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READ it ALL!: Two with Bob Bly

This ezine is fairly lengthy because I’ve included the outlines from TWO programs I’ve recently recorded with my buddy, Bob Bly.

One of the programs is on MicroNiching and the other on Selling Info Products. Both of them are very good.

Please take the time to read this entire ezine.

I’ve put the information on the new Bob Bly programs up front. After that you’ve got PLENTY of good content.

Please go through ALL of this one.

The programs with Bob come with a VERY special offer for the BOTH of them when you get them together.


After the outlines you’ll find plenty of content!

The Greatest Success Secret Ever Discovered: Becoming the Master of Your Domain with the Microniching Strategy

1–You and I hate hype, so why did you choose the hype filled title The Greatest Success Strategy Ever Discovered:
Becoming the Master of Your Domain with microniching

2–What do you mean by Mastering Your Domain?

3–What is niching?

4–How do you define a niche?

5–So what is microniching?

6–Must I niche or microniche? Can one still be a
generalist and succeed today?

6A – What do you mean by “niche masquerading”?

7–Who is this microniching strategy for?

8–Why does microniching work?

9–What are the other advantages of microniching

10–Let’s discuss each advantatge of the microniching strategy, first – size of market – doesn’t niching give you a SMALLER market?

11–What about DEMAND – isn’t demand smaller?

12–What advantage does microniching create in PRICING

13–How about quality of your work? Do specialist do better work than generalists?

14–How does niching help establish your CREDIBILITY?

15–how does specializing boost your Confidence

16–And how does microniching make you more profitable?

17–You have a five-step process to help people find their niche. Can you share it?

A–Your experience … what you have done.

B–Your interests … what stimulates you, turns you on, engages your mind, body, and spirit … in other words, your passions.

C–Your education … not just your college major, but any special skills, trades, technology, processes, or other specialized knowledge you’ve learned.

D–Your aptitudes … what you are good at and like to do.

E–Your expertise … what you know that others will pay money to learn from you.

18 – How do you select what to specialize in once you have gone through this five step self audit?

19–Is it more important to select a niche that is FUN and interesting, or lucrative and profitable?

20–Is it true what they say “follow your passion and the money will follow”?

21–What different TYPES OF NICHES are there available



C–Process or skill


22–Explain your concept of “evolutionary niche extension”

23–explain your concept of “adjacent niche extension”

24 – Are there niches that perhaps don’t fit one’s business and should not be pursued

25 – How do we know whether a niche is big enough to support us?

26 – How do we know whether a niche is viable

27 – All else being equal, what are the best niches to go into if you are starting out?

28 – What if you do not have a background in a particular niche or just want to switch to a new area – all else being equal, which niches are best?


B–Starving crowd niches

C–Deep pocket niches

D–Urgent need niches

E–No choices niches

F–Desperate want niches

29–What if the niche I want has no one in it? Is that a great opportunity for me?

30–What is the niche I want already has a lot of players and is crowded?

31 – Let’s say I pick a niche. If I am an internet marketer, how do I establish myself as a player in that niche?

30–How do I build an opt in e list in my chosen niche?

31 – If I am a copywriter – consultant – author – speaker – how do I establish myself as a recognized expert in my niche?

32–Can you give us the basic principle of the Become an Instant Guru program at least?

33–What are some of the tactics I can use to start establishing my reputation as an expert in my field starting today?

34 – Which one or two of these techniques for becoming a credible expert should I do?

35 – Can you really make a living by microniching if your niche is really micro?

35 – Final thoughts on gaining competitive edge through micro niching?

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How to Write (and Sell) How to Information Products
– Books, eBooks, Reports, and More

1–Fred introduces Bob

1A – What is the state and quality of how to writing today, especially in business and self help books?

2–Writers, authors, teachers, speakers, and information marketers are all basically in the how to business. Are they good at it? If not, why not?

3–Why does how to writing have to be motivational? Isn’t the person who buys it from you already motivated to learn the subject?

4–Why does how to writing have to be INTERESTING?

5–What do you mean by “followable”?

6–What do you mean by comprehensive?

7–What is the first step in planning to write a how to product?

8–How do you select the audience you are writing your how to material for?

9–What are the most important things to know about your readership before you write your how to manual?

10–Once you know the audience, what’s the second step in writing how to materials?

