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Multiple Word Domains, Public Domain, Hitting Forehands and the Reason Why Physical and Not SOLELY digital products?

Information Marketing

Multiple Word Domains

You’ve no doubt seen an emerging trend which will only get bigger. Since all the short one and two word domain names have been pretty well picked over, marketers are going to the multiple word phrases.

You see it with the movies with and a lot of other companies both big and small using clever phrases that tie into their ad campaigns.

I suggest you start looking for some of these for yourself in whatever field you’re in.

Domain names are CHEAP!

Even if you’re like me and have close to 300 of them (or like my friend Scott Hove who is over 400, I think), they are super cheap! If you go (blatant plug!) you can get them for under $9.

If you’re not spending money on good domain names you’re crazy. They will be a great investment long term.

I just got an email from someone wanting to buy one from me. I declined. Be careful. If you get an offer for a domain name it is probably for LESS than you deserve. Contact me if you get a call like this and I’ll advise you or put you in touch with the right people to make SURE you aren’t being taken advantage of.

Reading the newspaper today I read about a woman who just sold for $2 million. She bought the name in 1995 for $35. Not a bad return on investment.

Public Domain

A couple of years back I picked up a copy of an old book. It was written by the great or great, great grandfather of a well known businessperson these days. I’m not telling you who it is for right now, but you’d know him!

The book is copyrighted 1917 and is therefore in the public domain. This means that I can take it and use it for my own purposes to make money without having to pay anyone a dime.

Here’s my suggestion for you. Go to old bookstores and look for titles that you would want to read yourself. If the copyright is before 1923, buy it unless it is outrageously expensive. I think I paid $9 for the book I’m talking about here.

Yes, there is a possibility that some of the books between 1923 and 1978 (I think) may be out of copyright, but you can be CERTAIN they are in the public domain if they are copyrighted before 1923.

NOLO press has a great book on the topic. Go pick it up at your local bookstore or library.

Here’s what I did that I suggest you do as well. I immediately reserved the domain name for the title of the entire book.

Since the book is very good and luckily very short, I am having it typed into a word document. I will then add my own introduction, conclusion and comments throughout the book. This ‘new’ work that I create will have my copyright.

As I make the comments in my own version you can be certain that I will include some references to both products and software that I own.

I’ll then take the book and create a strong sales letter. I’ll be selling ‘my’ version of the book for under $20 and the license to sell the book for under $50. The licensing agreement assumes that you will leave all my bounceback offers intact.


If you’re in info marketer, go to used bookstores. Create your own version of the work. As you make comments in the book make sure to imbed bouncebacks to other products and services that you offer. Make sure that it makes sense to mention something as opposed to just plopping it in anywhere.

Why Physical and Not SOLELY digital products?

People always ask if I have a digital version of my products. My answer is almost always NO. If I’m selling an information product to someone who has never bought from me before I want to offer a physical product.


Because I want to capture the physical addresses of people who order from me.

People change email addresses as often as they change underwear these days. Not true with their physical address.

I’m doing less direct mail these days, but I will mail to people who have bought from me before. They are more likely to buy again and a physical piece is more apt to produce an order than an email offer.

Betty Dodson Meeting

This weekend I got together with Betty Dodson at her place in New York City. If you don’t know the name, Betty is one of leading sex educators of our time.

She has done some amazing work over the years and has helped many women in an area that continues to be very ‘hush-hush.’

I have personally sold (via recommendation) her books to hundreds of women over the last 20 years.

I should have gotten in touch with her years ago!

Lesson for you? If you read a book or an article where you feel a particular connection to the author, call or contact them. They may turn out to be a complete jerk.

On the other hand, they may turn out to be a REALLY nice person like Betty.

If I had gotten in touch with her years ago I would have been much better off. Her intelligence and warmth as a human being is something I wish I could have been around much earlier on.

PS – If you are squeamish about topics that are SEX related, don’t go visit:

(This admonition will no doubt drive MORE traffic to Betty’s site. I sure hope it does.)

Money Must Have Motivation

Both of my parents died in the last 18 months. No need for any tears, it was time for both of them. My Mom was in a nursing home for the last 6 years before and would have hated to have seen herself in that state for much longer.

My Dad had a very full life and died quickly, at home, surrounded by his new family. I couldn’t be there but we had made our peace many years ago and I was glad that he didn’t have a long and extended illness like my Mom.

Dad was your typical depression kid. Very tight with the money and always worried about whether or not there would be enough.

Neither of them were very good at investing and I always remember how angry I was at my Mom for not giving me the down payment to buy an apartment in Manhattan when I first moved there. It was going for $110,000 and is now worth close to $1 million. She paid for me to get an MBA, I only wish she would have believed I was smart enough to make an intelligent business decision.

Even though my Dad was a Diplomat (I grew up in the Philippines) we were some of the ‘poorer’ expats (a term used to describe those of us American who grew up in another country). Most of my friends had a LOT more money than I did growing up. Diplomats may have some supposed power but the money is WEAK compared to those in private business.

