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GUEST ARTICLE from Dave Hamilton
(The WebMarketingMagician)

Using “FREE” to grow your list

There’s a new twist on giving away a freebie that has been very effective for me- yet not many people seem to know about it.

The traditional method is with an opt-in form, which you see on squeeze pages all over the web. In essence, you’re saying “I’ll give you a FREE (report, ebook, audio, etc), in excange for your email address, and the right to communicate with you.”

While these types of giveaways can be effective, people are becoming more and more resistant to handing over a primary email address for some dinky report.

Here’s my highly effective method: I encourage them to buy a product I sell on in my shopping cart- but I give them a special 100% discount code. Here’s a scenario:

Imagine youíre giving a seminar, and are hoping everyone in the room joins your newsletter list.

You then hold up your book/CD/Report, and tell them This product is currently selling on my website for $47. (They are mildly interested.)

You continue, HOWEVER, for this special group only- I’d like to give it to you as a GIFT. (OK, now you have their attention.)

And If you click on my site its $47 Buy link, and enter the coupon code MAGIC77?, I will deliver it to you, FREE of charge, no strings attached- but this expires midnight tonight. (You now have a room of people scrambling to write this precious code!)

Using coupon/promo codes accomplishes three important things:

* The end user gets a product with real value for FREE- they walk away feeling they got a good deal.
* You receive a new addition to your list. * There is no follow up email for them to click- they are instantly double opted in.

The power of this method is that a purchase itself counts as a double opt in so there is no need to have them search for a link in an email.

However, since the product cost is $0, they never need to enter credit card payment information.

This is especially nice when you’re meeting someone in person, and they express interest in your products and services.

Rather than tell them to go to your website, fill out the form, look for the email and click the confirmation link- I like to pull out my business card, and write Free book, coupon code MAGIC77 on the back.

Trust me, their motivation sky-rockets, as does the conversion rate.

This really only applies if you’re using Web Marketing Magic as your shopping cart/list management. For more information on setting this up, visit

Good luck, and remember, embrace this era of FREE!

-Dave Hamilton, the Web Marketing Magician

Do What You Say You’ll Do!

I recently had someone who sent me a book as a gift. He was a guy who I’d known for a while and I thanked him for the gift via email.

He had been trying to get me to promote him and his services. I looked at his site and listened to what he told me.

I became convinced that some of his information would be valuable to YOU, my readers.

I sent him an email asking him to put together an outline of the product that we would do together. I also suggested that he do some of the work he does for others for ME. That way I could give YOU the REAL results of his efforts.

(I did suggest that he do some of that work for FREE. This is pretty standard practice for me when someone wants me to CONSIDER promoting their services.)

I emailed him back a few more times asking him when he would get me the outline. No response. NOW, I’m confused.

I didn’t want to be rude. He had sent me a gift and then told me about his new service. I was open-minded and told him my conditions.

What now?

If he finally resurfaces, I really can’t say I’d be interested.  Why? What if YOU, one of my loyal readers, had contracted with this individual to do some work? What if he ignored your emails and request for more information?

Would you be confident about doing work with him?

Not me.

Since I assume you think the same way I do, I can no longer recommend him. For anything. He has PROVEN that he doesn’t do what he says he will do.

I’m sure I’ll get an email after he reads this claiming this is somehow MY fault.

It’s sort of like the landscaping guy who just did some work for me here at my Vegas house. The job he did was OK. His workers were actually really nice and very pleasant to deal with.

I had him put some basic plants in the backyard and redo the irrigation system. I also asked him to make sure all of the lights worked, both in front of the house and in the backyard.

There were a number of problems (as there always seem to be) along the way. Three times he made me a promise to be at my place at a certain time on a certain day.

Each time he did not show up and did not call. Not a good idea. As I write this ezine I can either have my backyard lights work OR the lights in the upstairs and downstairs bathroom. NOT BOTH! Great choice, huh?

His response to me this morning: “This is not my problem.” Lovely. Would I use him again? No. Would I recommend him to YOU? Absolutely NOT.

Very few information marketers do what they say they will do. I can count on ONE hand the people who I can be 1000% certain WILL do what they say.

If you find people who UNDERSTAND this, keep them in your network.


Even Oprah is now using Skype to interview people in other cities so she doesn’t have to fly them in and pay to put them up in a fancy hotel.

