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I’m just back from NYC and spent a day with my good friend, Bob Bly.

We created a new and IMPORTANT program on Information Marketing.

YOU need to have this audio program if you want to be successful in the business of marketing and selling information.

This is the LATEST and GREATEST most important information on the topic.

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Here is the actual outline we used to create this program. Go through it and I’m sure you’ll see how valuable this information could be to you.

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1—What is an information empire?

2—Isn’t “empire” hyperbole?

3—There are so many info empires online.
How is there room for me?

4—What’s the first step in building your
information empire? And why?

5—How do you choose your niche?

6—What about keyword research?

7—What are the elements of an information

8—What if I can’t do one or more of these?
Am I sunk?

9—Can I outsource any part of building my
information empire?

10–Can I hire someone to do the whole thing for me?


1—Writers don’t make much money, how does
writing build an empire?

2—What should I be writing?

3—What types of articles should I write? How do
I make money off them?

3A – How do I get my articles published in
print and online?

4—Ezines are given away free? How do I
make money off them?

5—Same question with blogs.

6—Should I self publish my first book or
sell it to a regular publisher?

7—With ebooks, why do I even need to
write a physical book?

8—Should I spend any time on Facebook
and other social media sites? How will that
make me money?

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1—What are the 4 modes of speaking?
Which do you prefer and why?

2—Does it make sense for me to give
free talks? Why?

3—How do I profit from giving free talks?

4—How do I get organizations to let me
speak to their group for free?

5—How do I make the transition to
fee-paid speaker? What daily fee can
I expect to command?

6—Should I work with a speakers bureau?

7—How do I create demand for my paid
speaking services?

8—How does the product sales model of
speaking work and why do you prefer it?

9—What price points do you need on your
products to make money as a product

10—How do you sell from the platform?

11—What about promoting my own public

12—How about webinars and teleseminars?

12A—Any tips for selling to the corporate
training market?


1—Why do info empire makers get into

2—What can you charge for coaching services?

3—Who is the prospect for coaching services?

4—How do you sell coaching services?

5—Do you coach individuals or groups?

6—In person or over the phone?

7—What if a coaching client is not satisfied?
What other problems am I likely to encounter?

8—What qualifications do I need to become a coach?

9—What types of coaches are there?

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1—What’s the difference between coaching
and consulting?

2—What can I charge for consulting services?
What’s average? Top?

3—Who is the client for consulting services?

4—How do I generate consulting business?

5—What are the pros of consulting – why offer it?

6—What are the drawbacks?

7—Is it flat fee or performance based – which is better?

8—Do I need to write proposals as a consultant?

9—What is my deliverable? A report?


1—What is info marketing?

2—Is it all online or also offline?

3—How do I build an info marketing business?
[list, product, way to sell product]

4—What is the business model I should use

5—How do I build a list?

6—How do I create an information product?

7—How do I create and distribute an e newsletter?

8—How do I create a landing page and
why do I Need it?

9—How do I do email marketing without

10—What ways aside from email are there
to market my online products?

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