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Kindle Discussion Continued

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In my last ezine I told you about the Kindle, from Amazon. (If you didn’t see that one, I suggest you go to the archives to read it). I’ve got some more thoughts about the device.

A prediction: Not only will this device (or it and one ore more competitors) change the way people read, it will also have some additional features. When you eventually see what I’m about to describe, remember I told you about it IN ADVANCE.

Why am I giving this information out and not trying to capitalize on it myself?

Two reasons:

1) I don’t have the time and

2) I’m certain that this product is already in the works.

The Kindle allows you to download books in ebook form and read them on a very lightweight device. You can highlight things and bookmark the “book” in ways very similar to a “real” book.

To make this product SUPER cool, here is what I’m predicting you’ll see:

1. The device will get lighter and sturdier
2. It will come down in price
3. It will include an audio component

The first two are fairly obvious. Like most electronics you would/could expect those to happen. The third is my prognostication. Future versions of this device will have an audio component.

You’ll be able to stop reading at any point and switch to an audio mode.

Picture this. I’m in Vegas and reading on my Kindle or Kindle-like device. I have to drive to L.A. but I don’t want to stop “reading”. I won’t have to.

I’ll get in my car and plug in the Kindle to my car audio system and it will start playing the audio version of the book from the page where I stopped reading. When I get out of the car in L.A. and want to finish the book, the device will jump to the page where my audio version stopped playing.

A COMBINATION reading/audio device.

Will the audio be the computerized sounding audio that we now hear? Probably not. It will be a much improved version of that or the author will create his/her audio track when they publish the book to go along with the written word.

This is the future of “THE BOOK.” Write it down and mark my words. This is the future.

So what does that mean for publishers of the written word like you and me? It means that the traditional world of book publishing is going to CHANGE. Just like the music industry did.

Like I-Tunes, Amazon or a couple of competitors will be directly delivering books (in electronic form) to you and me. Barnes and Noble LOOK OUT! Arrogant book wholesalers, LOOK OUT! You are in BIG trouble.

Like I-Tunes, if you can create a platform for your work, it will get read (and listened to).

So keep (or START) writing!


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