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How to Approach others for JVs

I get approached constantly with offers to do JVs. Many from people I have never heard of and many who have not even READ my ezine. Amazing!

A few suggestions if you are thinking about approaching someone to do some kind of joint venture:

1. READ their stuff!

Sounds obvious, but few if anyone does this. People approach people like me because we have large lists. They know that if we ask our subscribers to buy their products, a lot of units will be sold.

You’ll get an understanding of how to approach a particular individual by reading their material. I only WISH that people who approach me would go back and read what I’ve written. Don’t make that mistake yourself.

2. Ask Yourself If There Really is a MATCH

If what you sell doesn’t match what I KNOW my list will be interested in, the answer will be NO. Why should I waste my readers time by asking them to buy a product on something completely unrelated to what I’m an expert on?

Answer? I wouldn’t. If your product doesn’t match who a potential JV partner’s list, take a pass. Go after those where there IS a good match.

That being said, if someone comes to me that I know and trust I MAY make an exception. It has and probably will happen, but it is rare.

3. Approach people in a way that will work (for them)

Most people who don’t know who I am send me an email telling me about how much money I’ll make promoting their product. This may be how many (or perhaps MOST) people determine who to promote but that’s not true for me.

Money IS an issue, but it’s not the ONLY issue.

How do you know how to approach people? Get to know them. Look at their website(s) and read between the lines. Not just what they say but HOW they say things will give you some ideas.

4. Send them the Product

How the heck am I going to even consider promoting your product if I haven’t seen it? Answer? I won’t consider it.

I just promoted Terry Dean’s product in my last ezine. He graciously sent me a copy to review. I did. I liked it. I promoted it.

5. Integrity works . . . . Long Term

I only do JVs with people that I would want to have over to my house to dinner (and wouldn’t be worried about them stealing the sliverware).

There are a lot of slimy operators out there. You may make some money dealing with shakey operators but that financial gain may be short lived.

I’d much rather make big money LONG TERM.

Even if everything else works, if I don’t think a person has integrity, the answer is no for me. I suggest you mark this last item as MOST important.

Wrtiting Books/Articles

My goal is to write 4 books each year. Whenever I mention this to people they always think I’m nuts. How could anyone write THAT MANY books in a year?

When I’m doing a seminar I will frequently respond with: Do you brush your teeth every day? The answer is usually yes. In fact, most people I poll brush them TWICE a day.


Because they’ve developed the HABIT of brushing their teeth on a regular schedule. It’s a good idea if you want to keep your teeth.

If you want to keep your money and financial health, then you’ll need to develop some habits as well. One of these habits is writing 2 pages in the morning and two pages at night.

The “standard” length of a written page runs about 250 words. If you were to write 2 pages each morning and then again each night you will have written 1,000 words in a day.

The standard business book runs about 50,000 words.

A book is the most difficult item for the information marketer to produce. In almost every case it is well worth doing. With a book you gain credibility as well as providing people with an inexpensive (or free if you decide) way to get people into your funnel.

I love producing audios, videos and high priced events for myself and my clients, but don’t neglect the book. It will help open all kinds of doors for you!

Intimidated by writing an entire book? Sound like too much? Then start with writing articles that are 500 – 1000 words in length.

The key is to do them REGULARLY, as I described above.

Not willing to do the above? Then you aren’t going to reap the financial fruits of your info products business. Period. Full stop.

Making Money

There are many ways to make money as an info marketer. Here are a FEW of the models:

1. Sell Product with a Website

You can send people to a page which asks people to give you money in exchange for a product or service. Pretty straightforward.

2. Get Their Email, Sell Them Later

Send people to a page, usually called a squeeze page which convinces people that it’s worth it to you their email in exchange for some cool free stuff. Then you try and sell them later.

3. Don’t Sell a Thing, Collect Ad Dollars on Your Site

Make your site interesting and compelling enough that people visit your site often and then click on the various ads that you have placed in various spots.

4. Use a Combo of the Above

With my Membership site I’ll be letting people use the software for free. This will be for up to a certain maximum number of members. In exchange, they will display ads on their site that I get the revenue from.

After they hit a certain number of members they will have to pay. If people want to NOT have ads displayed on their sites, they will have to pay as well.

Thats it folks!

Good bye for now!



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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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