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In This Issue:

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*Important Announcements
*Traditional Books
*Membership Sites
*Web Related

New Format for THIS E-zine

I’ve made a decision. Starting with this issue I’m going to be dividing this e-zine into sections. Since I concentrate on giving you great content related to information marketing I have decided to divide each issue into the major categories that every info marketer should be producing (or considering producing)

For those of you who love to hear my rants (also called philosophy), don’t worry, they will be at the end of each issue. If that’s what you like the most you can skip down to the bottom.

But frankly, I think that is like eating dessert first. Instead, I suggest you to through all the meaty and substantive issues related to info marketing and save the best (or the worst you may think) for last.

The way I’m going to do this is that each time I finish writing an issue I’m going to open up another document in my text editor and copy into it a template of the major headings I’ve just outlined. As soon as I feel there is sufficient content, I’ll send it out. This might be 24 hours after the last one or as much as 10 days later.

If you’re like me you receive a number of ezines from different folks. Some of my subscribers have told me that mine is one of the few that you actually read from start to finish. Very flattering, thanks!

I don’t publish on a regular schedule for a few reasons. First, my mind doesn’t work that way. I’ve been self employed now for over 21 years and anything with a schedule attached to it scares me. Another reason is that my background in psychology dictates that variable rather than fixed reinforcement is more effective.

Allow me to use a “Vegas” analogy. The slots are a great example of variable ratio reinforcement. You may put a quarter (or a dollar or $5) into a machine pull the lever and after three pulls hit for something that will pay you money, maybe even a jackpot.

Then you might go 13 or 14 pulls and get absolutely nothing. Then go 5 pulls and hit a cherry in the first position which usually pays a little. Then go 22 pulls before you hit something else.

This is called a variable ratio reinforcement schedule and according to BF Skinner, the father of behaviroal psychology, this schedule of reinforcement is the most powerful and toughest to “extinguish.”

So how does this relate to this publication? Simple if you find reading it reinforcing. And I’ll assume that most people do because I get very few unsubscribes, then you will be more apt to stay a subscriber if I use variable reinforcement in terms of the frequency of this publication.

This issue is also much longer than most will be in the future. I’ll sometimes NOT include any information in a topic area because I haven’t found anything worth talking about in that particular area. Rather than just filling up the space I’ll leave it blank.


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2 question survey? It’s just a quick test of the system Thanks!

Fred Gleeck Survey

I’ll be doing a survey every time I send out an ezine. I’d appreciate your help in giving me your feedback on a variety of different topics and issues.

Check Out: (this is who I use)



Every time I speak at a seminar or event I always get a question about protecting the content of your ebook.

My response is always the same: “Expect people to be dishonest and you’ll never be disappointed.” Sad but true.

People will buy your ebooks and “share” them with their friends. This is inevitable.

So what?

If you are a savvy info-marketer, you know that the real money is made on your higher priced products. As long as you have a collection of bounceback offers imbedded in your ebook the only thing this sharing will do is to expose a larger number of people to your other more expensive products and services.

Would I prefer that everyone pay for the ebooks that you produce? Absolutely. BUT, it ain’t gonna happen.

There have been numerous programs written to prevent the unauthorized use of ebooks and frankly, I think this is misguided.

Savvy marketers understand the “Funnel” system and use it to their advantage.

Don’t have any products other than ebooks? Then you have a problem. Get some. Either your own or license other peoples. As a minimum, get set up as an affiliate for products related to your ebook.

Traditional Books

Most information marketers who deal mostly in digital products neglect physical books. Bad idea. There are a host of reasons why you should produce your content in physical book form.

First, the credibility of having a “real” book. Try getting an interview with the media when you have just an ebook. Again, impossible in most instances.

Second, the intangible benefits that you’ll receive from being the author of a physical book. You will feel noticeably more confident.

Third, you’ll have the ultimate piece of promotional material. I try and carry copies of all of my books with me wherever I am. They serve as the ultimate business cards.

There are a few steps in the creation of a physical

1. Research
2. Write
3. Edit
4. Print
5. Sell
6. Upsell to Backend Products

Remember, you don’t have to be the actual writer of a book to get the benefits. A number of my books I have had ghost written. The ideas were all mine but the actual writing was done by someone else.

