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Information Products Business Fundamentals

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The Fundamentals

You may or may not know that I grew up hoping to play golf for a living. I got to be the best golfer in my age group (in the country) when I was 15. Unfortunately, the country was the Philippines.

I was deluded into thinking I had a CHANCE to play golf as a pro in the United States.

You may have experienced something similar.

I did have some very good golf teachers when I was coming up. One of them was the club pro. his name was Gus (Agustin Quiaem).

Gus always spoke to me about how when things weren’t going well, go back to your fundamentals.

It’s damn good advice, AND, It’s true in ANY sport or in business for that matter.

In golf, the fundamentals are the grip, the stance and the swing. The swing being the most complex element of those fundamentals.

Every year, between Christmas and New Years I come up with my goals for the following year. I did the same thing this year.

Remembering Gus, I went back to the fundamentals for 2007.

In the Info Products business, the fundamentals are: Product(s); List; Copy and Traffic.

There are various other elements, but those are the four fundamental elements of the info products business.

Inevitably, you are best at one of these four. For me, it’s the products. My strong suit is creating products for myself and others. I don’t have to concentrate on this fundamental element because it comes easy for me.

Building a list is an area that my good friend Terry Dean excels in. Because of Terry I’m doing things differently. Mainly, I’m concentrating on making sure that when people come to my site, if they don’t buy a product, that they sign up for my list.

Copy is an area I’ve always thought I should work on. Instead, I’ve now relinquished that control to Sabrina Brick. She’s writing all of my copy. If copy isn’t your strong suit, I suggest you do the same.

As far as traffic, my webmaster, Stanley is in charge of that area. He not only manages all of my sites, he is also in charge of getting traffic to the sites. There are two ways to get traffic: pay for it or get it free.

His primary focus is free traffic from the search engines.

My goal this year is to get up a minimum of one new site every month.

Think of your websites that sell products as individual stocks. If you have enough products you have your own mutual fund. If one product isn’t pulling that well, it’s no big deal.

I suggest you concentrate on the fundamentals yourself. Take a look at each of the four elements and ask yourself what you’re best at. Concentrate on that one element and find others who can help you in the others.

If you’re not in a position to pay for outside help, then you’re forced to do them all yourself. This is not altogether bad. You learn what it takes to do each one of them right. When you are in a position to pay for talent in other areas you will know what to look for.

You’ll also know if someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Early on I tried to write my own copy. I now know what it takes to write good copy even though I can’t do it myself.

As this year gets started, concentrate on the fundamentals.

See you soon!

All the Best,


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