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*Personal Matters
*Mini Seminars
*Dream Big Dreams
*Seminar Ideas
*Publishing Seminar
*Book Expo America
*Second Chance to License a Product



It’s never fun to report bad news, but here it is. After two and a half years, I’m getting divorced.

I initially wrote down a whole bunch of things that I’ve learned and experienced and then deleted them.

If you’ve been through this yourself, you know it’s not fun.

That’s really all that need be said.

One last thing. I ended up losing 18 pounds and will now be getting into the best physical shape of my life as a way to concentrate my energies in a positive way.

I have an old picture of my Dad from his college days. He was a football and basketball star at Pomona College.

This one shot of him at age 21 shows him at the start of a sprint without a shirt on. He could have been the poster boy for ABS of STEEL. So folks, I’ve got NO genetic excuse. If you bump into me at the gym, you better get out of my way! ha.

This summer I’m seriously thinking about driving back to the NYC area again. Initially, I had decided not to, but since things have “changed” I may still come back for a couple of months.

The big issue is my dogs. I won’t put them on a plane and so I have to drive out and back which is a lot of driving. I may have a good friend coming with me, in which case I’ll do it gladly and it will be a lot of fun. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m even thinking of letting you know where I’m stopping and getting together with people for dinner along the way.

I’ll keep you posted.



Over the next few months I’ll be RE-recording a number of my products.

As you have probably heard me say before, there are two kinds of products, those which are TIMELY and those which are TIMELESS. I’ve got both.

The ones that are timely need to be redone every so often to make sure you are keeping up with changes in a given field.

I’ll keep you posted on the schedule.

These will be VERY small events with a maximum of 8-10 people attending. Keep reading my emails to know exactly when and where I’ll be holding them.

The first one will be on Self Publishing. It’s going to be
a one day (9-5) event and will probably be held in early July. Again, I’ll let you know. These events will cost less than $100 and will be almost entirely for the purpose of re-recording the product.



Whenever I’m in NYC I go to visit my good friend Kendall Scott who works at B&H Photo. He’s now the head of the audio department there.

I HIGHLY encourage you to call him before you buy anything in the area of audio related products and services.

His number is 800-606-6969 extension 2561. Tell him I sent you when you call. He’s busy, so don’t keep him on the phone for hours but he is VERY willing to take calls from my friends!

I ended up spending a fair amount of cash on some new microphones which will sit on stands when I interview someone for a product.

I now own just about every piece of audio (AND) video gear on the planet. But, it’s worth if you can take your knowledge and turn it into cash.

After spending money with Kendall I walked over to the video department and dropped more cash on some lighting equipment and a backdrop. This will allow me to record some kick-butt video products right in my living room. Very cool.

Lighting is the KEY to good video and I now have a system where I can record some high quality stuff right in my house.

This is not just for my use, my Lifetime Coaching clients have access to all of this equipment as part of my deal with them.

I find the whole process of video production fun and creative. A pleasant change from many of the other things I do. To be honest, there’s not much I do these days that I don’t find fun, but producing videos and audio programs is up at the top of my list.

Dream Big Dreams

I’ve never been much of a rah-rah guy. I tend to concentrate my efforts on the production and sale of “serious” content.

BUT, I have to tell you, I’ve got a book that I’m working on that is all about the “softer” side of the business equation. I’m writing it in hopes that it won’t just be a feel good book but give you some ideas that you can actually use in addition to getting you pumped up.

At my recent Info Products Seminar in London (Yes, I’ve been going GLOBAL these days), I had a chance to have my friend Ed Dale speak.

I can’t reveal too much but I can tell you this. He built up 36 sites in the last 18 months or so and sold 30 of them to a British Publishing company for $5,000,000.

That’s not bad for an investment of less than 2 years.

It’s great when people like Ed make the big score. He’s a great guy and deserves every penny for his efforts. I never have a hard time seeing good people hitting a jackpot. It’s some of the “other” folks that disturb me when they do.

Ed has inspired ME to dream big. I’d like to report to you in a couple of years that I just sold a portion of my company for mega bucks. I’ll keep you posted.

Like with everything, Ed has developed a SYSTEM.

I have a SYSTEM for helping people developing a line of information products and how to sell them.

The key is to find someone who has a system that YOU can learn, get them to show you how to do it. Pay them and then DO IT.

The problem is always in the implementation. The systems exist. Very few people take the actions.

Will you be one of them? Keep me posted.


Seminar Ideas

At the publishing seminar in NYC we had a good mix of speakers. When you do an event, I encourage you to get a nice smattering of different types of people to address your group.

The goal for the seminar promoter is 3-fold.

First, get the people who attend to absolutely RAVE about the event. To tell all of their friends and come back for more.

Second, is the get them to spend a lot of money on the products and services which are provided at your event. This is done by having the right speakers who both know how to deliver content AND who know how to sell from the platform.

Third is to make the speakers happy. Your primary responsibility is to give them a forum of customers who are willing to buy.

