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Open Rates

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I recently sent out an ezine blast with a video email. Since I “normally” send out text emails, I have not tracked OPEN rates for quite a while.

The only way you can know what percentage of people actually OPEN your emails is when they are HTML emails.

I generally DON’T use HTML emails and therefore I haven’t really been tracking my open rates on my emails. At least not recently.

Good thing. I might have had a heart attack.

My open rates was ABYSMAL. Under 10%. This is awful. Although most people are delighted if they get a 30% open rate. Crazy but true.

One of the reasons why I suspect the open rate was so low is that I sent it out using the new, CoolVideoTool.

The email would have come into people’s email box from a different server and MAY have shown up as having an attachment. NOT good if you want people to OPEN your emails.

It also may have gone directly into people’s spam folders.

I don’t recommend that you send out HTML emails regularly, but every once in a while you may want to do it to get an IDEA of what your open rate is.

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