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The other night I went to an alumni meeting. I went to this funky international school for a masters in International Business called Thunderbird. NO, not the cheap wine!

They have these meetings all over the world and I hadn’t been to one in quite a while.

Reason? I didn’t really like the school or how they did things after I graduated.

BUT, I remember I always liked the PEOPLE and it was the same the other night.

It’s like a number of  other groups I belong to. Often times the groups are full of crap, but the people they attract are pretty cool.

So I met this one guy who, like myself, has a LOT of websites. He does tons of city guides. He has them for cities all over the world.

When I asked him about his business “model” he explained how he never wanted to get TOO big or good. Why? Because that way he could operate under the radar.

He didn’t want to attract TOO much attention to himself. He didn’t want to get GOOGLIZED!

He was happy to make “a little bit of money” on a whole bunch of sites. It’s MY philosophy in a nutshell. Lots of checks, from lots of different sources every month.

Do YOU make a LARGE percentage of your money from just ONE source? Be worried!

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