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It was Seth Godin who made me certain that it would work.

If you read his book “The Dip” it’s a great little book about ONE TOPIC.

I think this is the future of business books. Short, quick reads that are about one concept or topic.

As a result, I’ve got 3 or 4 of these books that I’m writing and will publish. Hopefully before the end of the year.

Nice thing about them? If they are good, they will get you a lot of attention. If you’re a good writer who can write fast, you can knock them out in a day or two. Maybe a week tops.

Like the idea?

Great. Then here are the steps you need to take write now.

First, come up with the title and grab the domain name. Naturally, I’d prefer it if you register your domain name with!

Name already taken? Don’t fret. See who owns the url and what they are using it for currently. If there is a lot of stuff on the site, think about another name. If there is nothing on the site, get in touch with the owner and try and see if you can buy it from him.

Reasonable price? Depends. The shorter the url the more expensive. Multiple words strung together? The price goes down. Depending on the words, of course.

Second, take the concept and flesh it out with a good outline. You’ll knock the book out in no time flat with a good outline.

Third, find yourself a place where you won’t be disturbed and KNOCK IT OUT! No procrastinating, no waiting for inspiration – just write! Full speed ahead.

Radio Contest

Last Saturday I went down to a local hotel and tried out for a spot as a host on the biggest talk radio station in Las Vegas.

There were about 200 people who showed up and I was number 9, because I got there early.

A couple of things for YOU to do in your own local area that I learned from this experience.

1. You MAY be able to get a lot of media exposure in your own local market by getting a gig on either radio or TV. Don’t worry about it having to be directly related to what you do or want to promote. Just get IN with the folks who do it!

2. Las Vegas is not the only market where they hold these kinds of contests. The local media realizes that there is plenty of talent out there that is not already on Radio. Why not you? YES, why NOT YOU??? Go to the websites of your radio stations and see if they have such a thing.

3. If you do this, make sure and stay until it’s over. I did not. I thought about it and then decided against it. Bad idea. Half the battle is getting “known” by the players at the station.

4. Improv skills and abilities helped me immensely to do a good job. I suggest you take a class at a local outlet in your town. Or, if you’re a speaker, try and make it to Avish Parashar and I will help you learn similar skills that you can use both ON and OFF the stage.

I’ll keep you posted on the results.
Longer Sales Cycle – Economy and More Savvy Buyers

I’ve been noticing a trend affecting all information marketers. People are taking longer to make decisions. The length of the sales cycle has INCREASED.

Why? I think there are two primary reasons. First, the economy. With people watching their wallets a lot more carefully, they are still spending, but they are being more cautious about WHOM they spend their money with.

There’s another important reason.

As more and more people become comfortable with buying things online, customers are becoming more educated. More savvy.

This results in their becoming much more discriminating as buyers. Good for you and me and bad for the flim-flam scam artist types who are out there.

What to do?

You’ll need to be romancing customers and potential customers more. I have one friend and business colleague who sends out LOTS of HIGH QUALITY free information once or twice a week. All for free.

I’ve adopted this strategy myself. Take a look at:

You’ll learn a lot about this and other techniques if you make it to the Info Product Seminars. It’s at the end of October, but sign up quickly if you want a seat. I expect this event to sell out.

See you next time!


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