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Lunch, Fred Hot Seats and Two BIG NEW RECOMMENDATIONS

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I am happy to announce to VERY BIG and IMPORTANT new services for you to take advantage of.

First, Sabrina Brick (formerly mentioned as an editor) is now doing copywriting. She is getting started and still has rates that are WAY LOW! However, with the amount of inquiries she has been getting, the rates won’t be that way for long.

She’ll help you get your website or other promotional piece pulling response rates much greater than they currently are.

In fact, by the time you email her, her rates may have gone up. I apologize in advance if that’s the case. Whatever her rates are, you won’t be disappointed.

Take a look at:

My webmaster, Stanley has just gotten into the hosting business. He has also created an amazing deal for friends of mine.

Here’s how it works. You can get hosting for an UNLIMITED number of sites for ONE FLAT fee of less than $49 a month. If you follow my advice to put up a lot of sites for every individual product or service you have this is GREAT news.

Take a look at:

Separate List for Daily Specials

I’ve got a lot of products that I think you would find extremely valuable and worthwhile. I’ve decided to form a SEPARATE list to promote some of my best products (all in mp3 form) at a SPECIAL, highly reduced price.

If you’re interested in receiving these offers, you must sign up for a SEPARATE list. This list will send you DAILY offers to buy some of my HIGH demand products.

Look for a future email detailing how you can get on this list.

Again, I suggest you may want to use this concept with your own products.

It’s like joining a club. You will get (or give) the special offer every day and people will have only 24 hours to take advantage of the offer. Once that offer is gone, it will be gone FOREVER.

Let people know that they will ONLY receive these daily offer by signing up for this separate list. Give people a very short period of time to take you up on the offers or they lose out on the offer.

Remind people to set their spam blockers to allow you to get the emails through to them.

50% of Something . . . .

Getting SOME money is ALWAYS better than getting NO money. I bump into people all the time who spend their time obsessing about how to squeeze another dollar out of a deal.

Instead, do what I do with my good friend, Avish Parashar.

He and I are doing a whole series of DVDs for various groups that are interested in increasing their creativity.

Our latest project is:

If you’re a consultant, or considering getting into the consulting field, take a look at this site.

This is a joint venture between myself and Avish. Sure, I guess I could have done it all myself, but I probably would never have gotten it done. Instead, Avish and I are partners in this project.

Quite honestly, he’s been doing most of the work.

The concept here is clear. If you COULD do something by yourself, you may NOT. If you find someone to work with you it’s more fun and you actually WILL get it done if you choose the right partner.

Stop thinking about all the money you’re losing in any deal and think about the money you would NOT have made if you wouldn’t have done the deal.

Money split is better than money never made!

Lunch with Fred/Fred Hotseats

The lunch with Fred concept is going very well. I’m limiting the number of people who attend each lunch to just eight and I’m making the price point affordable. $100.

I’ve already seen a number of well known marketers who are copying the formula. I never have a problem with this but wish that people would actually give credit to the originator, but no big deal.

My idea was to be able to meet with a select number of people wherever I was traveling. I’ll even be doing one of these around Thanksgiving in Prague. is a new idea that I came up with. After I do an event in a city there are usually some people who would like some individual attention. I am able to work with people by setting up a FULL DAY to work with up to 8 people.

I then do an extended hotseat program with each one of the people who attend. This allows me to give very specific suggestions to each person on how to grow their business. The first of these programs is being done in Dallas immediately following my speaking at an NSA local chapter.

I suggest you take a look at both of these sites: and

See what you can do to capitalize on your time. I do it primarily when traveling but see no reason why you can’t do it in your own city.

Not only do I make a few dollar doing these programs but I also get a chance to find out about what my customers are doing and thinking. It’s almost like I’m getting paid to do a focus group.

If you do a program like either one of these make sure to provide a lot more value than people pay you for. Do that and you’ll get great testimonials and have an ongoing stream of business.

Make sure that you put a caveat on your site that tells people that the fees that they pay for either of these events is NON refundable. If someone reserves a space and then doesn’t show up it means that you lose the revenue and someone else loses the opportunity to come to the event. Bad deal for everyone.

If you do put together your own version of one of these two sites, let me know how it goes. Feel free to ‘copy’ the concept, it makes a lot of sense for anyone to do.

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