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The last bootcamp had some incredible people in attendance. I wanted to highlight a few of them I’ll highlight some of the others in future issues to show you some other very valuable lessons.

This is important for YOU because it shows that ANYONE can start and build a successful info marketing business.

If you’re serious about getting your information
marketing business off the ground OR building
it into a serious business concern, this event

I’d like to use each one of these folks to illustrate some different business models. I would guess that YOU probably fall into one of these groups.

The “gambling ninja” was one of our attendees. He’s been a professional gambler here in Las Vegas for 22 years.

He’s a great example of how to turn a passion or hobby into a business. Although he gambles for a living, the example is still very apt.

Do you have a passion for something? Model trains? Fly fishing? Kneedlepoint? Many aspiring info marketers spend their time looking for a way to sell something that will help people make more money.

My suggestion? DON’T!!

Instead, look for something that you’re passionate about as a hobby or interest. In many cases there will be others like you who share a similar interest in that field or area.

BUT, perhaps you’ll only be able to generate $1000 a month from that niche. Who cares? Once you figure out how to do it in that niche you can (as the commercial says) LATHER-RINSE-REPEAT.

I think it’s almost better to have multiple niches rather than just one.

So if you’ve been looking at building your info marketing business around something having to do with “making money” then please CONSIDER switching to something where you have an existing passion or interest.

Another bootcamp attendee, Jurgen Wolff is an accomplished writer. He writes both non fiction books as well as fiction. Often times in the form or screenplays.

What can you learn from Jurgen?

He came to the bootcamp intent on creating a program to show people how to write their autobiographies. He will do that, BUT . . . he will now be doing something in addition to that.

Jurgen and I will be creating a series of seminars to help screenwriters. They are a group who desperately need help. Some of them are extremely talented but need some of the basic skills that Jurgen can help them with.

How does this relate to YOU?

Don’t decide in ADVANCE what your information marketing business will be about. Be open to change. It’s not JUST about what YOU want, it’s about what your potential customers will BUY.

While you are working to put together your business be open to variations on a theme. Jurgen will still pursue helping people write their memoirs and biographies, but will also now work creating a series of products for screenwriters.

Why am I working with him? Not only is he a great guy, but our personalities are very much in synch. This is the second thing I’d like you to take away from his example.

IF you decide to work with someone in a partnership or Joint Venture, make sure that you not only have a “match” in terms of business interests, but also look at how your personalities match up.

In many cases, someone JUST LIKE YOU will NOT be a good business partner.

Another person at the bootcamp was Mike Kohl. Mike is deaf. His site is being set up to show other deaf people how to get deals and discounts from various companies.

This is a PERFECT example of finding your niche by looking at WHO YOU ARE. Before you go out “searching” for a niche, look FIRST at who you are.

There is NO better way to select your niche than to take who you are AT YOUR CORE and go from there.

The BEST niche you can select is one that you know inside and out. If the niche you select is one you’ve decided on strictly based on how much money you can generate, you’re off course.

Yes, money should be a consideration, but certainly NOT the only consideration.

I’ve had a lot of people come to me who are lawyers (and other professions) who are trying to build an information marketing business far afield from their professional background.

The FIRST place you should start should be to carefully consider your background, both personally and professionally. ALWAYS look to START there.

If you can, create your information marketing business around this area.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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