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I just got an email from a well known internet/information guru. The headline was how you can make a FORTUNE with one of a few different things.

I didn’t read it. My guess is that many people won’t. Why?

Because people have become jaded with all the promises these folks are making. They get 5 or 6 emails a week making overblown and hard to believe promises.

What can YOU learn from this and how can YOU profit?

Do what I do and make your promises and guarantees BELIEVABLE. Don’t make claims that are hard for the “average” person to believe or attain. People just won’t buy them any more.

Many of the information/internet marketers have now become the carnival barkers of the old days. When people first saw them they bought the various elixirs they were selling, BUT, over time they came to understand that what they were selling was a bunch of HOOEY!

Don’t fall into their trap. Don’t copy their methods. Their hope is that a SMALL percentage of relatively unsuspecting people will take them up on these PATENTLY ABSURD offers.

As time goes on you will see more and more of these kinds of offers? Why? Because their old sales methodologies aren’t working. They have BURNED their bridges and now many of them are having to resort to these crazy tactics that merely offend and insult their lists.

If you take the LONG VIEW, as I do, you use a DIFFERENT approach.

You don’t over promise. You don’t tell people that they can make a million dollars in the next 30 days.


What a concept!

I tell, and I recommend that you tell your customers the real story. Tell them that by using your methods they will be able to pay their electric bill next month using your system. And maybe the next month their car payment or in a few months, maybe even their mortgage.

Don’t promise people what you can’t deliver. Those same people will then start to mistrust you. They won’t believe a word that you say.

My upcoming events will do WHAT I PROMISE.

Go to and and read what I promise. I will deliver on those promises. You do the same!

Adding People to Your List

I just got a confirmation email while writing this insight. It told me that I had to confirm a subscription to a newsletter that I had APPARENTLY signed up for.

I had not.

This is SPAM. You cannot simply add people to your list. It is now punishable by substantial fines. I use for all of my lists. I NEVER add people to my list without asking.

Even when I do my seminars I do not add people’s names to my list. What I do is to suggest that people go download some of my free stuff from my site. When they do this they have to give me their name and agree to be put on my list.

Many people sign up, get the free stuff and then unsubscribe. This happens. Don’t fight it. I then make sure that I have imbedded bounceback offers in everything that I give away to people.

I suggest you do the same.

By for now!


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