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Maximization of Revenue OR Happiness?

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*Maximization of Revenue or Happiness?
*Happiness: Born or Learned?

Maximization of Revenue or Happiness?

Whenever I speak at other people’s seminars I”m always fascinated by how eager the speakers are to try and impress you with their numbers. You’ll hear them exclaim: “I made $51,345 in 18 hours” or some such nonsense.

First off, if you’re making a lot of money doing something, keep your mouth SHUT! The last thing an intelligent marketer wants to do is attract competitors by announcing exactly how much money they’re making in a particular venture. It’s a sure way to INVITE people to knock you off!

There’s also another very important thing to remember. If you ask people what’s more important, money or happiness, you’ll get people telling you happiness 99% of the time. Without a doubt money is A component of happiness, but it certainly not THE single component of what make people happy.

I always use this example to illustrate. Let’s say you could measure happiness on a scale from 1-10. One being suicidally miserable and 10 being as happy as anyone can possibly be. Let’s say you are at an 8.5 and you find out that Bill Gates is at a 7.2. Would you trade lives with Billy Boy? Clearly not. You are already 1.3 points greater than him in terms of happiness. Why go backwards?

I have a relative who is STINKING RICH who is one of the most miserable people I know. I’m sure you have a similar friend or relative. The last time I had a real conversation with this individual was over 20 years ago. Why? Because I don’t want their cancerous thinking and behavior to be anywhere in my “space.”

One of the reasons that you need to construct your “IDEAL DAY” is to create a target for how to make yourself happy.

Happiness: Born or Learned?

Ever thought about this one? Are people born happy or is happiness an outside environmental thing? Are certain people destined to be happy or do all of us have the ability to learn to be that way. If you want my opinion, it’s a little bit of both.

I’m pretty lucky. I think I was born pretty happy. Do I get bummed out every once in a while OF COURSE. But, for the most part, I feel pretty lucky to be visiting this planet. I wake up in the morning and feel pretty damned fortunate that I’m here.

You could take away everything that I own and it wouldn’t substantially affect my happiness.

If that’s the case, then why work at making money or be in business at all? For me, there are two reasons: First, I feel that every human being has been given certain talents and abilities. To NOT use these talents and abilities would be a waste. A spit in the eye to the Universe (or God, or whatever YOU believe) to not fully utilize all the talents you have (or were given if those are your beliefs).

Second reason is that the people who are the happiest in life, from my experience are those people who give a lot away. I’ve always found that people who are giving more than they take are usually a lot happier than the average. Often a whole lot happier.

In my case, the desire to make a lot of money is so that I can fulfill my potential and so that I can give a lot of it away. This makes me feel good. AND it makes me HAPPIER!

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