a good idea to check on what they are offering because they have spent money to test.

If a certain class is offered repeatedly, it works! Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities!

Reading Diverse Material

Sitting at my house right now I have the following books and magazines sitting around. They have either been read, or will SOON be read.

Here is the list:

1812: The War that Forged a Nation American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson Profiles in Audacity: Great Decisions and How They Were Made

(Notice all the titles have a SUBTITLE that further defines what the book is about? Good idea for YOU too!)

The Nation
The American Spectator
The National Enquirer (Yes, I read it regularly!)

Read, watch and listen to a diverse set of materials. Not only will it make you a better cocktail party guest, it will make you a better INFO-MARKETER!

Why? Because you’ll spot opportunities and see things that other people don’t.

Challenge yourself to read and watch things that you may not like or believe. See what the “other side” has to say about a topic or issue.

You’ll find opportunities to produce products about things you have never even thought about.

See you soon!


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