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Information Products and the PREFERRED Customer

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100 Monthly Checks

This is my new mantra. I want to have 100 checks coming in from a variety of different sources. Imagine how you would feel to go to your mailbox and have anywhere from 3-5 checks each day waiting for you.

How would that feel?

As I constantly harp on during my seminars and bootcamps you need to hit singles. When you are trying to hit singles you will occasionally hit one out of the park. Let the home runs come on their own. Don’t swing for the fence. Try to knock out hits.

Put up a website each month, week or even day that generates you an extra $50, $100 or $200 a month. Before long you’ll have ‘real’ money coming in. It’s the concept of investing in an individual stock versus a mutual fund. I’m a mutual fund guy myself. I don’t have the time to watch individual stocks.

I’m too busy running my info marketing business!

I’m not quite there yet, but I want to get to the point where each month I’ve got 100 checks coming in. This way I’ll be making plenty of cash and be pretty well diversified.

I suggest you do the same.

Idea comes to you, if you have a large list you can go with it without much forethought. Have a small list or just starting out? You’ll need to do a probe campaign before throwing money at your concept. Too much risk otherwise!

Web Names for Every Aspect of Your Business

If you subscribe to my system of marketing information you know that I encourage you to have a separate domain name for each product and service that you have and provide.

Mine include things like:

www.TheProductGuru; explains my coaching model explains my 1-shot coaching deal 1 day, 4 people coaching max of 8 people and me for lunch where my $$ come from by %

If you are using you can get a virtually unlimited domains hosted for one flat fee

Using to reserve the sites makes domains VERY affordable and so this system is not costly or difficult to use.

Here’s one I just reserved and how my thinking worked.

I was sitting on CraigsList going through some of the ads and most of them are awful. So I came up with an idea. I would write a short ebook on how to write an effective classified ad.

I didn’t want to use their name (CraigsList) in the title of my domain. I made that mistake with Paypal once and within 24 hours the corporate lawyers had contacted me.

I came up with This is generic enough that I can show people about how to write great classified ads on CraigsList, their local newspapers, bulletin boards, whatever!

I kept the name very generic!

I also when ahead and reserved the domain name: Although I’m not a big fan of hyphenated domains, I think it makes sense to get them when you will be running pay-per-click campaigns.

It’s been shown that the right domain name will boost response rates dramatically and for the extra $9 or so, it’s worth a shot!

In a case like this I’m going with the RUN-AND-GUN approach. I’m NOT doing a probe campaign or any testing. I’m going to write the ebook myself (maybe have someone else edit it) and put it out there.

The reason why I think it’s OK for me to do this and ask YOU to be cautious is that with a large list of well over 100k, I can be virtually certain that sales from my own list will compensate me for the time a and trouble it will take me to create this product.

If you don’t have a large list you should TEST the product concept with a PROBE campaign before moving ahead.

Info Products and the PREFERRED Customer

My business is run based on the concept of providing people with valuable ideas and useful information. As opposed to many information marketers out there, MONEY is NOT the primary goal.

In my business model, money is about #5 on the priority list.

My lifestyle priority list looks like this:

1. Fun: Hanging out with Friends/Watching Movies/Reading
2. Relaxation: Taking lot of time off/vacations
3. Working with ‘Good’ People who are easy to work with
4. Living and working where I want based on climate
5. Generating Cash from a variety of different sources

Your business should help you get those priorities. IN THAT ORDER!

Whatever YOUR priority list is, I think everyone should set up some PREFERRED customers. You don’t even need to let people know you’re looking for them.

A client of mine recently explained how she really did not enjoy some of her customers. They made her anxious. Doing work for them felt like WORK. Bad!

I then asked her to give me some examples of the people who she really enjoyed working with. I asked what made them different and what shared characteristics that group possessed.

After she came up with the list, I got a brilliant idea. I seem to get those less and less frequently these days! My idea was that she contact her ‘best’ customers and grant them PREFERRED status.

I fly a LOT on American Airlines and I’m what they refer to as an executive platinum member of their program. With over 3 million miles logged, I ought to be!

In the American Airlines model they let people KNOW what it takes to get to that premiere status. You can, if you so choose, do the same with your customers. Based on WHATEVER criteria YOU deem important.

You can even put up a website and show people what they have to do to get into your ‘club.’

You can also do what I suggested the client I describe above do. You can contact people that you like and grant them the status without their asking or even knowing what the criteria are.

This all came about when this client was telling me that when certain people emailed her for help it always made her smile. I asked her why and then we went through the entire discussion I’m explaining here.

I suggested she contact that individual and let them know they were now a PREFERRED customer. She could then tell them what that would mean. HER criteria. She could give them lower rates, priority sequencing, faster shipping, whatever she wanted to do.

She then asked me whether she should set up a separate website to show people how they too could become preferred clients. I told her it was a good idea but to START with the first step of just granting the status to those you know you already want in the club!

If you have customers you like, find ways to encourage them to do more business with you!

This is a great way to surround yourself with the ‘right’ type of people. Only you can determine what that criteria is for you, but by doing this you can work with people who you ENJOY! What better way of living and working is there?

You may make a few less dollars, but your life will be INFINITELY more enjoyable in the grand scheme of things! Why not try it?


I woke up today and felt INCREDIBLY relaxed. Why? Because over the past few weeks I’ve completely changed my life. I have always been an incredibly messy person by nature. I THINK it may have something to do that I was raised in the Philippines and we had maids.

Before you think I was a RICH kid, let me tell you what I tell everyone. In the Philippines (back then) even the maids had maids! My DRIVER used to get $60 a month. Strange but true. The maids were paid a bit less than that as I can recall.

I got very used to people picking up after me. I loved living in a neat and clean environment but I had gotten too used to someone doing it for me!

I continued that way for a LONG time. I finally got totally disgusted with myself. At the same time I met Scott Straub.

Scott is coming back into town today to help me FINISH this big organization project I started. When he leaves on Friday I’ll be pretty much DONE. At least I hope so!

The relaxed feeling I described came from the fact that I feel very at ease when things are in ORDER. I have all my paper filed (or I will shortly) and all of the other things in my life are now neatly in bins that are marked on the outside with a description of the contents.

The stuff that I don’t need anymore I’ve thrown away. The things I don’t use on a regular basis are in storage about a mile away. The storage unit only costs $36 a month, so WHY NOT?

I realized I had done the right thing when I took on my bedroom first. I first started with the closet and put it into 100% order. I then moved to the bathroom. I organized the entire bathroom, keeping what I wanted to keep in bins and throwing the rest of the junk I don’t use out.

In the bedroom itself I organized the nightstands the same way. One on each side of the bed, both have bins inside them to keep things neat and tidy.

I was NOT capable of doing all this organization myself. That’s why I hired Scott. This isn’t his main business, but he does work with a select number of clients. He started out doing this for himself and literally saved his own life with this methodology.

Scott can be reached at:

boaterscott (at) yahoo (dot) com

All the Best,

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