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*Event Finished, Lessons Learned
*Licensing Products
*My Production Facilities
*Mystery Speaker
*Membership Sites
*Philosophy Items

Event Finished, Lessons Learned

I just finished doing my Info Products Bootcamp. I hesitate to say it because it sounds cliche, but it WAS the best one ever. There is always new material, but the people who attended were great and everyone learned a lot. Me included!

There is always new information in this constantly changing world of info products and info products marketing so even the people who had been to the event before and who were attending for the second or even the third time got a lot out of the event.

One of the things I learned after the event is that people can be so polite you may get yourself in trouble. AFTER the fact I realized that the chairs we had in the room were awful.

No one told me during the event. Bummer. I wish I had known. I should have asked. I may not have been able to change things, but I would have liked to have known.

I know I do great events, but you need to get feedback and change things like this.

I’m doing a special pre-publication offer on both the mp3 version of the event and the DVDs. If you want to get either, here is the deal. The audio CDs will retail for $397 and the DVDs for $497.

The special offer is this: If you are willing to wait for a minimum of 21 days to receive them you can get them at a huge savings.

The mp3s will go for $97 and the DVDs for just $197. This will be with no fancy packing and labeling and this offer will only be good until Friday at 5pm PST or until the first 50 units (of each) are sold, whichever comes first.

So, if you want them, get on this quickly!

Here are your links:

MP3s of the event below:

Click Here to Order

DVDS of the event, below:

Click Here to Order

Licensing of My Information Products

Over the years I have created a boatload of audio and video products. Some of them have been what I call timeless and others what I refer to as timely.

As an information marketer you need both. The beauty of the timeless products is you can create them once and then sell them forever. The benefit of the timely products is that you can hop on a hot topic and give people something that they want right now and sell a ton of them.

You need to be creating both.

If you do, you’ll get the advantages of some very quick and sometimes large amounts of cash right now AND you’ll also keep getting a steady flow of orders from the timeless materials you produce.

With all of my products except a few “core” products I will be starting to license more of my products.

As I’ve mentioned before in this ezine, there are a few different types of licenses that exist. I won’t go into that again. If you missed that issue, I’ll be starting to post all of the old issues at That way you (or anyone you tell about this) can go find my previous writings.

I’ll be doing what I call standard licenses.This will allow you to take my audio or video products that I make available and for a flat fee you can sell or give them away as bonuses to your customers.

I own a number of licenses to other people’s products myself.

They are great to have because you can really add value to an offer by including GOOD licensed products as bonuses or even better, to sell them as back-end offers to your existing products.

In general, you compute a license based on the formula of multiplying the retail product price times 10-15. So, if I have a $100 product you would be looking at paying between $1000 and $1500.

Since I have so many products out there, I’m actually doing some licensing of multiple products as a “package”. I suggest you consider doing the same.

I’ll let you know more about what I’m doing, but the site I’ll be using (which isn’t up yet) will be

Logical. You should think of reserving the same using your own name as well.

Why should you license? Simple. In addition to making some great money up front you also have a lot of people getting your materials into the hands of people who may not know you.

One of the conditions of the license is that the content can’t be altered. Thus, all the offers you make stay intact.

Net result? You get all kinds of business from people who heard your audios from someone who licensed and sold some of your products.


My Production Facilities

Not long ago I bought a ton of audio and video production equipment. Given that I have all the equipment and don’t use it 24/7 I’ve decided to start helping others produce and market their products.

We do most things in the Las Vegas area, but can travel. I have a very competent “partner” in this venture who handles all of the technical information that confuses me.

Get in touch with me if you have an interest in getting your audios and videos done for a fraction of what others would charge you.


I gave my friend Antonio Thornton (who bills himself as the Money Mouth Marketer) a chance to speak and he did an amazing job with a very limited time to present. You’ll be hearing more about him in the future. I’m certain of that.


Membership Sites

I can’t tell you in stronger terms how important it is for you to get going with your own Membership site.

If you information that you create (of any sort) that your niche can use, you need to have a membership site.

This is not just because I happen to own membership site software. Sure, if you get a site going you’ll need some software to run it, but if you use mine or someone else’s it doesn’t matter. You NEED to get your membership site up and running.

FYI: (blatant plug!)

You can put (as I am doing) articles, books, audio and video up on your site. If you’ve got the right software you can provide different levels of membership to your subscribers.

Combine that with WebMarketingMagic and you’ve got a killer combination.

The only “downside” to creating and maintaing a membership site is the need to constantly be adding content and material. If you don’t, people will leave you and go elsewhere.

My friend, Peter Schaible, is the expert on all things membership related. Make sure to look at his site: for more great information. Ask him for recommendations on software that would make sense for you.

Over the next few months I’ll be launching a number of sites including one for information marketers, seminar marketers, self storage operators and movie buffs like me.

On the revenue models for membership sites you can either make money from the monthly or yearly fees that you charge people to belong, or make their membership free and then look to make money on the affiliate relationships and links that you set up.


I was amazed at how many people did NOT take my advice on this one. If you haven’t done so, make sure and do it now.

Go reserve (at of course) your first name and then add sent me at the end of it.

If your name is Andrew you would reserve Do this now. Set up all of your affiliate relationships and list them on that page.

If your first name isn’t available then reserve your first and last name with “sent me” at the end as a fallback.

I highly recommend that you follow my template. Don’t put anyone into your referral site just because you make money from it. If you refer someone to a jerk, you’ll be the recipient of a lot of backlash.

It’s perfectly OK for you to make money, just don’t make money referring someone who isn’t eithical or doesn’t give out great information, advice or products and services. It will only make you look bad if you don’t follow this suggestion.


Writing Articles for Trade Pubs

Find trade publications that will publish articles that you write in exchange for a “by-line” that will send them to your site or sign them up for an ezine.

I write a monthly column for the self storage industry.

Each month I get a minimum of 3-5 orders for an ebook I have on self storage marketing. $99 a piece. I sometimes hate writing the article, but the money certainly ain’t bad.


Philosophy Stuff

At this last event, when we opened up for questions on the third day, I was surprised. Rather than most of the questions being about the specifics of how to market and produce your info products, many of the questions were more philosophical.

Paul Hartunian and I later talked about how interesting it was that people were interested in hearing “what made us tick” and the WHY behind the how of the money making aspects of the business.

I have a theory on why this is. People are getting sick and tired with people who are merely looking to put their hand in your pocket and pull our your money.

People are looking to do business with people who want to build relationships. Not just take you for a quick buck.

That being the case ask yourself what you’re doing to really serve your customers.

I hate to brag about anything, but there are a few things I do very well. One of them is to give people an incredible amount of information in a very short period of time at seminars.

I have never seen anyone more happy after attending an event than people are who attend mine.

I think it has to do with both the incredible amount of information I give people and the fact that I like the people who attend.

There are so many events these days that are pure SELLfests. Sure, we sell some things at my events but we don’t do try and sell anything without FIRST delivering a ton of useable value.

You can come to my events, not buy anything, and know exactly what to do to catapult your business into the stratosphere.

Another thing that makes my events different is that I actually like people. That may sound strange, but I’ve heard MANY well known marketers behind closed doors talking about their customers. Many of these folks despise the people who put money in their pockets.

I don’t get it. I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t really like people. I think people can feel this. You can’t manufacture this stuff. People know whether it’s real or it’s not.

How many people invite their attendees over to their house for a party after the event? I’m the only one I know of. Does this make me a genius? Certainly not. It’s who I am. The more you are who you are the more people will like it.

If you’re a miserable S.O.B. and are just doing seminars for the money, people will FEEL it.


That’s all for now!

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