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Last week I did 3 hours at the yearly national convention for the NSA. It was a great experience.

The feedback seemed good, but the ultimate test of an event like this is the numbers. In some cases, numbers are easy to find. When I was doing CareerTrack seminars years ago we handed out evaluations at the end of every session.

The two numbers of critical importance there were sales and customer feedback.

At NSA, I’m not certain if they compile a numerical rating for each of the speakers. If they don’t, they should. They should also be PUBLICLY posted for all to see after the event. For the benefit of both the speakers and attendees.


It’s just like getting great service at a restaurant. You rarely, if ever get good service when tips are POOLED. The concept of GROUP performance, although politically correct is an absurd concept in most cases.

Individual performance is what matters.

The results of this NSA event should be tabulated and posted. Those who do not receive good ratings should NOT be invited back to speak until it can be PROVEN that something has changed.

This is how I would do it if I were in charge. Unfortunately, like many organizations, being politically correct has overtaken the MUCH more important factors like giving ‘full and true value’ to the members.

This must change if an organization is to succeed and thrive.

I bring up these issues to try and affect change. There is no other way to create a ‘revolution’ but from within. Mediocrity is unacceptable. An organization that allows itself to function without ‘grading’ itself risks falling into obscurity.

So here’s my message that I hope you’ll share and DEMAND at every event you attend:

NO MORE SUPERCILIOUS CRAP! Ever! Demand that any organization you belong to use speakers who deliver the goods. Speakers who are both great orators AND have great content to share.

Now, let’s move on. Enough said.

Fred Hotseats/Lunch with Fred

I gave you a list earlier of the upcoming events I’ll be holding over the next few months. Pay particular attention to the: and

I’d love for you to attend these events. Try and make them if you can.

Most important for you is to take and COPY what I’ve done. You don’t have to do it in exactly the same form, but copy the CONCEPT.

Lunch with Fred is a group event where people sit around a table with me for lunch. I deliver real value but more importantly it is a FUNNEL item. It is priced at $100 allowing people to sample me and my services for a very reasonable fee.


I don’t care if you copy this concept. Reserve your version of it. You should immediately go to and reserve if that’s your name.

It’s a great way to get people into your funnel cheap and make a few bucks doing it. Eight seems like the maximum possible number without things getting too out of control.

I suggest you do these whenever you travel if you have a list of any size. People who are on your list who have never bought a thing from you may show up, give you money, get great value and proceed to give you lots more cash.

Do this or something similar. is a little different. I suggest you go ahead and copy me on this concept as well. I do these after a lower priced event like an NSA meeting or a Learning Annex date. I charge people $500 and again only allow a maximum of 8 people to attend.

The event goes for a full day and it allows me to work individually with people in front of a small group to help them dramatically improve their info marketing businesses.

$500 is a small price to pay for getting custom advice on a topic.

Follow my lead and do likewise. Create a one-day event, limit the number of people you allow to attend and charge at least $500. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get the people who attend your lunches to later (or sooner) attend your one day events like these.

It is highly likely that those who attend the $500 event will find you so talented that they will TRADE THEMSELVES UP the funnel and spend even more money with you.

This assumes that you OVER deliver on your promises. Make sure that everyone leaves delighted. Give them everything you said you would and more.

Make sure that at both of these events I recommend you do that you have a video camera handy for some quick video testimonials. I didn’t do that last time and I WILL from now on.

The best time to get those testimonials are at the event itself. Don’t worry about getting the production quality to look perfect, concentrate on delivering what you promised and then get people to talk about it on tape.

Use these two concepts to make more money, learn about your customers and gently bump them up the funnel.

I’ll be anxious to hear about your results. Let me know when you’ve put these concepts into place. Again, there is NO shame in copying my idea. I may have done it FIRST (please make sure that when you see others do this they don’t claim it as their own), but I like Burger King BETTER than McDonald’s. I like Tony Robbins BETTER than Bandler and Grinder (I know I’ve gotten the names wrong – but you get the point).

He or she who invents/originates a concept is not necessarily the one who delivers it most effectively.

Now, go do it!



PS – Make sure to check: for new products and services that may be of interest to you

PPS – I recommended Sabrina Brick to you last time. The response to her amazing copywriting skills (just read the copy on her site!) have been overwhelming she tells me. Her rates will be going up shortly, but they will still be well worth it.

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