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I just got a survey form from JD Power and Associates. They wanted feedback on my new Honda Insight that I just got wrapped. Apparently I was supposed to do this out of the goodness of my heart. There was no compensation promised. Nothing. Nada.

Having gotten my undergraduate dgree in marketing I think I know what they were thinking, IF you give a party compensation to fill out a form, it may skew the results.

My thoughts are that it would depend on the compensation.

Let’s just say they had offered me a free download was all the info was tabulated to compare MY car to other cars in it’s class when the research was done. IF they had done that I would have gladly filled out the survey.

These folks are pretty smart, so they must have their reasons, but this one baffles me.

As an info product marketing person you need to get valuable info and feedback from your list and customers.

Have you considered surveying your group? If not, think about it. The place I’ve always used to do that is

I’d try it for yourself. Find out what people want to buy and then sell it to them! DUHHH!!!

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