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Last Bootcamp Folks and Some Lessons Learned

Information Marketing

Media is great for the Ego . . . BUT!

One of the most recent bootcamp participants had a lot of interviews immediately before and then for a few weeks after the bootcamp.

He did the first few interviews without a specific website to send people to who saw him on TV or heard him on radio.

NOT after the bootcamp. He now has a squeeze page up SPECIFICALLY designed for people who come in through RADIO and TV.

Do you have something similar set up? Is your website name easy to spell and easy to remember? If you don’t have one put together, please do it now.

Obsession with ONE product delivery method

Information can be sold in many forms. Books, ebooks, audios, videos, webinars, seminars, teleseminars, etc. etc.

Another one of my recent bootcamp participants seemed to be enamored with just ONE of these methods.

This is NOT a sensible philosophy to have if your goal is the maximization of revenue. QUITE the contrary!

Every so often, people seem to latch onto ONE method of presenting information. They hear about a new method of presenting information. Today it might be a webinar. Yesterday it was a teleseminar. Tomorrow? Who knows???

Three points here:

  1. Create GREAT content and decide WHICH form of presenting it makes the most sense.
  2. Match that content with the means/systems of delivery that make the most sense at the time.
  3. What makes most sense at the time will change because technology is constantly changing.
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