11–Where do you get ideas for topics?
[A–Study competition and fill a gap in the marketplace]
[B–Something your customers ask you about a lot]
[C–Something you have done or gone through – out on your own: making the transition]
[D–A process or task – secrets of a freelance copywriter]
[E–5–A skill you know and can teach others – TCH]
[F–An NLI — neat little idea – get paid to give your opinion
[G–A slice of a slice – tiny niche – get paid to read how
to write book reviews for fun and profit]
[H–a life style product – IMRP]
[I–9–something YOU want to know that your audience also wants to know – viral video]
[J–10–resources – IM Yellow Pages]

12A – What how to topics sell best?

12—What’s the third step in the how to writing process?

13–What are the methods of organizing a how to topic into a sensible outline

[A–Order of difficulty — [Quick Start Guide–keyword discovery–7 steps 5 minutes]


[B — Q&A]

[C – mistakes – SFS 50 most common internet marketing mistakes]

[D – Process steps – Secrets of a freelance writer]

[E–Chronological historical – tony robbins story]

[F–List – 101 ways to make every second count]

14–OK, you know your audience, your topic, and how you want to organize your material. What next?

15–What media choices are available to how to writers today?

[Bookstore book, 200 pages, 80,000 words]
[ebook, 50 pages, 15,000 words]

[DVD, 20-30 minutes]
[speech, one hour]
[seminar, half day or full day]
[boot camp, weekend 2-3 days]
[membership web site, big, mixed content]
[free e letter – monthly, 2-4 pages]
[subscription newsletter – 8-12 pages, 600 words per page]
[bulletin board or forum or chat group]
[ecourse – 10 autoresponder messages of 3 pages each]

16–OK we’ve selected our format or medium, now what?

17–What kind of research does the how to write need to conduct to gather his raw materials or content?

[A–experience – memory dump]
[B–Interviews with SMEs]
[E–Primary research – NY Times, Journal of Neurology]
[F–Secondary research–Dr. X’s book where he cites
the Journal study]
[G–Surveys–your elist or]
[H–Blogs and other online chat]
[I–competitor products]
[J–newspaper, magazine, radio, TV]

18 – Tell us about your file folder method of research.

19–Of these research methods, which is the most important and why?

20–What’s the biggest research mistake how to writers make?

20A–Any other common mistakes to avoid in how to writing?

20B–Is that it? Any others?

21–OK, we’ve gathered our research materials. What do we do next?

22–What is your writing method

23–Must you also illustrate your how to books?

24–Where can I get illustration or photos for my how to book?

25–Any final tips for illustrating your how to books?

26 – What’s the biggest mistake how to writers make?

27–What’s the second biggest mistake how to writers make?

28–OK, I have written my how to book and illustrated it if needed. What next?

29–And after the peer review, what do you do?

30–OK, the book has been read by a reviewer and edited. It’s done. Now what?

31–What publishing options are available for the how to author and the pros and cons of each?

Traditional book publisher
Self published book
Public seminar
Membership web site
Live event
Audio video

32–For a how to book author do you recommend self publishing a physical book, an ebook, or going to a traditional publisher and why?

33–How do I sell my how to book to a mainstream publishing house like mcgraw hill or john wiley?

34–The book is published. Are we done?

35–Does the author have to promote his own book or are there marketing and PR people to do it for him?

35A – How can an author market and promote his how to book?

36–Should promotion be the tenth and last step in the how to writing process as we have it here?

37–What about competition? Isn’t there already too much how to information out there, overloading the reader? Why write and publish more?

38–How do you sell yet another how to book on sales or topic X when there is so much out there already?

39–We’ve outlined a clear step by step process for writing and selling how to information. Let’s summarize the steps:

40 – What do you do when information in one of your how to products becomes dated or when you’ve gained more knowledge on the subject than you had when you wrote the original book or manual?

41–Any final thoughts on how to write and sell how to information

42 – How can our listeners get in touch with us?

43–Sign off

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How to Approach others for JVs

I get approached constantly with offers to do JVs. Many from people I have never heard of and many who have not even READ my ezine. Amazing!

A few suggestions if you are thinking about approaching someone to do some kind of joint venture:

1. READ their stuff!

Sounds obvious, but few if anyone does this. People approach people like me because we have large lists. They know that if we ask our subscribers to buy their products, a lot of units will be sold.

