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My Process for Creating Authority Sites

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Over the last couple of months, I’ve been concentrating on putting up some “authority” sites. These are sites where I try and PROVE my expertise to the search engines and searching public by creating a lot of valuable articles and other information about a topic.

I have a few areas that interest me and where I have a LOT of products:

  • Information Marketing
  • Marketing and Promoting Seminars
  • Publishing/Self Publishing
  • Professional Speaking

I’d like to show you how I did this with each of these sites.

It starts with a selection of a domain name. In my case, I own a lot of domain names, so I first look at the ones I already own as a starter. Everything else being equal, a domain name that has been reserved for a number of years, will get better SEO results than a brand new one.

To determine the BEST domain name for YOUR project you have to start by doing your keyword research. Go to the Google keyword tool and enter your “bulls eye” keyword.

For my site having to do with Seminars and seminar marketing, I discovered that the term seminar marketing got a lot of searches. I selected because I already had the domain (for over 7 years) and the keywords were in the domain name itself.

To reserve domain names, please use: Great prices and YES, I do make a few pennies for each one you reserve, but at NO additional cost to you!

You’ve done your keyword research, selected your domain name. Now you’ve got to set up a site and have it hosted somewhere.

I use for some of my hosting. Some of my sites are hosted through another firm, but in your case, use Bluehost, it’s quick and easy to use and cheap too!

Next, I install WordPress on the domain name I’ve pointed to bluehost. I then install a theme into my wordpress site. This helps it make it look a little better.

My next step is to determine what my categories should be on the site. This goes back to my keyword research.

I’m looking to find 4 or 5 major categories that are “under” my primary keyword. In the case of the seminar site I listed above, and please use that site to look at as an example as I go through this.

On this site, I used:

  • Seminar Marketing
  • Keys to Successful Seminars
  • Selling Products/Services at Your Seminar
  • Future Event Promotion

I used this not JUST because of the keyword research, but also because these were the 4 logical categories under the major term: seminar marketing.

Next, I determined what my headline for the site would be. In this example, the headline is: “How to get started doing your own seminars, or make MORE MONEY with those you already do!”

I then came up with a pre-head: “Learn from Fred Gleeck, who has done over 1400 seminars in the last 25 years.”

I got a little help on the design of this site, BTW and you made need some help there as well.

My next thing to do was to come up with the 4 or 5 paragraphs that people would see when then first got to the site. You see those just to the right of the video, that wrap around the video itself.

The video was done to try and entice people to give the site a GOOD LOOK and get them to sign up for the 52 week masters course I list on the right side of the site.

The video was done using a basic video camera and wasn’t meant to try and sell anything. It’s there to try and get people to opt-in to my list.

Under the first 4 or 5 paragraphs, I have written 4 or 5 FEATURE articles. I picked topics that were very important to people interested in doing seminars. These articles are also a bit longer than most articles I would write. Somewhere between 750 and 1000 words in length.

My “final” task was to write the autoresponders. I like the concept of a 52 week masters course, so that meant I had to write 52 of them. Each one from between 150 and 250 words. No set amount of minimum.

You should title the autoresponders based on the results from your keyword research.

Each of the autoresponders was then loaded into my account. The site is now ready to go.

In order to get the best SEO results for this site, I also tried to create some backlinks and write regular blog posts. I’m trying to do at least 3 per week.

There you have it. That’s how you do an authority site. Any questions???

Because I was anxious to get this site up and running, I did all the writing in about 3 days. Yes, it was a lot of writing!

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