When Oprah is doing it, it’s hit the mainstream BIG TIME.

If you aren’t on Skype, download it. Very convenient and FREE for most services.

I am always much more apt to contact people who give me a Skype address.

They are going to be adding a service that will allow you to do larger group conferences. I suspect that people like WebEx are going to be in trouble.

Get on it now!

Internet Radio Show

I just got a request to be a guest on someone’s radio show. Nice guy. I don’t think I had met him in person, but he sent me a nice email to get the ball rolling.

I have told this story before, but it makes sense to repeat it here.

(Information marketers LOVE to be guest on TV and radio. Some do it regardless of how many people are listening or watching.)

A year or so back I got invited, and accepted an invitation to be on a guy’s radio show. He told me that he had a HUGE number of listeners and was the “best rated” show in the Midwest.

A few weeks after doing the show he asked me if I wanted to do another interview. I had gotten 4 new list members from doing his HUGE show.

My answer: Thanks, but no thanks.

If YOU are going to do any press or publicity you have to ask yourself WHY you are doing it. If it’s just for practice, disregard what I’m about to say.

The person that called me with the internet radio show is just starting out. He has few, if any listeners. Is it worth it to do the show. Sorry, but the answer for me is no.

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend it diddling around in areas that have very little payback. The guy who had the radio show had very few listeners and so this is not a personal slight to him. This is a business decision. It should be to YOU as well!

Ask yourself HOW MANY PEOPLE will hear/see you when you do anything. If I’m YOU are only going to have a very limited number of people watching, take a pass and work on something that will generate you more business.

Fred Info Bootcamp

Tomorrow is the last day (til noon) of the latest Fred Info Bootcamp. We’ve had a great group and everyone has learned a lot. Information marketing is not just about learning, it’s about doing, and this group is going to DO lots. I’m sure!

Let me give you a run down of some of the people who were here:

Alan Schieman – He’s a recovering financial planner who is going into the information marketing business. As Al told me, he has NO back up plan. This is it.

He’ll do well. Knowledgeable, personable, capable. Skills that are stronger than 99% of the folks out there.

Dwayne Levy – Dwayne takes kids on church mission trips. He works with small to medium sized churches to give the youth a chance to see nature and grow in their faith.

Dwayne is also a talented track coach. His sites are: and He is making some major changes to both sites as a result of his time here, but please check them out! Sharp and honest guy. I highly recommend him.

Marc and Rhonda Grant – They are a husband and wife team who do a number of different things. Marc has been doing business development for entrepreneurs. This week we worked primarily on Rhonda’s project.

She has had 15 years of Human Resource experience with large Fortune 500 companies. She is looking to create a portal site geared to African American women under 40 who are looking to find jobs. OR, if they decide NOT to go the traditional route, providing them with great alternatives.

Both of these folks are destined to succeed given their innate intelligence AND high level of perseverance.

Upcoming Events:

Fred Info Bootcamp
Las Vegas, June 4th – June 11th
Spend a week with me to get to REALLY understand HOW to create, market and sell Info Products. Maximum of 6 people. This has become my MOST popular event. Get a product done, get your copy done, get your website done. Get it ALL done in just ONE WEEK!

1 Day Info Product Event Get an overview of how the Info Products Businesss works. You’ll go to the same event that launched Bob Bly’s online info marketing career!
New York City: April 13, 2009
Las Vegas: April 21, 2009
(Spaces are VERY limited for both of the above.)

(NOTE: I do NOT do this next event very often! This is a small group experience on a topic that EVERY info marketer should know more about. )
Seminar on Seminars – Las Vegas April 18 – 19
Learn everything you’d like to know about putting on your own seminars and events. At my house in Vegas, maximum of 12-15 people. Haven’t done one for a while. Will only do these twice a year max!

Lunch with Fred – NYC – April 27, 2009
(Please note that
Lunch with Fred – Venice, Italy – May 12, 2009
Lunch with Fred – Buenos Aires – June 22, 2009

Publishing Seminar – May 26-27
LOTS of great speakers at a very reasonable price – Manhattan location TBD Just before the Book Expo in NYC; ALL about publishing and SELF PUBLISHING!

See you next time!

©Fred Gleeck 2009

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