If you need to get cover design done, consult with my friend Nick Zellinger. He has a deal for my customers. You can get your cover AND interior done for your book (assuming 200 pages) for just $995. Tell Nick Fred sent you.

He actually set up a site called:

Take a look when you get a chance.


If you aren’t in touch with your list on a regular basis, you’re nuts. This begs the question of whether or not you have a list.

If you don’t, get started building one. It will easily become your single most important asset.

To build your list you need to use a variety of systems. This would include, but not be limited to:

1. Speaking Engagements (collect emails)
2. Viral Marketing (like
3. Pay Per Click Campaigns (request an email before even letting people see the sales letter)
4. Effective Promotion on your Website (you need to do something other than just saying: “sign up for my newsletter” – give them a reason to sign up!

When you do mail to your list, give them good content and let them know a little about you as a person.


Info marketers create audio products primarily in 3 different ways.

  1. Face to Face Interviews
  2. Phone Interviews
  3. Live Seminar Recordings

I do NOT recommend that you sit down in a studio (or anywhere else) and just speak into a mic on your own – BORING!

Instead, have someone interview you as a minimum.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a decent audio program put together.

Remember, content is king.

If you do record a live event, remember to repeat the questions from the audience even if you have them properly miked.


Video is another very lucrative area for information marketers.

Understanding that people learn using different modalities it’s important to produce videos as well as audios, written material and experiential events like seminars.

There are some people who will ONLY buy DVDs of my seminars. If I don’t have them, I can’t sell them a thing.

You can either record a live event or produce a video in a number of other ways.

You can use actors and create a script or you can use a screen capture program like Camtasia which shows people how to do certain things on the computer.

I’m actually about to break down and buy a PC (as a Mac guy this is hard to write) because some of the software I want to use is only available for the PC – not good in my opinion.

I’m about to take a class in mid august on DV filmmaking (video really) from a place in San Francisco. I’ve met the guy and can recommend him.


Tell him I sent you.

Get some good training in Video before you try to do it yourself in this area.


I’ve been doing seminars for over 20 years. I have the best selling book in this category: “Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops.”

Seminars are another area that many information marketers get involved in. Many of the people who do these seminars have frequently never done what they teach at the seminars. Bad idea.

A quick tip from a recent seminar I did. Make it very clear who should and who should NOT attend your events.

You will sometimes find people who only come to seminars to get “stroked.” They want you to tell them how great they are and that they are doing everything right.

Let people know in your promotional material (if that’s the kind of seminar that you’re doing) that you will give people the straight scoop and you won’t be doing that.

Also, as you start your events, tell people that you will be giving them the best information that you know how



When you do teleseminars you have two choices. You can either charge for them or do them for free.

Both options can work.

In MOST cases, I do them for free. The idea being that if you provide people with great resources at no charge they will eventually give you money for other products and services that you offer for sale.

The other option is to charge for you teleseminars. This can be very lucrative but it has to be for some information or access to a person who is very tough to get access to.

There are numerous companies that can provide you with the lines to do teleseminars. I would give you the name of the company I use, but frankly I haven’t been 100% happy, so I’ll not give them a plug.

I’ll report back at some point with the results of a survey that I do with my list.


There are two types of coaching models. The one that I use is the unlimited access model. I now only take on what I call Lifetime Coaching Clients. Anyone who is interested in my coaching them I put through a very rigorous screening process.

I suggest you do NOT make it easy for people to work with you one-on-one.

I offer people coaching in one of three ways. Folks can either buy my products and do it themselves, they can get group coaching or they can APPLY to get my help one-on-one in the Lifetime Coaching Agreement.

More on this in future issues. I’m working on a book on coaching right now.

If you know anyone who is running a million dollar coaching program and can prove it, I’d love to talk to them for the book. Have them email me directly.


I don’t do as much consulting these days as I used to. I enjoy doing it but the other elements of my business are frankly a whole lot easier to make money from.

I still like doing some consulting because in many cases I learn as much as I teach my clients. Good deal.

It’s also challenging and in many cases, a lot of fun.

There are some people out there teaching people about consulting who I frankly don’t know how much real experience they have or how well their systems work. So, be careful.

My book on consulting, Consulting Secrets to Triple Your Income gives people my system that I use.

No surprise, it’s based on the funnel system AND it’s the ONLY system I know where the marketing process I recommend is a profit center and not a cost center.