When I opened the event the first day I said this:

“You will find that many of the speakers will have something that they will offer for sale after they speak. Don’t be offended by this. But, my suggestion is to ONLY buy from people who FIRST deliver value before they “pitch” you.

I have lots of people trying to speak at my events. I suggest you NEVER let anyone speak who you haven’t seen speak before. Frankly, as a promoter, it’s too dangerous to do otherwise.

Many people will ask me about my selection of speakers. On those occasions where I have had a lot of white males, people have complained.

Here’s my feeling. I don’t care if you’re black, white, green or purple. I don’t care if you’re transgendered, transexual or anything in between (if that exists).

If you have the knowledge of a topic and have a product that you can sell and the savvy to sell it, I’ll let you speak at one of my events. I would NEVER do it without seeing a person first.

Every time I’ve done otherwise I’ve regretted it.


Publishing Seminar

The seminar I just finished in New York was one of my best. My partner (in this venture), Rick Frishman and I were lucky to have some amazing speakers AND some truly incredible attendees.

I am never surprised by who I meet at my own events. This is one of the reasons why I do them. I really enjoy the people I meet who sign up and pay money to attend.

When you get a chance, take a look at:

If you’re interested in the mp3s of this event, I suggest you click on the link below to order them. The mp3 is just $97 for over 20 hours of information. I will keep this offer available until next Wednesday at 5PM PST or the first 75 people order it.

This is a pre-publication price, so get it now! Click the link below to order it. To find out more about what we covered, go to the site I listed above. Like every product I sell, this is 100% guaranteed.

Click Here to Order

If you have ANY interest at all in ANY aspect of the publishing business, you’ll be blown away by the wealth of information that was shared at this event.

And, the good thing is that the mp3 only cost $97.

I had at least 10-12 people come up and tell me that our event was better (by far) than some of those well known “gurus” who put on events in the publshing field.

I “challenge” you to go through this information and give me your feedback. If you aren’t delighted, then send me the disc back and I’ll refund your money.

I’d be shocked if you weren’t astounded by the amount of great information over the close to 20 hours that we did.


Book Expo America

This was my 7th time doing the seminar and I do it every year before the Book Expo. The difference between this event and others is that mine/ours is packed with information about how to actually make money.

It’s amazing how lacking this issue is among authors and small publishers.

If you’re not out there trying to make a living at selling books and other products, then it’s a HOBBY, not a business.

The single biggest “problem” or issue I see with this group is that they concentrate solely on the book itself rather than on everything that comes AFTER the book. You will make a whole lot more money selling all of the other products and services that logically follow from your book.

Things like audios, videos, seminars, etc. That’s what I do and I know that you can do the same thing if you just follow my model.

The expo itself goes on for 3 days. It was held in the Convention Center in NYC and it’s a massive amount of people who converge on this thing.

MY goal was to try and find bookstore distribution for my books (now totaling 11 – with 4 more due out in the next year).

Bill Maher was the Saturday night entertainment.

He was amazing. I got there early and was in the third row. As a veteran theatre goer I know NOT to be in the first row. You often get spit on by the presenter or actor.

Like Bill, I’m a Libertarian ( Those of us with that belief system have a hard time with BOTH of the major parties. I’ll bet if you go to their site and pull up their beliefs you’ll find yourself agreeing with most of them. Try it.

He’s also my kind of NO-SPIN guy. He says what he believes and doesn’t pull punches. I do that in this industry and as a result people tend to either love me or hate me. Fine with me.

If you tell the truth, most people won’t like you for it. You can quote me on that one.

Second Chance for Licensing a GREAT Product

I quietly released a license for one of my products on information marketing a couple of months back.

It was a recording of an event I did in San Francisco.

It’s about 4 1/2 hours long and is PACKED with great information. It’s my mini version of my info products bootcamp.

If you sell anything at all to people who market and sell information this would be perfect for you to have and make money from.

I’m virtually giving this one away. The license costs $495. The only thing I ask is that you sell it intact.

You can’t change any of the content in the product itself.

Licensing this product is a great deal for both of us.

The retail price of this item is $147. So if you sell 4 of them you get your money back. That’s a good deal for YOU.

For me, I get to promote:

My software that does everything you could possibly want in the area of online marketing. Try it out.

My software that allows you to set up membership sites quickly and easily.

My site where you can register domain names for some of the lowest prices around.

Given that I mention and promote these sites in the product I’m offering a license to, it ends up being good for me as well.

If you’re interested in this product to license, contact me via email.



I do both free and paid teleseminars. My free events are USUALLY on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM PST. I’ll be having one this week.

I’m about to do a series of teleseminars on Info Product Creation and marketing. These events are primarily geared to those who have bought one of my packages at an event, or one of my lifetime coaching clients.

I will be opening this one up to a certain number of additional people who are SERIOUS about info marketing.

It will be a 4 week class of 90 minutes each.

We will cover every aspect you’ll ever want to know about information marketing.

That’s all for now folks.

Sorry it took me so long to get this issue out but there’s been a lot going on!

Take a look at:

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