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Making the Numbers work on JV Emails

Information Marketing

I got an email from a fairly well known “guru” yesterday. He was asking me to promote an ebook that he had recently completed.

My answer was NO.

Let me tell you WHY.

First off the email that he wrote me to try and entice me to do the deal was not very well done. It didn’t try and SELL me on WHY this would be a good idea for ME and my CUSTOMERS – you!

I’ve talked about this here before but it deserves repeating, if you want to do a JV with someone regarding your product or service, remember these things:

* People with lists of any decent size only have a limited number of opportunities each week/month to promote things to their list. After that, people will get SELLINGFATIGUE.

That being the case, they make sure and select what they promote carefully.

* They look for a good match with their list. If there is none, then they won’t/shouldn’t do it.

* Folks with lists know how much they want to make each time they send out a promotional email. If YOUR product/service won’t generate enough cash, it won’t make sense.

(take note if you sell digital products under $50. This is a poor product to pitch to someone with a big list – on balance.)

* Be prepared to show NUMBERS where you can PROVE that your sales letter has a strong closing ratio. If you don’t, big list folks will NOT want to deal with you. Why should they? You can’t close them when they go the landing page.

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