Make sure that any system YOU use to get consulting work doesn’t cost you money, that just wouldn’t make any sense in my opinion.

Membership Sites

Using the software that I own. I am in the process of
putting up 4 membership sites.

1. A Self Storage Site (one of my market niches)
2. An Information Products Site
3. A Seminar Site
4. A site for Movie Lovers (

If you’re an info marketer, you need to have a membership site. That is if you want to achieve financial independence without a ton of work.

But you’ll need to have content that people are willing to pay for to do a membership site. Does it have to be your own? Not necessarily. Can it be licensed content? Depending on your agreement, possibly yes. Can it consist entirely of Public Domain material? Absolutely.

The key is to find information that people will continue to pay for on a regular basis.

Just yesterday I signed up for a one year membership with Consumer Reports online. I love the magazine and now I love the membership site. It costs less than $30 for a year membership so it’s a no brainer.

Since this is a consumer site they keep the price tag low enough that most people (me included) won’t even think twice before we sign up.

As your content becomes more targeted and appeals to a smaller total number of people your price point can go up.


I own and have licenses for a number of pieces of software. This has been a very good decision on my part and I hope you make sure to get some sofware for yourself to sell.

You have multiple options when it comes to selling software.

1. Create it Yourself – You can hire one or more programmers to create an original piece of software based on your needs and the needs you feel your target audience would be willing to pay for. You can START by going to a place like

2. Licensing – You can, like I have with WebMarketingMagic, license an existing piece of software and set yourself up as a private label or a super affiliate. I offer this same option with MemberScript.

When you private label a piece of software it takes more time and money so expect to pay (or be paid) more for this option.

Your other option is to pay to “buy into” a higher rate of compensation. I call this a SUPER AFFILIATE.

With MemberScript we offer anyone who wants to the ability to get 25% of the monthly fees. If someone is willing to come up with a fairly large sum of cash, they can buy into a 50% commission rate, or be set up as a private label customer.
Web Related

In just about every case, I recommend that people ONLY use .com addresses for their sites. For the most part this is true.

When people think about a website their minds usually default to version of the name.

Here’s what I do. I will occasionally reserve a .org extension when I want to give people the appearance that my site is non-profit.

I’ve heard anecdotally that people who click on .org websites will be more likely to buy because they feel that the sites are more “trusted.” Again, there is no definitive research on this topic, but, that’s what I hear on the street. Take this information with a grain of salt.

I have also reserved .net extensions on some of the sites where I want to put up membership sites in that particular area. It just makes it easier for me to remember.

I know that my friend and colleague Phil Huff has used the .org and other extensions for affiliate relationships with some folks. Phil’s a smart cookie and I suggest you watch what he does carefully.

Liked vs. Respected

I would rather be liked than respected. Although it’s always nice to get both, many times you can’t. I have had some interesting recent experiences that make it clear to me that you definitely can’t please all of the people, all of the time.

I’m reminded of a story I heard when I was doing some consulting work with CBS in New York City.

Some of the old-timers regaled me with stories about stories when William Paley was president. They told me about a time when the employees were on strike. He was pulling in one morning in his private car on a very cold winter’s day and saw a bunch of the strikers hanging out around a large metal drum that they had filled with wood and lit to keep warm.

As he slowly inched by in the car he noticed that many of them looked pretty cold. He rolled down the window and asked a group of them how they were doing. Shocked, they responded very politely and told him they were OK but had run out of coffee.

When he made it up to his office he quickly sent an aide to go send the group a whole lot of coffee. When asked by a colleague why he made this gesture he responded with a famous line that all the guys seemed to know: “Just because we’re having an argument, it doesn’t mean we’re not still a family.”

I tend to have people who either like me or hate me. Very few in between. Why? Because I take positions and call people out on their BS.

My GOAL in my business life is not to make friends (which I like), but to TRY and communicate the truth as I see it.

I like having friends, but having respect, for me, is mandatory.

High School Reunions

I love going to my high school reunions. I had this weird upbringing being brought up in the Philippines and it’s always fun to see friends who shared this unusual experience.

Those of us who are reunion junkies are always surprised and disappointed by how some people don’t show up for the events.

One of my best friends, Jeff Philipps and I always sit around at these events and try to figure out how we can get more people to show up. Particularly those people who we’d really like to see.

