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I just came back from a conference with all the folks who are resellers for

WOW! It was an amazing event and it made me want to contact you immediately.

I was sitting next to people who are making a lot of money (well into 5 figures monthly) who are resellers for the TOP domain company in the world.

The products include domain names, web hosting and a bunch of other stuff that YOU and everyone you KNOW need or will need in the future.

It’s a business, like that is completely turn key.

I would HIGHLY recommend that YOU take a look at doing two things:

1. Become an affiliate for
2. Become a reseller of domains and other product related to anyone who does business online.


Because it is by far the BEST and EASIEST money I make every month.


Because the products are second to none and I have NO customer service issues. The “Mother” company handles it all.

Yes, you only get a SHARE of the revenue, but who cares. All you have to do is recommend that people use GREAT SERVICES and PRODUCTS and you get paid.

Seriously, the checks I get from WebMarketingMagic and UltraCheapDomains are the “best” checks I get every month.

I’ve been getting one for almost 10 years and the other for over 5.

You can take this email and do nothing with it.

If you do, 3 or 4 years from now, someone else will be making the money that YOU should get.

You have friends and customers who need these services. Why not get paid for recommending something that is really good?

There is so much CRAP out there that I avoid even mentioning to you or other people on my list, but these two are tested and SOLID.

For WebMarketingMagic, the investment is ZERO.

For the other, there is an investment, but it should pay for itself in less than 90 days in most cases. That depends on how many people you send the links to.

The reason I REALLY want you to do this is you will get a check every month for doing almost nothing. Just referring people to really good companies.

Throw this email out and unsubscribe if you want, but while I was sitting around people over the last few days, I got an epiphany.

The BEST money you can make is from just having to TELL other people about a product or service. As long as it is good, they will THANK you for it.

I sat next to one person who was making over $50,000 a month. Now let’s be honest, I’m not making that or am I saying that you will. You might! If you do, please share it
with me!! lol

But, if you were to get a check every month that would pay your utility bill, or maybe a few months later your car payment, and then maybe a few more months later your mortgage payment, wouldn’t THAT be NICE??

So, take a look at promoting these two programs:


Will I make some money if YOU sign up? Absolutely.

BUT, YOU will make a LOT more than I do.

In the case of WebMarketingMagic you will get 30% of all revenue, I will get just 20% and the “mother” company gets 50%. BUT, they do ALL the customer service.

For the other venture, the “formula” is complicated.

I can’t figure out the exact percentages, but I KNOW you make a LOT more than I do off of each sale you make. If I were GUESSING, I think it’s more like 5% for me.

Anyway, I learned a lot of info from this event that I’ll be sharing on today’s webinar which is at 1PM PST and 4PM PST.

But, you have to register. It’s free, but you have to sign up.

Here is that link to the Information Marketing Mastermind Webinar.

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Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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