You’ll get an understanding of how to approach a particular individual by reading their material. I only WISH that people who approach me would go back and read what I’ve written. Don’t make that mistake yourself.

2. Ask Yourself If There Really is a MATCH

If what you sell doesn’t match what I KNOW my list will be interested in, the answer will be NO. Why should I waste my readers time by asking them to buy a product on something completely unrelated to what I’m an expert on?

Answer? I wouldn’t. If your product doesn’t match who a potential JV partner’s list, take a pass. Go after those where there IS a good match.

That being said, if someone comes to me that I know and trust I MAY make an exception. It has and probably will happen, but it is rare.

3. Approach people in a way that will work (for them)

Most people who don’t know who I am send me an email telling me about how much money I’ll make promoting their product. This may be how many (or perhaps MOST) people determine who to promote but that’s not true for me.

Money IS an issue, but it’s not the ONLY issue.

How do you know how to approach people? Get to know them. Look at their website(s) and read between the lines. Not just what they say but HOW they say things will give you some ideas.

4. Send them the Product

How the heck am I going to even consider promoting your product if I haven’t seen it? Answer? I won’t consider it.

I just promoted Terry Dean’s product in my last ezine. He graciously sent me a copy to review. I did. I liked it. I promoted it.

5. Integrity works . . . . Long Term

I only do JVs with people that I would want to have over to my house to dinner (and wouldn’t be worried about them stealing the sliverware).

There are a lot of slimy operators out there. You may make some money dealing with shakey operators but that financial gain may be short lived.

I’d much rather make big money LONG TERM.

Even if everything else works, if I don’t think a person has integrity, the answer is no for me. I suggest you mark this last item as MOST important.

Wrtiting Books/Articles

My goal is to write 4 books each year. Whenever I mention this to people they always think I’m nuts. How could anyone write THAT MANY books in a year?

When I’m doing a seminar I will frequently respond with: Do you brush your teeth every day? The answer is usually yes. In fact, most people I poll brush them TWICE a day.


Because they’ve developed the HABIT of brushing their teeth on a regular schedule. It’s a good idea if you want to keep your teeth.

If you want to keep your money and financial health, then you’ll need to develop some habits as well. One of these habits is writing 2 pages in the morning and two pages at night.

The “standard” length of a written page runs about 250 words. If you were to write 2 pages each morning and then again each night you will have written 1,000 words in a day.

The standard business book runs about 50,000 words.

A book is the most difficult item for the information marketer to produce. In almost every case it is well worth doing. With a book you gain credibility as well as providing people with an inexpensive (or free if you decide) way to get people into your funnel.

I love producing audios, videos and high priced events for myself and my clients, but don’t neglect the book. It will help open all kinds of doors for you!

Intimidated by writing an entire book? Sound like too much? Then start with writing articles that are 500 – 1000 words in length.

The key is to do them REGULARLY, as I described above.

Not willing to do the above? Then you aren’t going to reap the financial fruits of your info products business. Period. Full stop.

Membership Site Software

I’m FINALLY getting VERY close to completing the membership site software I’ve been working on for close to 3 years.

There were a lot of fits and starts, but the software is VERY close to being ready.

The nice thing about it is that to get started, the price will be ZERO. ZIPPO. NADA!

Keep reading to hear how this makes any sense whatsoever.


Making Money

There are many ways to make money as an info marketer. Here are a FEW of the models:

1. Sell Product with a Website

You can send people to a page which asks people to give you money in exchange for a product or service. Pretty straightforward.

2. Get Their Email, Sell Them Later

Send people to a page, usually called a squeeze page which convinces people that it’s worth it to you their email in exchange for some cool free stuff. Then you try and sell them later.

3. Don’t Sell a Thing, Collect Ad Dollars on Your Site

Make your site interesting and compelling enough that people visit your site often and then click on the various ads that you have placed in various spots.

4. Use a Combo of the Above

With my Membership site I’ll be letting people use the software for free. This will be for up to a certain maximum number of members. In exchange, they will display ads on their site that I get the revenue from.

After they hit a certain number of members they will have to pay. If people want to NOT have ads displayed on their sites, they will have to pay as well.

Thats it folks!

Good bye for now!



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