Our theory is that many people don’t show up because they feel they may be judged. They aren’t as succesful as they should be. They aren’t as thin as they should be. They aren’t as far along in their careers as they should be. Etc, etc. . .

They may feel this way but all we want to do is see and hang out with old friends. Most of us (I’m sure I can almost say ALL of us) couldn’t care less about whether or not you’re a millionaire. We just want to hang out with old friends and talk about the old days.

I even suggested that we start an anonymous pool of frequent flier miles that we could make available to people who couldn’t make it because of true financial need. Jeff said that most of the people still wouldn’t come because they would feel weird or embarrassed about accepting a “hand out.”

He’s probably right.

Too bad.

I really want to see some of the people who I haven’t seen from high school. It would be GREAT fun. I’ve seen many of my old friends, but there are still some folks that are missing.

I would be much more impressed to hear that an old friend happy than that they were rich.

People Dying – Parents, Colleagues, Friends

In the last few months, I have had both of my parents die. In both cases, it was their time. My Mom had had severe Alzheimers and I was relieved that she moved on. In my Dad’s case, he was over 92 and was ready to go. He actually had a chance to tell my half brother Edward how he felt the day before he died.

Sad, but true. No one’s getting out of this alive and it becomes even more obvious when both of your parents are suddenly gone.

Many people heard about Cory Rudl’s untimely death. If you don’t know who he is, he was one of the world’s best known and well respected internet marketers. I knew Cory (not well) and was saddened to hear about his passing.

I always remember telling Cory to slow down and take time to enjoy his success. I’m saddened by his death and it only makes me that much more aware of my own mortality and the choices I make.

Outsource Everything – what do you do BEST, outsource the rest

Most info marketers are in one of two positions. They either have more time or more money. If you have more time than money, then you need do try and do many things by yourself.

This isn’t all bad because when you get to the point where you outsource any work you’ll have a feel for how long some activity should take. As a result, you’ll be less likely to be taken.

Once you have money coming in, you’ll want to outsource everything that you aren’t really good at.

Instead, spend your time doing what you do best. Try as hard as you possibly can to do ONLY those things.

I have 4 books that I need to get finished before the end of this year. Unless I hire someone to help me, I won’t reach my goal. Do feel like an impostor since I’m not doing all the work? Hardly. The ideas are mine but someone else is doing the writing.

Hardcore writers would be appalled, but hardcore business people completely understand. I look at book writing as a portion of my publishig business. This means that I have to make business decisions about how I do things.


Licensing Other People’s Products

Be VERY careful when you license other peoples products. It can be a very good idea but many people make some big mistakes when they do it.

If you have an existing email list that will be responsive to an offer to buy a product, then licensing should be considered.

For example, if you wanted to license one of my products on Information Marketing and you had an existing list of people who are interested in this topic it would be worth your consideration.

Next step would be to look at the finances of the deal.

My computation is to always ask myself if I can make back my investment in 90 days or less. If I can, I will license virtually any product I find. When I make back the initial investment I now have a product that I can sell “forever” and I only pay for the cost of duplication.

So, if you can license a program for $995 that sells for $100 you should ask yourself if you can sell 10 units fairly quickly. If you can, do the deal. You can always use the product as a bonus after it has paid for itself.

I just got an email from someone considering licensing an entire package of seminars and products.

Be careful. I’ve rarely seen this work out. Even if the individual is a well known entity in their field it usually comes down to YOUR ability to sell people on using the products.

If that’s the case, why not create and promote your own materials? You’ll make more money.

My Revenue Sources

People always want to know where I make my money. At my seminars and events I always hand out a sheet that explains where my money comes from. I’ve gotten asked this question enough that I’ve now put it up as a site at:

It can also be reached by going to:

Take a look if you have an interest. When you go there please note that there are numerous sources. I suggest you diversify YOUR business as well.


Reviews: Books/Movies

I saw War of the Worlds. I thought it was OK. I would give it a marginal recommendation for the special effects, but that’s it.

Last night I saw The Wedding Crashers and loved it. If you like sophomoric comedies, this movie is for you.

Most recently I’ve read “Sham” and “Freakonomics” which I have mentioned here before. If you haven’ read them, go get both of them. “Sham” is mandatory for anyone in the “self-help” field.

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