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Joint Venture Example

Information Marketing

I just got another email (I get one of these every week or so) that I’d like to share with you:

I’ve changed the name to John Doe and omitted his phone number.

Hi Fred,

My name is JOHN DOE. I am looking to joint venture with people like you who have a large list. It seems like you’d have a list that you make offers to from time to time. I have something that we can both make a lot of money from.

I have an unwavering commitment to your list’s success with a high integrity system that is duplicatable for the average person.

I’d be interested in speaking with you. We are talking about the potential to make $100,000 a month here, if you have a decent size list.

My phone is 818-XXX-XXXX. Give me a call if you’re interested. If not, I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. I look forward to speaking to you.

John Doe

A few points to make here:

1. The assumption that money is my primary motivator is WRONG. This person clearly has not been a subscriber to my list.

As money IS important, it certainly is not the MOST important thing on my list when I do a joint venture deal.

2. The claim is so exaggerated at to be LAUGHABLE. One of the reasons why so many people are turned off by anyone marketing online are these absurd and ridiculous claims.

I’ll soon be putting up a website of my own to show you just HOW ridiculous it’s gotten!

3. What does this guy know about my list? I checked. He’s not even on it. UNBELIEVEABLE.

If others will JV with this guy they are NUTS. This is another example of what’s happening on line. Be careful. There are as many scam artists out there these days as their are political consultants!

If you want a GOOD joint venture product, take a look at one I did a while back. It still has solid information:


Domain Name Hijacking

I recently had someone who tried to register a domain name that I own. I both own the domain and have it “locked” using

I got an email from another registrar asking me to approve the transfer.


Here’s how this works. Anyone can attempt to register a domain name. Even one that is already registered.

Even at you can put in an order to grab a domain name if it is left to expire.

Here are some things you need to know about this:

1. The registrar has no legal obligation, nor will they reveal WHO tried to register your domain name. Just make sure that you have your domain names LOCKED and don’t ever respond to requests to transfer a domain unless you are selling it.

2. Domain names (if they are good) are a tremendous asset to you and your company. I’ve had numerous offers from people to purchase names I was using or just had “parked.”

3. If you are thinking of getting into a business, find a clever domain name that is easy to spell, and has a nice ring to it. Tough to do these days, but you can still do it.

4. Mostly reserve .com addresses. It’s a good idea if you have the extra money to reserve the .net and .org but only if you have lots of cash. I also will reserve a misspelling or two and the plurals as well as the singulars of names I register.

5. Make sure you have a valid credit card on file and that your domains are set to AUTO RENEW. If you don’t ultracheapdomains allows you to RETRIEVE a domain name for up to 21 days AFTER it has expired. BUT, you have to pay a penalty of just under $100.

Lesson there? Don’t let domain names lapse!

All the Best,


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