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Info Products Bootcamp

I just finished doing my latest info Products bootcamp this weekend. I’ve done close to 50 of these and this was by far the best. I say that every time, but it’s true. Each time I seem to get a better and more interesting group of people than the last. Amazing!

Naturally, we recorded the event. It’s on both audio and DVD. Audio is available in mp3 ONLY. if you don’t have an mp3 player or know what that is, the audio is NOT for you!

Read the rest of this email to get a feel before you order. It is worth 10 times what I’m asking you to pay for this stuff. The rest of this email revolves around idea I learned from this event. Keep reading regardless of whether or not you order.

This is my strong suit and this event was one of the best!

Here are the links to order:

(The Fine Print):
*These prices are for the first 100 units sold, either audio or DVD.
*This is a prepublication offer and the standard retail price will be a minimum of 50% more.
*This deal is only good until Friday at 5pm Pacific. After that, no longer valid or available at the prices below.
*Shipping is included for the first 100 orders
*Audios are MP3s, NOT CDs! If you don’t want that, do NOT order them!
*International Orders pay a flat fee of $10 for audio and $20 for DVDs.

Prepub mp3 of info products bootcamp (US orders) ($97 – US/$107 – Intl)



Prepub DVDs of Info Products Bootcamp (US orders) $197 (US); $217 (Intl)




Publishing Event

After a 1 year hiatus because of a BAD MISTAKE on my part, I’m back to doing my yearly event before the Book Expo. It’s in New York City this year. If you haven’t attended a Book Expo, it’s very worth doing. Check out: for particulars.

THIS educational event will be the BEST one out there. I’ve been to these before and can PERSONALLY guarantee it!

The seminar can be found at: However, the site is not quite completed so look below for more details!

Here’s a brief overview:

There will be 4 speakers, each speaking for half a day. I’ve found that when people speak for less than that, youcan’t really learn that much. Most of the events you’ll find will be PITCHFESTS rather than real learning events.

Don’t get me wrong, people will have things for you to purchase, but you’ll get PLENTY of content by just showing up.

You have some choices this year. You can attend events offered by people who are merely interested in SELLING you stuff or you can actually come and LEARN from people who are as interested in your long term success as they are in FATTENING THEIR OWN WALLETS.

You know who these people are! I’m not one of those people and this event is NOT one of those events. So, if you want to attend an event where people will promise you the world and NOT deliver, this is NOT the event for you.

If you instead want to LEARN, REALLY learn about the absolute essentials of how to build a succesfull publishing business, this is the right event for you.

The four speakers will be:

John Kremer – author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book
Terry Dean – Top Internet Marketer and List Builder
Bob Bly – Author of 70+ books and using MY system to generate over $250k a year in 13 months time
Your Truly – I’ll be showing you the latest things to show you how to make double or triple what MOST publishers make

You won’t be hearing from anyone you don’t need. No one who won’t be essential to you LEARNING what you need to know to be successful in this business.

Who better to learn from than the above group of expert? NO ONE!

This event is VERY limited in terms of space. We have a room that will only allow 100 or so people in the doors. You MUST sign up now to get a space.

The website isn’t event complete yet, but I still want you to sign up. It’s ONLY $197. And, it’s 100% guaranteed. If you come, come with an open mind. This is a very NON traditional approach to the publishing industry. An approach that will show you how to make this a BUSINESS, not a HOBBY!

If you’re interested in publishing books and other info products this is THE event to attend. You can attend events given by bigger ‘names’ in the field but I can GUARANTEE you you will NOT learn as much as you will from this event.

How do I know? I’ve been to these people’s events. This one will be better. Want hype? Go there. Want HOPE? Come here!

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!

Copy not yet done, BUT, you can register NOW!


Seminar on Seminars

I’m doing a test. My next Seminar on Seminars is limited to the first 15 people. I’m having it at my house in Vegas. This will be a VERY intimate event and will be ideal for the RIGHT person or persons who want to learn about marketing and promoting their own events.

Check out:

Sign up quickly, this too will sell out quickly!

Testimonials – Video
At the info products bootcamp I was lucky to get quite a number of people to volunteer to give testimonials. I have to be honest, they were almost TOO good. I could NOT have scripted them better.

Here’s a list of how YOU can get video testimonials to use on your site that will BLOW people away and get them to take the action you want.

1. Deliver a GREAT event PACKED with USEABLE CONTENT

There is no substitute for a meaty event that shows people exactly how to do things. Give them a roadmap for success and they will be dying to share their thoughts with the world on video.

2. Be accessible

So many ‘gurus’ practice the INaccessible philosophy. Many do this because they don’t like their customers and think of them only as MEAL TICKETS to support their inane hobbies. (I can think of 3 well known gurus who fit this bill, do you know who I’m talking about? – I’ll be you do)!

I do exactly the opposite. Perhaps it’s because I really like people and want them to succeed. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be in this business. It’s fine to make money, but PLEASE help some people along the way. Do this and people will give you GLOWING testimonials.

3. Start the process of videotaping early on

Have a separate tape that you use exclusively for testimonials and have it cued up from the end of the first day onwards if you have a multi day event. If your event is shorter, have it ready at EVERY break. You never no when someone will be ‘moved’ to give you feedback.

4. Ask the right questions

You can always edit testimonials after the fact. However, the less obvious editing you do, the more believeable they will be. This makes it imperative for you to ask the RIGHT questions.

