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I rarely send out these Insights on a Friday, because frankly, people don’t read them as much.

I’m about to head to NYC this evening to attend the NSA convention and record a program early next week with Bob Bly.

BUT, the reason I am sending this out is because the event I’m doing:

This event WAS going to be held at a hotel which meant we would have lots of space available. It was also going to be priced a lot higher.

Good news for you here:

The event is being held at my place and limited to just 12 people. It is also a lot cheaper than it will be when we do the event again.

Your action point? Take a look at the site.

Even if you don’t come, I think this site is one of the better written and more compelling sites for a seminar I’ve ever seen or done.

I CHALLENGE you go to this site and NOT want to sign up. I’m serious. You’ll see such dramatic PROOF it will be tough to not want to attend.

My “secret weapon” has helped me improve my own results in the search engines by 500% in the last 8 weeks.

Take a look at this NOW and see what you think.

Don’t want to attend? No problem. Just read the site. We’ll fill this up very quickly and that’s why this is being sent out on a Friday.

Have a nice weekend.

I’ll be twittering while at NSA. If you want, you can follow me there.

Also, make sure and go to my blog at:

There’s always new stuff there virtually every day.

Make sure to sign up to receive WEEKLY SPECIALS from me by going to:
(This is an exclusive list. ONLY people on this list will receive these offers. You can unsubscribe at
anytime you want.)


FRED INFO BOOTCAMP (September 11-18)
Las Vegas, NV
Still a couple of spots left. We had one person have to cancel due to family illness.

SEO Main Event – Las Vegas (Oct 4&5)
Learn from my “secret weapon” how to dramatically improve your results in the area of “organic” search. This can double or triple the number of visitors to your site. It HAS FOR ME!

Info Products Seminar – NYC area
(October 25&26)
Want to learn how to market info products? Amazing new lineup of speakers. This will be an amazing event. It’s hosted by both Bob Bly and myself

THESE ARE THREE EVENTS YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS! Please go to each site and check them ALL out!

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One Response to “My Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Secret Weapon”

  1. Brian on October 29th, 2008 5:48 pm

    Fred – when are you going to begin publishing your ezine regularly again? I received a copy since the beginning of August and I always looked forward to getting it. Thanks.

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