I think this has a lot to do with my desire to succeed financially. I was always driven. I ended up becoming the best golfer for my age group in the Philippines. I soon learned this meant just about nothing in the US when I returned and went to a great golf school here. They wouldn’t even let me try out for the team I was so inferior for their standards.

Here’s what this is leading to.

I recently found out that some property that passed to me with my Mom’s death is worth SUBSTANTIALLY more than what I had expected. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well it is and it’s not.

I find that I’m a little less motivated than I used to be.

I’m not as driven to make money RIGHT NOW. I don’t like this new way that I feel. I’ll tell you why. If you’re only concerned about making money to buy toys for yourself I guess it would be OK. But I’m not. I have some toys which I very much enjoy, but I lived VERY happily in an under 400 square foot apartment in New York City for 20 years.

I enjoy the toys, but I don’t NEED them.

In my case, I have to keep reminding myself that no matter how much money you have you have an absolute responsibility to make as much of it as you possibly can. ETHICALLY.

The reason being that you can then affect the causes that you believe in.

I have two of them: dogs and helping kids with school. As we speak I have Johann (A Perurvian kid who I help – it’s very mutual really) who is living with me as we speak.

Why does anyone try and build wealth after they are comfortable? For a variety of reasons which are too numerous to mention here.

I’m convinced that somehow the ‘universe’ has a way or rewarding those who have some goal for their cash other than buying a couple more pairs of Gucci shoes with each additional check they receive.

So, I’m giving myself this public kick in the a**. I’m doing this so that when I bump into you you’ll prod me to make sure that I’m making as much money as I possibly can given my ability.

What percentage of YOUR brain power and skills are being fully utilized? Which causes could you give more money to if you were making a boatload more money? Who’s giving you the kick in the butt to make this happen?

You don’t have to start with causes. What about your family and friends that need money?

Why not come along with me on this ride. Let’s not let ourselves get complacent regardless of how many dollars we have or are generating.

The more you make, the more you’ll be able to direct into places you feel deserve your cash.

Remind yourself (and remind me) how important it is to not let your greatest asset, your brain, not generate as much money as is possible to help people and causes you believe in.

I also think this will help you make it more quickly.

Sacred Union

I’m going to be going to a program in July at the Omega Institute. It’s given by Robert and Judith Gass. Take a look at to get an idea of what it’s about.

I have been to the program before and HIGHLY suggest you take a look at it for yourself.

They are the best instructors I’ve ever seen in the personal development area. Please get in touch if you’ve ever been to this program and let me know what you thought.

Long View/Short view – Licensing

In my latest offer that I make at seminars where I speak I created an offer where you get a license for an additional $2 if audience members buy a certain group of products.

Instead of people paying either $397 or $497 for a set of products they can ‘upgrade’ their order to include a license to one of my products in mp3 for either $399 or $499.

If you’ve been reading what I write you’d know that I normally suggest you sell licenses to your products for anywhere from 10-12 times the retail price.

Why would I NOW suggest you sell a license for a couple of dollars? I’m obviously not trying to make less money for you or your business. I’m trying to help you make more. Two reasons. First, you’ll get more people to buy the product offering right then and there and second, you’ll make MORE money over time.

I firmly believe you’ll make MORE money if you sell licenses for virtually NOTHING if it will help you to sell more of your existing products and services.

It may take a while, but it will pay off. Don’t do this unless you have a lot of additional products and services that are relevant to the group to whom you sell your products.


I’m really only good at 2 or 3 things. I’m REALLY good at creating products and I’m REALLY good at showing others how to do the same. I’m pretty darn good at marketing of seminars and workshops, but that’s pretty much the end of my talent.

Well, maybe that’s not quite right. I’m pretty darn good at helping businesses analyze their sales processes and identifying where it can be tweaked to improve results.

I’m rededicating myself to doing only these two or three or maybe four things. I’m going to try and ‘job out’ all of the other functions.

I suggest you try and do the same.

When you get started, you will probably have more time than money. The result? You’ll end up trying to do everything yourself. That’s what I did. I was awful at most of the things I didn’t enumerate above.

No one can be good at everything. Don’t try to be. It’s impossible.

When you aren’t in a position to afford to hire others to do the tasks you’re not particularly good in, concentrate not just on learning how to do it yourself, but how to understand if someone else knows what they are doing. This way when you CAN afford to hire others you won’t get taken advantage of.

It’s hard (but not impossible) for people to pull the wool over my eyes in just about any area where I need help.

Time to Write these Emails

I wrote this entire email sitting on a plane. As much as I really hate to travel, it has it’s advantages. I had over3 hours of uninterrupted time to write this. I could have watched a couple of NetFlix movies but I was inspired to write.

If you need to write, I suggest going someplace like your local library, sitting way in the back and turning off every electronic device that you own.

You’ll be surprised how much you get done.

Teleseminars Restarting Shortly

I used to do teleseminars fairly regularly. I am going to start them up again. I’ll do them on a non-regular basis shortly.

Keep your eyes peeled. I’ll have some really great guests that you won’t want to miss hearing from.

Talk soon! I know this was a long one!



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