Here are some: What ONE thing did you learn that will change how you do XY or Z in your buisness? How much will this information be worth to you in dollar terms a year from now? What would you tell others who are considering attending this event?

5. Create a SAFE place for your audience members

This may sound a bit ‘woo-woo’ but it’s true. Make people feel comfortable to ask the ‘stupid’ questions. if they feel safe asking questions they will feel MORE comfortable telling you how much they enjoyed your event. Trust me, I’ve done TONS of these, it’s true!

Law of Attraction

I have not yet seen the movie: The Secret. One of my participants at my event, Dave Sherman kept talking about it the entire 3 days. I’ll have to see it as soon as I get a chance.

The concept is one that everyone knows. To sum it up succinctly: ‘We get what we wish for and seriously think about’.

Right before the seminar I went to the doctor for my regular check up. Before leaving I asked for some pain medication for my back. My back wasn’t hurting, but I wanted some stuff just in case it did.

Bad idea. Right before the start of the seminar my back started hurting. Coicidence? I don’t think so. I actually attracted back paid to me. Dumb, I know

Love Online Book available If you know any single people who are looking, make sure and tell them to go to: This is the ‘system’ I used to find my ‘true love’ and you can too!

JV with Fred Concept

At the Info Products Bootcamp we just finished, I showed people a new site I put up. It’s Feel free to copy the concept! it’s always good to give the originator of the concept credit, but other than that, PLEASE use it.

I get at least 8-10 emails a week with people offering me JV deals. I’m amazed at what other ‘gurus’ must do with these. I suspect that for many, as long as the deal makes financial sense, they jump at it.

Not here.

I’m REALLY careful who I do deals with. After all, it’s my reputation. I’ve seen people I thought were friends fall into the ‘Hype-Mongerers’ camp in the recent past. Sad but true.

When you do JVs you need to know a lot of information before you make a YES decision.

Take a look at this site and see the questions that I ask. You’ll probably want to make some minor changes to your own, but it’s a good place to start.

My goal has always been to find a way to get 100 checks a month coming in from different people. This JV site is one of the ways I’m trying to accelerate this process.

WebMarketingMagician, Scott Straub and Dave Harber

This recent info products event saw a few NEW people as speakers. I had three. Even more than the two I promised on the website.

Scott Straub talked about my process of selecting and getting started in an info product niche. In addition to being an organizational ‘genius’, Scott is also extremely good at setting up systems to do virtually everything. He’s now done this with the Info Product process.

He’s got a new product that will walk you through ALL the steps you need to create and market a line of information products. I like his approach because it doesn’t leave ONE THING OUT. Everything is covered in meticulous detail. Nothing is left to chance!

If you want to ask Scott about his prepublication offer, email him at: boaterscott (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dave Hamilton, the WebMarketingMagician also debuted at this last event. Dave has become the ‘go to guy’ for anyone who needs help in using and implementing

He is a very gifted technical guy who will help you fully utilize and understand everything that WebMarketingMagic has to offer.

Take a look at www.WebMarketingMagician. If you don’t like the hat, don’t blame Dave! It was my idea!

Dave Harber is the owner of a site called He’s also a seasoned internet marketer.

Dave gave a great presentation about how to use Ebay to generate leads. Very good stuff and he did it in about 18 minutes. It was his first time speaking at an event and he did a tremendous job. Everyone loved it.

If you get the audios or DVDs you’ll see/hear Dave. If you don’t, you can contact him via his website and ask him for more info on the topic!

Forget about making a Million . . . Make enough to Pay Your Gas Bill!

I’ve gotten so sick of speakers at conferences who want to show you how to make a million dollars. They talk about how great they are and then ask you to invest obscene amounts of money and they will ‘give you the secret’ to wealth and riches.

Will someone PLEASE tell people to STOP buying from these people? I would prefer you learn how to make an extra $250 a month. After you do that you can replicate the process and make MILLIONS next year, OK?

It’s like mutual funds. Rather than own ONE site that is brining in all the cash, why not have a few hundred sites each making $250 each? I’ve got over 300 domain names now. Frankly, not all of them are selling products. My bad!

I’m now doing a complete inventory of all of my products to determine what I have and which products even have a website up promoting them. Many of them do not. I produce products at a frantic pace but don’t write (or have written) the copy nearly as fast.

Another goal over the next few months is to have all of the products up with sites to sell them. If I make a sale or two from each one it will add up to real money. I’ll also be well diversified. If one of the sites doesn’t sell anything one month it won’t be the end of the world.

For my speaker friends out there it also allows me to PICK AND CHOOSE which speaking gigs I’ll take. I already have good money coming in from my products and don’t need to speak where I don’t want or feel comfortable.

Concentrate on learning a system to sell things. This is exactly what I taught people this last week at the bootcamp. If you learn HOW to do it and have the resources to get you over any hurdles that you find, you’re well on your way to really making this info products thing happen.

Speaker Fulfillment Services

It was a very great pleasure to have Bryan Hane (and later his lovely wife) come to my info products bootamp. Bryan is one of the owners of the company which I HIGHLY recommend. They do duplication and fulfillment and do a great job at it.

For those of you who only have one product or a single book, they will even do fulflillment for YOU! A great place to go! They will help you regardless of where you’re at with your business!

See you next time!


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